How to Glue Anything Together

by katiem2

Ever wonder what type of glue you need to glue something back together? You've tried to glue something together again only to find out the glue won't work. Find out what will here

You've gone and done it, broke a special item and now you need to fix it but don't know how. Luckily you're in the right place. I myself have broken a thing or two in my time, well a lot, a bit of a klutz I am. This has given me the experience to do it right. I've gotten really good at putting things back together again. The first thing you should know is what glue you need to make it good as new again, or as close as humanly possible. Let's get down to fixing it shall we?

How to Fix Things With Glue

Things break, we feel bad and want to fix it, this is a guide to doing just that, fixing all the things you accidentally break.

The Basic Steps -

  1. The most important thing to do is look around collecting all the broken pieces.
  2. Grab a container with a lid placing everything safely inside.
  3. You may need to get down on the floor and look under things as pieces often fly across the room.
  4. Once you've collected everything you can see get a broom and gently sweep the area making certain you didn't miss anything.  
  5. Now that you feel you've gathered all the pieces and have them safely contained, set it aside up and out of the way from small children or pets.
  6. Next find a clean dry surface to work on.  
  7. Last but not least follow the guide below determining what glue you need to use.  If you don't have it run out to the store to buy it.  

Note:  It's best to have a variety of glues on hand for these sort of occasions.  

Once Organized -

  1. Create a clean work space where you may begin repairing the broken item.  
  2. May sure the pieces are dust free, use a clean clothe or soft brush to remove any dirt or dust before gluing, any dirt, grime or dust will  compromise the seal.  
  3. If a clamp is needed make sure you have one or more available to secure all the pieces you need to repair till dry.

Once you've assembled the pieces together place the item in a safe container allowing the correct drying time.  Read the manufacturers instructions to find this information.

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Zap a Gap Glue

How to Glue Broken Ceramic

Learn the three best ways to glue ceramic back together again and fill in any gaps.

Gluing Broken Ceramic 

  • Super Glue
  • Krazy Glue
  • Zap
  • Zap a Gap


  1. Use Zap A Gap when you have gaps to fill in.
  2. Dust any dirt or debris from the surface before applying the glue
  3. These types of bonds work rather quickly allowing you to hold the pieces together till dry.
  4. The ceramic glues keep a long period of time if stored in a cool dry place. Be prepared and have some on hand for the next time a treasured ceramic item is broken.
  5. Always replace the cap to a clean tip so they glue does not dry out.

Aleene's Fabric Glue

How to Glue Fabrics

This little bit of handy information teaches you how to glue fabrics to other fabrics.

Gluing Fabric to Fabric 

  • Aleene's
  • Sobo
  • Rhoplex
  • Elmers Carpet Glue
  • LePage's, Bondfast
  • 3M77
  • Hot Glue


  1. Sobo and Rhoplex keeps fabric flexible
  2. Elmers Carpet Glue, LePage's makes fabric a bit stiff
  3. 3M 77 provides a wrinkle free flexible bond
  4. Hot Glue is a quick fix

There are a multitude of reasons why we need to glue fabric to fabric, be it a repair or a craft project these glues cover all the fabric gluing projects.

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Saunders UHU Twist and Glue

How to Glue Paper to Paper

The craft and school projects often require many varieties of paper types needing to be glued together, this give you all the details.

Gluing Paper to Paper 

  • Uhu Glue
  • SoboRhoplex
  • Yamoto Sticking Paste
  • 3M 77
  • Emler's Carpenter's Glue
  • LePage's Bondfast


  1. If the joint or bind of the paper doesn't need to be strong Uhu Glue works fine.
  2. If you need the joint or bind to be flexible use Sobo Rhoplex
  3. If you want stiffness use Elmer's Carpenter Glue or LePage's Bondfast
  4. For a smooth wrinkle free bond with a bit of stiffness use Yamato Sticking Paste
  5. For no wrinkles or stiffness use 3M77

Amazing Goop Household Adhesive & Sealant

How to Glue Plastic to Plastic

More and more things are made of plastic and while most think it can't be fixed plastic can be glued back together and fixed.

Gluing Plastic to Plastic 

  • PVC Adhesive
  • Household Goop
  • LePage's 5 Minute Epoxy
  • LePage's Regular Minute Epoxy


  1. When gluing PVC plumbing pipes together use PVC Adhesive
  2. When gluing plastic with a joint that needs to be flexible use Household Goop
  3. Many plastics have a really slick surface making it hard to glue, gently rough the surface with a fine sandpaper before gluing together other wise the bond will not take,
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Elmers Carpenters Interior Wood Glue



How to Glue Wood to Wood

Wood is a common item easily glued together with the right glue and process wood is easily glued together.

Gluing Wood to Wood 

  • Elmer's Carpenter's Glue
  • LePage's Sure Grip Carpentry Glue


  1. Clamp every wood project you glue till the dry time outlined per the manufacturer instructions has passed, this makes the big difference in successful wood gluing projects. You must clap till dry.
  2. If the wood you're gluing will be outdoors and or getting wet use an outdoor carpentry glue
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Loctite Super Glue

How to Glue Glass to Glass

So you've broken your mothers favorite candy dish aye? Here's the fix to glue the glass dish back together.

