How To Make Dairy, Sugar and Gluten Free Homemade Chocolate

by BrookeVanBeek

Love chocolate but hate added sugar? Make your own chocolate quickly at home without refined sugar and with loads of chocolatey flavour!

I love chocolate. Who doesn't? I don't love extra calories and added sugar. After making and sampling many homemade chocolate recipes, I finally came up with a versatile recipe that is simple, quick and cheap. The ingredients are items already found in your pantry. Many other homemade chocolate recipes can be excessively bitter but the flavour in this recipe is rich with an unexpectedly smooth texture. Spread to make bark, pour into candy molds for bite size treats or use as a sauce to dip fruit for an indulgent afternoon teatime snack.

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Are You Ready To Make Some Chocolate?

Are You Ready To Make Some Chocolate?

This is what you will need...

Prep time 5 min  -  Total time 35 min
Ingredients for 6 servings
1 small saucepan, double boiler or heat proof bowl;  • Spatula;  • 4 tablespoons of coconut oil;  • 1 tablespoon of pure 100% maple syrup;  • 2 tablespoons of natural smooth peanut butter;  • 1/2 cup (heaping) of cocoa powder.

And this is how you make the best homemade chocolate ever:

1. Over very, very low heat, melt the oil, maple syrup and peanut butter until all is blended and the consistency is smooth. If your ingredients are already at room temperature or your kitchen is unusually warm, you may be able to skip the heat--it is just to help the coconut oil, syrup and peanut butter to blend together without being lumpy.
2. Remove from heat.
3. Add the cocoa powder and stir through quickly. Make sure there are no lumps or bumps!
4. Prepare your chocolate:

To make bark, pour chocolate mixture onto parchment or baking paper, place another piece of parchment on top and smooth out using something flat, like a small cutting board. You can make the bark as thick or thin as you like. Place the chocolate on the cutting board and freeze for at least 30 minutes before indulging.

To make candies, pour the chocolate mixture into candy molds. Freeze for at least 30 minutes before serving.

To make chocolate fruit treats, dip chopped, dry fruit into the chocolate, covering the fruit as much as possible. Place dipped fruit on a parchment-lined cookie sheet and refrigerate.

That's it! So easy!

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Will the Chocolate Have a Peanut Butter or Coconut Taste To It?

Only if you want it to!

Surprisingly, no.  The peanut butter helps create a beautiful smoothness to the chocolate and takes away the bitterness that some cocoa powders can have.  If you want a peanut butter flavour, add more peanut butter and less coconut oil to adjust the consistency.  You may also try other nut butters to alter the flavour to your personal taste.  The coconut oil does not pass its flavour on with the inclusion of the nut butter.

If you want a peanut butter flavour, add more peanut butter or some roasted peanuts.  If you want a coconut flavour, add shredded coconut.  So easy!

Can I Add Other Ingredients Like Nuts or Dried Fruit?

Certainly!  Just as the chocolate comes together, stir through a handful of chopped nuts, seeds or dried fruit to create a fruity, nutty homemade chocolate bark.  This makes a lovely hostess gift for any occasion.

It Still Tastes Bitter To Me--How Can I Fix That?

Feel free to add brown sugar one teaspoon at a time at the saucepan stage if the flavour is too bitter.  Of course, the chocolate will no longer be sugar free, but at least you can control the amount of sugar.

The chocolate is best kept in the freezer and consumed within a few days, if you can refrain from devouring it for even that long.

Happy chocolate making!

Updated: 02/26/2013, BrookeVanBeek
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BrookeVanBeek on 01/29/2013

Your daughters will love making it and it's just so quick and easy! I too try to avoid processed and artificial ingredients as much as I can so I love knowing exactly what is in this chocolate. Now I need to go eat some. Happy chocolate making with the kids!

BrookeVanBeek on 01/29/2013

Hmm, should work in the fridge too--that's how I do the dipped fruit and it hardens enough. Just might need to leave it for longer than 30 minutes. Enjoy!

Ragtimelil on 01/29/2013

I've got to try this, although I don't have a freezer. YIKES.

katiem2 on 01/29/2013

Sounds wonderful. I will be using this recipe for homemade chocolate soon, or rather my daughters will. They love to cook after school. This is certainly a cooking project they will love. I really like the fact there is nothing artificial in this chocolate recipe. I love chocolate that isn't very sweet. :)K

BrookeVanBeek on 01/29/2013

It is delicious! Amazingly so. And it's also quite intelligent chocolate--I think I hear it calling me from the freezer as we speak...

JoHarrington on 01/29/2013

It sounds delicious!

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