Beautiful and Elegant Wedding Dresses to Buy Online

by AbbyFitz

Elegance is less about fashion and more about classic style and confidence. These wedding dresses have a timeless appeal that will let the bride's beauty shine through.

Merriam-Webster's dictionary defines elegance as:

"a refined grace or dignified propriety; dignified gracefulness or restrained beauty of style."

When you think of women who exude elegance, names such as Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, and Princess Diana come instantly to mind.

Their look was always so polished, so put together. They had the ability to wear simple styles and pull them off effortlessly. These women truly possessed "restrained beauty of style."

Elegance is as much attitude as it is about the dress. Having confidence comes across to others as "a refined grace."

When choosing a wedding gown, the focus should be less on the embellishments on the dress, but more about showcasing an inner attitude that radiates from veil to shoes.

The Classic Beauty of One Shoulder Wedding Dresses

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."

~ Leonardo da Vinci


Women such as Grace Kelly are still remembered today because of their beauty and style. They were glamorous not because they wore outrageous clothes, but because they wore simple fashions that had clean lines with little ornamentation.

One shoulder gowns are perfect for a bride who wants to be a bit daring and non-traditional, but still be tasteful and modest.

Floating chiffon has a flowing movement and creates an ethereal quality to these gowns. The jeweled embellishments are refined and give these dresses a glamorous touch of class.

The classic Greek silhouette of one shoulder gowns may be simple, but it is this simplicity that makes them so elegant.

With such an unadorned dress, choosing an equally simple veil is very important. A veil with a lot of embellishments will only take away from these exquisite dresses.

Charming Veils for an Understated Dress

Be Remembered: Black and White Wedding Dresses

"Elegance is not about being noticed, it's about being remembered."

~ Habeeb Akande


An Old Hollywood starlet such as Lauren Bacall could walk right out of the forties and into a modern magazine and still be considered elegant and fashionable.

Why? These ladies of style didn't rely on shock fashion like Lady Gaga, but wore dresses that had timeless appeal and glamour. 

Simply put, we remember these women because they had class. And they knew it.

Elegance is one third what you are wearing and two thirds confidence you feel inside.

The combination of midnight black against a pure white provides a startling contrast that is visually appealing and memorable.

A black and white wedding dress gives a bride a sophisticated, elegant look without appearing overdone or gaudy.

The black embroidery on these dresses give just enough embellishment to make a statement, but is subtle enough to let the bride's beauty take center stage.

If a bride chooses a black and white wedding gown, she will be remembered years from her wedding as a woman with sophistication and style.

Sophisticated Jewels for a Unique Gown


Long Wedding Dresses Give a Bride a Timeless Look

"Elegance is timeless"

~ Habeeb Akande


An elegant wedding dress isn't necessarily going to be the one that a famous fashion designer has just created.

New doesn't equal elegant, nor does a label.

A dress that will be as beautiful 20 years from now as the day the bride walked down the aisle is elegant because it transcends time.

Thumbing through old wedding albums from brides who were married in the eighties proves that point. Most dresses from this period were considered the height of fashion in their day. Now these brides are often asked (or think to themselves) "what were you thinking wearing that dress?"

A long, simple wedding dress is the key to achieving a timeless look that any bride would look back on with pride.

These dresses will stand the test of time. Tastefully embellished and simple, they will give any bride a touch of graceful elegance.

These wedding gowns have no elements that will date them such as the super puffed sleeves and overdone beading of the eighties.

The sweetheart neckline and gentle gathering of the fabric to the side gives this style of dress its timeless quality.

For a bride who wants to look back on her wedding day with a special fondness, a beautiful wedding dress is a must.

These chic, long wedding dresses are beautiful today and still will be years from now. No bride who chooses one of these gowns will ever be embarrassed of her wedding album.

Exquisite Bridal Headpieces for the Timeless Gown


Short Bridal Dresses: Audrey Hepburn Would Approve

"Elegance is an attitude."

~ Longines


Elegance isn't about being straight laced and stuffy. It's all in one's attitude and owning what you wear.

A short wedding dress can be every bit as elegant as a floor-length dress.

Think Audrey Hepburn. She is considered one of the most elegant and stylish women in history. She was the epitome of fifties fashion.

She made short dresses with smooth lines look effortlessly chic. Audrey made this possible because she paired a beautiful dress with a beauty and self-assurance that came from within.

Short wedding gowns with a simple A line shape give a bride that Audrey Hepburn look.

With little to no embellishment, these dresses allow a bride to add her own individual style to make an elegant statement.

Short, but not too short, they are modest and tasteful, but still fun and flirty. These dresses are perfect for a bride who wants to be polished, but still retain her own sense of style.

It is important when wearing a short bridal dress that particular attention is given to the accessories, especially the shoes.

When choosing a short wedding gown, it's important to wear stylish, classy shoes that will give the bride a dash of glamour.

Posh Shoes for the Short Wedding Dress


How to Achieve Elegance

"Isn't elegance forgetting what one is wearing?"

~ Yves Saint Laurent


For brides wanting to find the perfect elegant wedding dress, they really don't have to look any further than the nearest mirror.

Any gown a bride chooses to wear can be elegant if she draws from the self-confidence and beauty that is inside her.

By downplaying the ornamentation of the dress and letting the gown flatter the wearer, the bride will emanate elegance and classic beauty.

Updated: 05/10/2014, AbbyFitz
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AbbyFitz on 05/17/2013

Thank you!

dustytoes on 05/17/2013

Black and white seems to be so popular - and very elegant. Lovely dresses!

AbbyFitz on 05/16/2013

Thank you. I'm glad you liked them.

katiem2 on 05/16/2013

Stunning wedding and bridal collections. I love the wedding gown adorned with black, stunning!

AbbyFitz on 05/15/2013

Thank you! My favorite is the black and white dress.

AbbyFitz on 05/14/2013

Thank you

WriterArtist on 05/14/2013

These are beautiful gowns that any bride will love to wear. I love gowns with long tail of fabric flowing free.

AbbyFitz on 05/03/2013

Thank you. I don't wear jewelry so I was hoping I picked some nice pieces

HollieT on 05/03/2013

These are lovely, Abby, and I particularly like the way you have introduced jewelry to compliment the gowns.

AbbyFitz on 05/03/2013

Thank you.

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