How to Make a Peacock Feather Fan Bouquet

by AbbyFitz

A feather fan is a unique and beautiful alternative to a traditional flower bouquet. They're also perfect for a wedding on a budget because they're so cheap and easy to make.

Today like never before brides are encouraged to make their weddings uniquely their own. Traditional seems outdated and old fashioned, and theme weddings have become wildly popular and the norm.

My wedding was somewhere in the middle. I am a very traditional person, and I always thought my wedding would be as well. But I have this thing with peacocks, and, well, you see where this is going.

When I asked my best friend if she would help me plan my wedding, the first thing she asked me was what was my theme. I told my theme was firstly peacocks, and, secondly cheap.

Luckily, a peacock theme can be very budget friendly if you know where to find cheap peacock feathers.

Feathers Instead of Bouquets

Feathers are elegant and so much cheaper than fresh or silk flowers.

Peacock Eye FeathersI fell in love with the idea of a peacock themed wedding long before I was even engaged. I'm just fascinated by uniqueness and the vibrant colors of peacock feathers. I knew I wanted to integrate it some way into my wedding.

After I became engaged and it was time to plan my wedding, my budget, unfortunately, was very modest. I was worried I would have to have a bare bones wedding with no peacock flair.

Always wanting to be different, I decided I wanted my attendants to carry feather fans instead of the traditional flower bouquets. 

Of course, like every potential bride, I scoured Pinterest for ideas. I saw a lot of really beautiful feather fan bouquets, but no how-to's on how to make them. Discouraged, I turned to Etsy, hoping I could buy them at a reasonable price. The few I found were far out of my price range.

I was determined to have a peacock feather fan, so I bought some feathers and decided to try it on my own. I have to say they turned out beautifully. My maid of honor and bridesmaids loved them, and they made a pretty wedding favor for them to keep.

Peacock Tail Feathers Available on eBay

Where to Find Cheap Peacock Feathers

Don't go to a craft store!

Craft stores like JoAnn's and Michael's do sell feathers, but at a steep price. I could have stomached the idea of paying an arm and a leg for them if I had gotten more than, I don't know, five.

So I turned to the trusty internet and, what do you know, I found I could buy them in bulk on eBay.

Here's a few tips to keep in mind when buying feathers from eBay:

If your wedding is less than two months away: Buy only from American sellers. They will be a bit more expensive, but you'll get them so much sooner.

If your wedding is more than two months away: Buy from Chinese sellers. They're the cheapest, but it can take up to a month for them to arrive in the mail. 

I've ordered from America and China, and I have been pleased with both. The quality of the feathers are the same, the only difference is the shipping time.

Add Ostrich Feathers for Filler and Glamour

Every masterpiece begins with a blank canvas.

I made a prototype fan with only peacock feathers, and, to me, it was just missing something. It took an incredible amount of feathers to keep from looking skimpy, and then it seemed like overkill.

I decided to add ostrich feathers as a kind of foundation for my peacock fan. For my wedding, I chose white as an accent color to the peacock theme. I bought white ostrich feathers (again from eBay) and made another fan. It made the fan fuller and also made the peacock feathers pop.

If you choose to use only peacock feathers, my recommendation is to double the amount I've listed below.

Ostrich Feathers Available on eBay

How to Make a Peacock Feather Fan Bouquet
How to Make a Peacock Feather Fan Bouquet

Materials Needed for a Peacock Feather Fan:

  • 25-30 peacock feathers
  • 10-12 ostrich feathers in your color choice (optional)
  • thin cardboard
  • bridal satin in your color choice
  • hot glue

Step 1:

Make the Fan Base
Make the Fan Base

Now, you could probably do this step the easy way and just use a large glass as a template. I folded the cardboard in half, drew a semicircle, and then cut it out. Cut out one 2-inch diameter circle for each fan. I needed two fans, so I cut out two circles.

Step 2:

Cover the circle with bridal satin.
Cover the circle with bridal satin.

Cut out a square of the bridal satin that's about double the size of the cardboard circle.

Step 3:

Glue satin to cardboard base
Glue satin to cardboard base

Using your hot glue gun, place a small dab of glue on one edge of the cardboard. Fold over the satin and hold until it's set.

To keep things from getting wrinkly, work on opposite sides of the cardboard. Next, turn the circle 180 degrees and place a dab of glue on the cardboard, pull the satin smooth, fold over, and hold till set. Continue to work on opposite sides until the circle is covered.

Cut off any extra satin to minimize bulk.

Cut away excess fabric
Cut away excess fabric
Smooth fan base
Smooth fan base

Step 4:

Glue feathers to base.
Glue feathers to base.

Draw a line in the middle of the back side of your circle. Turn ostrich feathers so they arc away from you. Glue the first feather slightly above this line. Space feathers evenly around the top half of the circle. Do not glue feathers completely around your circle!

Step 4 completed
Step 4 completed

Step 5:

Begin layering the peacock feathers
Begin layering the peacock feathers

First layer: Cut peacock feathers to a length that is slightly shorter than the ostrich feathers. To make sure they are spaced evenly, I recommend gluing one to the left side, one to the right side, and so on.

Second layer: Cut peacock feathers to a length so that they reach the bottom of the eyes of the first layer. Glue.

Continue with as many layers as it takes to fill in the fan, cutting each layer shorter than the one before it.

Tip: Bigger peacock eyes require fewer layers.

Step 6:

Finished peacock feather fan bouquet
Finished peacock feather fan bouquet

Pump a good amount of hot glue on top of the feathers at the base. Turn the bottom of the circle upwards and hold firm until cool.

Enjoy your handiwork!

The Finished Product:

My Maid of Honor's Peacock Bouquet
My Maid of Honor's Peacock Bouquet

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Tatesa on 02/03/2016

too cool! love it!

AbbyFitz on 11/20/2014

It's easy to spend a fortune when it comes to weddings. If you're willing to put in some extra work, it can save some major expense.

happynutritionist on 11/20/2014

What a very unique idea. My wedding was way back in the very traditional days, though I did create a lot of the things used in it to save money, as I did with my daughter's.

AbbyFitz on 11/16/2014

They are beautiful birds. It must be amazing to see them in the wild there in India.

WriterArtist on 11/15/2014

I am a fan of peacocks and I think it is the 'National Bird of India' - forgive me, if it is not. I am not so sure. One thing I am sure of is I love peacocks, they are gorgeous and the peacock feathers bouquet looks fantastic.

AbbyFitz on 11/15/2014

Thank you!

ologsinquito on 11/15/2014

Those fans are so beautiful. What a great idea. They will last forever as well. Congratulations and all best wishes as you start your new married life.

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