How To Make Your Own Christmas Card

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It's a great craft and is also a great way of saving money as well as giving a really personal touch to your Christmas cards. So let' see how to make your own Christmas Card.

The idea of trying to make your own Christmas cards at home might feel a little intimidating at first but it needn't be! There are some simple steps you can follow that will help you to quickly learn how to make beautiful Christmas cards and with relatively little effort.

Once you get the hang of it, you can be certain that your homemade Christmas cards will impress everyone on your Christmas Card list this year.

If you have a desire to make your own Christmas cards, remember that you do not necessarily need to start from scratch. There is certainly no need to re-invent the wheel.

You will soon discover, when you do a search, that there are patterns available for handmade Christmas cards all over the Internet. In addition, you can use patterns that can be found in a variety of other locations such as for scrapbooking, embroidery, quilting, etc.

You can even use patterns found in children's coloring books and adapt them to use in your handmade Christmas cards.

Supplies Needed For Making a Christmas Card

When making your own Christmas cards you will also need to make sure you have the correct supplies on hand. If you choose to send handmade Christmas cards you will need to have a variety of different supplies, based on the types of cards you choose to make.

Paper or Card

You can use basically any type of paper to make Christmas cards; however, cardstock is typically the best type of paper to use. You can find plain paper or decorated paper at any craft store. You might also consider looking for wallpaper scraps that can be purchased at a discount at printing or decorating stores.


When making Christmas cards it is best to use high quality pens in different colors with fine tips. Keep in mind that darker colors usually look better, but lighter colors can also be effective for highlighting areas of the card as well.


You will also need fabric glue as well as a regular glue stick that can be purchased at any craft store.

Decorations and Embellishments

Scrap pieces from magazines, pictures, stickers, bows, ribbons or materials of practically any kind can be used for decorating and embellishing. Many craft stores also now carry a wide array of scrapbooking stickers and embellishments that can serve as wonderful additions to your handmade Christmas cards.


When making your own Christmas cards, you need to have scissors that are sharp, fine pointed and small enough so that you can easily work with small pieces of fabric or paper.


A standard 12" ruler will work fine to make sure all of your lines are nice and straight

Paper Cutter

You may also wish to use a paper cutter or rotary cutter to ensure all of your edges are straight when cutting paper to size.


You can choose to make your own envelopes or purchase standard envelopes.

Step By Step! Make A Christmas Card

Okay now that you have gathered all your supplies of got your Christmas Card Making Kit out let's take a look at what is involved literally step by step.

  1. Begin by taking the paper you want to use and cutting it to the size you prefer. You may use scissors; however, a paper cutter works much better and more efficiently. For traditional cards, the paper should be measured to 6 inches in width and 12 inches in height.
  2. Once the paper is cut, fold each piece of paper in half from top to bottom. On the front side of the card you can adhere a picture of something seasonal such as a Christmas tree, reindeer or something else. You can also place a family photo or a pattern on the front of your Christmas card.
  3. Now, adorn the edges and/or corners of the front of your Christmas card with embellishments or decorations of your choice. You could use practically anything from grommets to stickers to ribbons and bows. Get creative!
  4. Use colored pens to write a message such as Happy Holidays or Merry Christmas on the front of your card, if you like.
  5. Once everything is added to the front of the card, allow it to drive for at least an hour.
  6. After the front of the card has dried, open it up and you will be ready to create the greeting. You can use fine-tipped pens to create the inside greeting or you could also use a computer to type a greeting, print it and adhere it to the inside of the card.
  7. After the inside greeting is attached to the interior of your Christmas card you may choose to leave it or you could also embellish it with additional decorations.
  8. Remember to sign your name. A signed signature is always much more personal and thoughtful than a printed signature.
  9. Allow your card to dry for another hour and it will be ready to mail!

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Buy A Christmas Card Kit

Just because you buy a Christmas Card Kit it doesn't mean that you need to lose out on many of the benefits of making your own cards this Christmas.

Making your own Christmas cards can also be satisfying because it allows you to recycle as well as reuse materials that might be discarded otherwise. The array of materials that can be used in making your own Christmas and holiday cards can be wide ranging. If you choose to make handmade Christmas cards you can utilize all types of fabrics, embellishment and other decorating materials.

With this wonderful Card Kit you will also be able to demonstrate your creativity and skills by making your own Christmas cards. If you're looking for a hobby or a pastime that will allow you to spend your downtime with an activity that is relaxing, enjoyable and productive, making your own Christmas and greeting cards could be just what you are looking for.

Make Your Own Cards by Made By Hands

Make Your Own Cards by Made By Hands
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