Why I’m Not a Fan of DIY Network

by BobVicars

I know a lot of people out there love the shows on this network but lately I have seen a trend on this network that just really bugs me to no end.

It seems every time I turn on the DIY network I see a new show consisting of realtors who think their contractors. Then you find out that they are really a bunch of house flippers with real-estate license. They are looking to make a quick buck buy cutting corners and using cheap material. They use words like “Bling”, “Pop”, “Open Concepts” and “Dated”. This is how you know what their about by some of these things and a few more

How I long for the days of real contractor shows like Home Time and This Old House on this network but, they have it made on PBS. I don’t think they would cheapen themselves by leaving PBS. It seems that anyone that has a pleasant look about them and can swing a hammer has a show on DIY. They have a full crew helping them out or, they hire a real contractor to do the real work. As usual these people get left out of the lime light. There might be a quick camera pan or name tag underline for a quick second on the real contractors there (exp. John Doe, carpenter). They even go as far as putting a bunch of 90’s has been(s) on there (Darrell Hall, Vanilla Ice,).

They never show any of the real problems or anything getting inspected. Although I’m sure it is getting inspected however, they never show if it fails or not and what they had to do to rectify the problem. Then when the job is complete they stand there and say “look at what I did”. In reality all they did was stand in front of the camera and ran their mouth for a half hour while other people did the real work.

I guess what’s really bothering me about the network is that it’s called DIY network but they don’t educate anyone to do it yourself. The least they could do is start a show that actually teaches you to do something in your home. I know some people like the way the network is but, I feel that they need to change their format and start teaching people to do some real DIY projects.  As an avid do it yourselfer I’m very passionate about home projects and wish to see this network change for the better. Then maybe people will learn something and be a better person for it.

Updated: 04/27/2015, BobVicars
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