How to remove grout from tile

by BobVicars

Grout removal can be a very expensive job. Knowing how to do it yourself can save yourself a ton of money.

How to remove grout from tile you ask? The oscillating multi- tool kit works wonders for me. It makes removing tile grout so easy. The tool has many variations of blades to include a masonry type blade. This is perfect for removing grout fast. After reading and following your instruction manual to your oscillating multi-tool you then start the removal process. The first thing you should do is prep your work area for grout dust. I find it always helpful to use a canvas drop cloth such as the ones painters use.

You then start with dust collecting. I have a dust collector attachment for my tool which allows me to plug a shop vacuum hose to mine. This allows for easy control of grout dust.

I always start by gauging my blade depth for the depth of the tile. If you don’t have a gage depth on you oscillating tool you can always mark your blade with a piece of masking tape at the right grout depth. You then angle your blade. I find it helpful for me to angle mine at a 45 or 90 degree angle. You then start the grout removal at the top of your tile (if you’re starting on a wall.) That way you work your way down to the bottom and you keep it out of your eyes and mouth (Always wear safety glasses and dust mask).

You should blade the blade in between the tile. Let the oscillating blade do the work of removing the grout. You should also be watching the blade depth also. Do not go beyond the gauge depth or tape mark. You also may have to go over you grout line more that once to remove all of the old grout. Please be careful not to chip your tile.

Once you have removed all of the tile grout you then take your shop vacuum and suck up the grout dust from the grout removal area and the floor. This ensures you that you will have a clean area to place fresh grout. It further ensures that your new tile grout will adhere to the grout space area. It may take you several tries until you grasp the technique of removing the grout but, in the long run you will save yourself a ton of money and we all love that. Just remember to read understand and follow all of your safety instructions with your power tools. Remember the best safety device you have is your brain.


Updated: 05/06/2015, BobVicars
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