How to plug your lawn in Florida

by BobVicars

Plugging you lawn in Florida can be challenging. Here are some things that I do to insure my lawn looks good. It's simple and fun.

The Traditional way:
After checking the price in my town for sod, I came to the conclusion that it was way too expensive. The average cost of a pallet of sod ranges between $400 and $500 for a 500 square foot pallet depending on grass type. The bigger garden retailers (outside link here) prices average about the same. So I had to look for an alternative method other than laying sod. It came to me in a vision that grass plugs are not only cheaper but easier.

The Alternative:

An easy way to have a beautiful lawn is to plug the bare spots in your lawn. The variety of plugs covers just about all the major grass types at an average cost of $7 to $10. The plug tray consists of approximately 18 to 20 runner plugs. If you’re placing them 6" apart; figure on two plugs per square foot, or 2,000 per 1,000 square feet.

The Start:

The first thing you must do is prepare the planting area for your grass plugs. This starts with fresh clean soil free of contaminates. The soil is then laid out and leveled in the area where you want to plug. You then add starter fertilizer and lightly rake into the new soil. Once that is done you can plant your plugs.

The Planting:

As it was said above you should plant them approximately 6” apart with two grass plugs covering 1 square foot. This allows room for growth. Once the plugs are planted you should water the every day for approximately 14 to 18 days. You should not mow the area with new plugs for 4 to 6 weeks. This gives the plugs a chance to root in strong.

The Maintenance:

When the time does come for you to mow the area you should raise the blade as high as you can. I usually mow anywhere from 3 to 5 inches above the soil line. This will insure strong root growth.  You should then apply weed-n-feed to the area twice a year. The first time is in the spring, and the second is in fall.

My family loves our lawn and we spend a lot of time in our yard during the summer. I’m sure if the above steps are followed your lawn will turn out as lovely as mine and will stay that way.

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Updated: 04/19/2015, BobVicars
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