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If you're wondering whether you should start reading the Rick Riordan Percy Jackson books in order, here you will find all books, along with their reviews.

If you're wondering whether you should start reading the Rick Riordan Percy Jackson books in order - and what is the right order of the series anyway - on this page I'll let you know, along with a brief review of each of the main books.

I will also give the right reading order of the new series, Heroes of Olympus, where Percy Jackson is still present, but is no longer the main hero of the day. Granted, I am not so enthralled by this new series, but I know lots of people who are.

The original Percy Jackson And The Olympians series focuses on a young guy of age 12, Percy Jackson, who is in sent from one boarding school to another and is just about to get kicked out of there as well. He doesn't fit in really anywhere, and he's always totally out of place.

No wonder, since he's the son of one of the Greek goods, mind you, which makes him kind of a demi-god himself.

So let's see what kinds of troubles this pre-teenage kid goes through and what adventures expect him on the road.

The Lightning Thief
The Lightning Thief

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Overview Of All The Percy Jackson Books In Order

Let's See What Comes First And How To Read Them In Order
  1. The Lightning Thief - this is the first book  in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, featuring the young Percy Jackson, published in 2005
  2. The Sea Of Monsters - book #2 was first released in 2006
  3. The Titan's Curse - here we have the third book in the Percy Jackson series, published in 2007
  4. The Battle Of The Labyrinth - the 4th book in the popular teen series was first released in 2008
  5. Percy Jackson And The Sword of Hades - This is a short story that fits chronologically right after The Battle Of The Labyrinth. It is a novella, a short adventure that fans of Percy Jackson will love
  6. The Last Olympian - book #5 was published in 2009 and it concludes the main Percy Jackson series

The Lightning Thief - Book Review

Percy Jackson #1

Have you ever wondered if gods and demigods had children what kind of lives they would lead? Could they easily fit in with the rest of the 'mortals' and would they even know that they're different?

The Lightning Thief is the first Percy Jackson novel in the popular teen (and pre-teen) series. It starts out with featuring the 12 year old boy being dumped from boarding school to boarding school.

He doesn't fit well anywhere, he feels he is different, other people feel it too, and he just causes troubles wherever he goes because he feels inadequate to really fit in with his peers.

Soon he learns just what makes him different, that he is in fact half-blood, the son of a god and a human, and that there is a place for boys just like him.

A place called Camp House God, one where he is protected and taught everything he needs to know on how to live the life of a semi-god.

Of course, living just a life means going through tons of adventures of coming of age, the first one being the retrieval of a weapon that has gone missing, and if not found in time the almighty gods will surely unleash hell on Earth.

Watch The Trailer Of The Movie With The Same Name With Percy Jackson

If you haven't watched the first movie in the Percy Jackson series, you'll have a blast catching on, especially that the second installment based on The Sea Of Monsters book came out August 2013. The film was great, it was full of action and suspense.

Did You Like More The Book Or The Movie?

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The Sea Of Monsters - Book Review

Percy Jackson #2

The second book in the popular teen series follows the son of Poseidon to new adventures that are fun to read about. It is a book for kids, but I didn't have troubles reading them all, and I enjoyed them truly. Just like reading Harry Potter, I guess. Also I love reading about Greek mythology so starting and continuing the series came natural to me.

The second book in the series follows Percy Jackson, the half-blood, who makes a new friend, Tyson, who in fact turns out to be a cyclop, another son of Poseidon.

While things have quieted down since he saved Zeus and Poseidon from tearing each other apart and unleashing WWIII on Earth, now his new quest is to protect his new home, the Camp Half Blood.

The sea of monsters is exactly where Percy has to go now to retrieve the Golden fleece from, while at the same time defeating the evil.

This is a great adventure at sea type of story (in a loose way reminding me of Odyssey with all the trials and adventures he had to go through before finally saving his home). It reads at a fast pace and it's overall a great fantasy book, worth continuing with.

