How to make perfect Yorkshire Puddings for a roast dinner

by RainDefence

A guide to cooking perfect Yorkshire puddings, which are a brilliant and tasty addition to any roast dinner. Recipe, tips and serving guide included.

Do you need help cooking perfect Yorkshire puddings, also known as popovers in the USA? Well don't worry, this guide will help you through the process and get the family applauding!

Yorkshire puddings are delicious and really bring a roast dinner together. Although they're pretty straightforward to make, lots of people don't know how to do it and buy ready made ones, or just talk about how good their mum's are. If you're one of those people, read this guide and find out how to make them yourself perfectly!


Flour, eggs, salt and milk are all you'll need. Everyone has those in the cupboard.


The first thing to do is to make your mixture. For this I use one egg per person, this makes a good size yorkshire pudding each. Add a bit of salt, a splash of milk and then slowly add the flour while whisking. You don't need much milk so don't drown the mixture, you just need a splash. If you put a bit too much flour in, then you can always add a touch of milk if you have to, but the best bet is to just add the flour slowly so you don't get to that point. Whisk like a maniac for 2-3 minutes til there are no lumps.

Ideally you want to make the batter so it is the consistency of single cream. It doesn't want to be thick and lumpy, but instead quite thin and runny. Once you've you've made the mix, put it in the fridge for half an hour or so. This will help the yorkshire puddings to rise, rather than being heavy and doughy.

After this, you should then get the pots that you're going to make the puddings in up to temperature. I used to use metal trays, but nowadays use ceramic pots as I find the puddings don't stick as much. A little oil is needed in there, I tend to use sunflower as it gets hot without smoking. Put them in the oven on the top shelf at about 220c until they're up to temperature.

About 20 minutes before you want to serve up the meal, then put the mix in the pots. They don't need too much in, experimentation is the key here, but I just evenly distribute the mixture, so 3 eggs, equals 3 pots with an even amount in each. Put them in the oven and once they're in, don't open it to check them as this will cause them to collapse! After about 20 minutes they should be done. Take them out, drown them in gravy and enjoy a lovely roast, just like your ma used to make!

Yorkshire pudding
Yorkshire pudding
Updated: 04/22/2012, RainDefence
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Meagan on 04/16/2012

Great instructions for Yorkshire puddings. I had them a few times when I lived in the UK but they never really did it for me. Everyone kept telling me I mustn't have had good ones... so I better give them one more chance and use your recipe!

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