9 Ways to Kill or Seriously Injure a Vampire

by wrylilt

Sick of those vamps hanging around every time you get a paper cut? Here's how to get rid of them!

Vampires have long held a certain fascination as creatures of the night that live on a diet of human blood. They have been portrayed in dozens of movies with many types of attributes. Sometimes they are portrayed as invincible super-humans while other times they are shown as scary but beautiful creatures that dwell in the shadows. No matter the type of vampire, there is a way to kill it. Below you'll find some of the best ways to get rid of that pesky neighbourhood vampire - whether it's a super tough one or just your average run of the mill bad guy.


Please note that all information on this page is strictly for entertainment & informational purposes only! Many of the methods recommended to kill vampires are based purely on myth and supposition. Please don't try any of these as you may cause severe harm to yourself or someone else! 


How to Kill Vampires


A stake is a great way to put that vampire to rest - although it takes some muscle and practice to drive it home. Aim straight for the heart and soon you'll have nothing but a pile of dust.
Extra tips & tricks: Remember to aim for the left hand side of the chest (your right hand side) where the heart is.
Won't kill: Edward.


This is one way to get rid of most vampires - and without having to get too close to them, either. Although some rare vampires might survive the flames, it's quite rare and even the toughest will sustain severe burns that can take weeks to heal.
Extra tips & tricks: The more flammable liquid and objects you can add to the fire the better. Make sure that the area is free of hidey holes and there are no secret exits.
Won't hurt: Water vampires.


One of the most tried and tested ways of killing vampires. Beheading them may be difficult for weaklings or beginners, but it's sure to kill even the hardiest of vampires.
Extra tips & tricks: Use something metallic, flat and round like a cymbal from a drum kit.
Won't kill: Super strong vampires or those who have super speed.

Silver Bullet

This is traditionally a way to kill werewolves, who only rise during the nights of the full moon, but some vampire hunter stories claim that it also kills vampires. Just any shiny bullet won't do - it needs to be made of pure silver.
Extra tips & tricks: Make sure you have a spare bullet or two, in case you miss.
Won't kill"Buffy" Vampires


Sunlight is one of the main ways to kill the dark ones, or the majority of them at least. They love the night for a reason - because sunlight kills them.
Extra tips & tricks: It's best to try this trick when vampires have been sleeping; when they wake up they're often slower and dopier.
Won't kill: Edward

Kill the Leader

Many vampires gather together in groups, with a single leader. The other members of the group are often referred to asminions. Some types of vampires can be killed by killing the leader of their group, who they are intrinsically linked to.
Extra tips & tricksThe leader is often hard to get to and impossible to find, so distract the other vampires before going after the leader!
Won't killLoner vampires.

How to Repel Vampires

Holy Water

Holy Water, blessed by a priest, is the bane of the vampire world. The liquid burns on contact with their skin, so it's a great way to distract them - throw some in their face and they'll be too busy clawing at their eyes to look for you!
Extra tips & tricks: Put some in a glass or bath and trick them into thinking it's water!
Won't hurt: Some non-religious vampires.


Garlic is basically like a bug repellent to the undead. Carry a few pieces of garlic around your neck or rub your body with garlic juice to keep them away.
Extra tips & tricks: Add some garlic to their stored blood for some extra fun!
Won't hurt: French Vampires


A cross is a great way to keep vampires away - wear one as a necklace or simply carry one in your pocket.
Extra tips & tricks: Try having a cross tattoo for an extra nasty vampire surprise!
Won't hurt: Some types of non-religious vampires.

Random Vampire Facts

  • Vampires don't breathe, so they can't be choked or starved of oxygen.
  • Vampires can survive under water.
  • Vampires don't die if they don't feed, instead they become very weak and thin.
  • A vampire is immortal unless killed.

Famous Actors Who've Played Vampires

| Tom Cruise | Brad Pitt | Kirsten Dunst | Wesley Snipes | David Boreanaz Robert Pattinson | Kate Beckinsale |Aaliyah | Eddie Murphy | Keifer Sutherland | Ethan Hawke | Christopher Lee | George Hamilton | Nicolas Cage | Paul Reubens |

More About Vampires

Vampires are mythological or folkloric beings who subsist by feeding on the life essence of living creatures, regardless of whether they are undead or a living person. Although vampiric entities have been recorded in many cultures, ...
How to Kill A vampire
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sanyabisati on 09/03/2014

I cant hurt them . But for your qustion's ans, I kill them with stake.

belinda342 on 04/29/2013

Hmm. Sounds like those sparkling vamps are hard to kill. Good to know...

Tolovaj on 05/06/2012


Just kidding:) I think I have met a lot of different sorts of vampires in different situations and I am already used to them...

Thanks for useful info!

Mladen on 03/08/2012

What an interesting article. :)
I love your approach to the subject. Now I just need to pick the tactic that suits my personality the best. Maybe silver bullet. :)
Great article!

Jeannieinabottle on 02/15/2012

This is awesome! I am going to keep this in mind for the next time I run into a vampire. Thanks!

lakeerieartists on 02/08/2012

Thanks for this useful information. Eric Northman from True Blood has been stalking me in my dreams. This should help.

katiem2 on 02/04/2012

So wicked, I love it!

onepagearticles on 02/04/2012

Lol! Garlic won't hurt french vampires! hahaha made me chuckle!

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Great Wizzle Susannah. Already looking forward to another Wizzle highlighting vampire powers to have us mere mortal watch out for.

WiseFool on 02/02/2012

Funny stuff! Love it.

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