Check Out The Trailer Of The Second Percy Jackson Movie

The second movie for this popular series was released in August 2013. I think it will be amazing as well. Featuring actors that I love, like Sean Bean, Logan Lerman, Alexandra Daddario and a few others

The Titan's Curse - Book review

Percy Jackson #3

While I loved the first two books in the series, the third book really trumped them all. It was fun, full of action, suspense and adventure, and the writing was great - no matter of what age you are, you can easily read this book, it won't make you feel you're too old or anything. So far this was my favorite book in the Percy Jackson books in order of publication.

Another fun premise for another great book: It is winter. Artemis, the goddess of the hunt is missing, and one of Percy's best friends, Annabeth is missing as well. And Percy has to save them both while joining forces with The Hunters - the maidens belonging to Artemis, for the adventure. Artemis has to be found before the winter solstice because she needs to add her input and vote in the Olympian Council meeting.

I found that this book had much more action and was more intense than the previous two books, even though the author has followed a pretty standard formula in setting it up. Hero is called to save the day, which he does with the help of his most trusted friends. A great read.

The Battle Of The Labyrinth - Book review

Percy Jackson #4

The fourth book in the popular teen series. Here Percy is more grown up, the decisions he makes are less in haste and more after contemplation. He is now a real teen and real responsibilities that he is aware of now more than ever. His coming of age quests are indeed more serious and his relationship with Annabeth is more complicated than ever.

Another great read, which is unusual in a series, where in most cases the first book is the best and the interest vanes off as the series progresses.

It is summer again and this time Percy has to save - once again - his favorite place to be in - Camp Half Blood. I love how Greek mythology seeps through from the first moment right to the last.

We find here characters like Chronos, demons (demon cheerleaders, anyone?), giant hellhounds, Pan, Daedalus and many, many more. If you know your Greek mythology, these names will be familiar to you, but if you don't, you're in a heck of a ride through the entire book.

I love it, it's in a way similar to Harry Potter (which, granted I do like more), but it's more funny in a way - the entire series is.

Percy Jackson and the Sword of Hades - Book review

Percy Jackson #4.5

This is not a full novel, it is actually a mini adventure in a short read which takes place after the events in the 4th book. In fact this is one reason why the series should be read in order because else it might all get confusing - more so with the storyline in this novella.

Here Percy has to find the Sword of Hades for Persephone with the help of Thalia and Nico, two other main characters in the Percy Jackson series.

The book is rather short, around 70 pages or so and initially it was only published in the UK. Even now if you want to buy it it's very cheap, I think last time I checked was less than $1. Worth reading if you are a fan of Percy and his friends saving the world and the Greek gods.

The Last Olympian - The Last Book In The Percy Jackson Series - Book review

Percy Jackson #5

The last book in the popular teen series, this leads to the conclusion culminating with the battle of all the half bloods against the titans. The odds are grim, Kronos is strong, but one can't give up. Absolutely loved the conclusion and I'm only sorry there is no more to the series.

The whole plot is much faster this time, everything picks up really in action and speed, and this time the story was mostly played out in modern New York rather than some distant mythological place.

I think the fact that the entire book is all action and nothing much else makes you forget for a second that it is in fact the last book of the series, and there is not another one, we have to really say good bye to Percy.

Sure there is a new series involving the Camp Half Blood, but Percy there no longer takes central stage, he's just 'one of the guys'. Not quite the same, I'm afraid - right?

Which Is Your Favorite Percy Jackson Book In The Series?

The Heroes Of Olympus Books In Order

If you've finished reading the Percy Jackson series and you want more, despair not! There is a second series involving him, although sadly he's not the main hero here.

It's still a great series to check out if you like demigods, the Greek mythology and lots and lots of action. So here are the books in order for this second series by Rick Riordan:

  1. The Lost Hero - first book in the new series published in 2010
  2. The Son Of Neptune - book #2, published in 2011
  3. The Mark Of Athena - book #3, published in 2012
  4. The Mark of Athena - book #4, published in 2012 as well
  5. The House Of Hades - book #5 was released in 2013

  6. The Blood Of Olympus - book #6. published in 2014

  7. The Demigod Diaries - companion book, published 2012

Once You've Read The Percy Jackson Series, Here Are Some Similar Books To Check Out

If you like the Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan and you're looking for something similar to read, here are some books like Percy Jackson that are worth checking out.
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