Gluing Glass to Glass

  • Loctite Impruv
  • Household Goop
  • Crazy Glue
  • Super Glue
  • Krazy Glue
  • Zap a Gap
  • Seal All
  • Weldbond


  1. Loctite Imrpuv is the strongest, fastest and most durable bond bar none for glass
  2. If you live in Alaska, where the UV light is rare in the winter use Household Goop
  3. The fastest is Krazy Glue, Super Glue and Zap a Gap but these are not as strong
  4. If the bond will be exposed to solvents use, Seal-All
  5. The least toxic is Weldbond but again this is not as strong a bond

When you glue glass together take the glass type into consideration.  If it is translucent or transparent you should use a glue that dries clear. 

Important, before gluing the glass back together again be sure it is clean and free of any oils, including oil from your hands or finger tips.

Barge Glue

How to Glue Leather to Leather

Some things seem impossible to glue together but with today's technology you can even glue leather to leather saving those boots.

Gluing Leather to Leather 

  • Barges 


  1. Barges is great for gluing leather back together again.
  2. The number one reason people need to glue leather back together is to save a pair of boots or leather shoes.
  3. Regardless the type, be it a dress shoe, boot or a work boot Barges glue is the best glue for the job.
  4. This amazing glue dries waterproof and flexible the perfect glue to fix a pair of otherwise good boots.
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How to Glue Metal to Metal

Metal can be glued together again using the correct glue and tools.

Gluing Metal to Metal 

  • LePages Metal Epoxy
  • J-B Weld
  • Faststeel Epoxy Putty


  1. Before gluing metal clean the surface with steal wool or sandpaper to remove any dirt debri or rust.
  2.  If you don't remove all the rust it will continue to spread, the glue will not stop rust.
  3. Use a clamp to hold the bond secure and tight till dry time is achieved.  
  4. Often best to simply forget about it for a while allowing the bond to be secure and firm.


Reviewing When You Break Something

It's best to be honest about the mistake, telling the person it belongs to.

Relax and wait, return the object once dry. It is always best to tell the owner about the incident.

Don't beat yourself up, we've all done it and most all of us have spent countless hours trying to put the broken item back together again.

Many times we are left feeling even worse as we hide the broken object once we realize there is no going back together again. Leave this torment behind and set your conscious free by learning the correct way to glue things together. We now review the various types of glue and which type is best to glue a particular item together again or create a piece of creative art. Either way you now have what you need when it comes to glue and gluing things together properly. 

What Have You Broken?

Have you ever broken something special belonging to someone else before?
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Yes, I tried to fix it and couldn't so I had to tell the person.
DerdriuMarriner on 08/22/2018

It was a set of two antique platters that meant a lot to friends. I was trying to help put food on the one that flukily just slipped out of my hands. It would have been nice to have had your information and product line!

sheilamarie on 08/16/2012

Can't really remember. We just unpacked some boxes with broken dishes, though. Can you actually drink from a glued together cup? I'm not sure . . .

cherylone on 08/13/2012

Yes, and sometimes I could actually fix it, but It doesn't feel right not to tell the person even if I did fix it.

JoHarrington on 08/13/2012

I don't think I ever have. At least nothing is coming to mind, and I'd be so mortified, I'm sure I'd remember. But if I did, I would tell them. I'd have to! It wouldn't be fair otherwise.

Tolovaj on 08/11/2012

A vase! It was made of wood with a lot of decorations and it couldn't be repaired... Classic, right?

Yes, It was a accident, I tried to glue it together and couldn't so I hid it hoping they would forget about it.
dustytoes on 08/16/2012

No I don't think so, but my kids have broken many things of mine...!!! I always catch them.

Updated: 09/20/2012, katiem2
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Chat about how to glue things back together again.

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katiem2 on 05/30/2013

Yes use the metal glue options. I've done this myself and it works well.

Brenda Smith on 05/30/2013

I would like to use glue instead of soldering on Is this e er possible?

katiem2 on 05/28/2013

Elsa, tap or click on the JB Weld picture in the metal section of this page it will take you to it and let you buy it there. .

Elsa on 05/28/2013

Where can you find the metal glue?

katiem2 on 03/24/2013

Elias, Glad you found how to glue anything together helpful.

EliasZanetti on 03/23/2013

Katie, this article's a goldmine - informative and very useful! Thumbs up!

katiem2 on 08/23/2012

Burntshestnut, My pleasure. It was as useful for me as is for anyone else. I'm a bit of a klutz.

AngelaJohnson on 08/22/2012

Great information here. Thanks for putting it all together in one article.

katiem2 on 08/17/2012

It will work if you let it dry completely before using it. The biggest mistake people make when gluing things together is not allowing the glue to set and fully dry. Patience is a virtue... Hope you get the drier knob fixed but a good pair of pliers will do the trick.

dustytoes on 08/16/2012

The knob on my dryer has broken and I use pliers to turn it on now. Maybe I should try some super plastic glue - but I doubt it will work.

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