How To Release Tension Through Meditation

by marciag

Knowing how to release tension before meditation through exercises helps achieve a successful meditation session, as it allows you to get deep into a meditative trance faster.

One of the regular preparations for meditation sessions is using a couple of release tension exercises to release stress. For many years I've been meditation 'out of the box' so to speak, with no real preparation before hand. I've eventually figured out that it was a big mistake.

Tension release is a major part of a success meditation practice as it releases tensional stress, letting you easier into a deep into a meditative state.

Benefits Of Tension Release Through Exercises Before Meditating

tension releaseWe usually carry a lot of "luggage" or "baggage" every day and that makes us not only very stressed out in our minds, but it also tends to create several physical problems.

 For example I've noticed that a particular type of migraine is usually caused by stress. It's called tension headaches. I've learned to already recognize it when it gives its first clues that the headache or migraine is iminent and then I quickly search my mind for signs of stress: yes, there they are, indeed.

So while meditation IS a great stress reliever in itself, doesn't it makes sense to help it along right from the start with just a few quick exercises that release tension that has accumulated in the body and mind? Wouldn't make meditation even more effective?

Below are exercises that I do every day just about 5 minutes before I start meditating. Try out these release tension steps and you'll see that your meditation, regardless of the meditation technique you are using, will be much more enjoyable and fun.

By doing release tension, I've come to actually recognize the various different tensions that are in my body and mind during the day. I can now release shoulder tension, muscle tension, neck tension and overall nervous tension.

I'm not sure where I've first heard or read about these particular tension release exercises, but they sure work!

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Tension Release Exercise 1

  1. First make sure that you hare already prepared for your meditation, i.e. have the comfortable and loose clothes, you're in a comfy posture and you are alone, not to be disturbed for at least half an hour (which includes the tension and release and the meditation itself).
  2. Now tense your entire body as tight as you can without actually causing yourself pain. The way I do it is by simply clenching and squeezing together the various parts of my body: my fists, toes, muscles, my jaw...You know the feeling, you're already doing it involuntarily when you're cold and you're shivering. It's almost the same physical movement, but now you're doing it consciously.
  3. Next hold on to this clenging feeling for a couple of seconds, and while doing this, allow your mind to 'travel' to each of these clenched muscles and notice the feeling in the various parts of the body.
  4. Finally, allow the clenching to simply drain away from your body, let go, relax... Let your body relax...with each exhale relax even more, feel your body that is slouching, like the Earth is pulling you towards it with every breath you release.

Stress Reducing Exercise

Tension Release Excercise 2

  1. Following the first exercise, after a few moments tense your body again, but not as tight and strong as before.
  2. Next hold this clenching and squeezing, while noticing what is going on in your body...
  3. And now release this tension once again, just like before. Simply let go. Let your exhaling remove the tension in your various body parts.
  1. For the third time, again clench your body, but now even less than the last time.
  2. Hold it for a few seconds, and again notice what you feel. Don't judge or even analyze, just simply notice. By noticing every time you are holding this 'clenching' of your body, you will soon be able to discern between the different types of tensions and you will soon learn to realize when your body is no longer tense at all.
  3. Now release this tension, allow your body to simply let go with each exhale.
  4. At this point I start to feel a sort of warmth spreading into my body, a calmness of the mind that usually takes me many minutes of meditation without this exercise. It's like the body tells me it's ready.

Once you are ready with the tension release exercise, take a few slow, deep breaths and start your chosen meditation technique.

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annieangel on 08/23/2012

I really don't do enough meditation, thanks for sharing this.

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