How to Safely and Effectively Lose Weight Using Intermittent Fasting, Cold Therapy and Other Tips

by katiem2

How to skip breakfast, enjoy fats, freeze fat cells, get quick energy, mental clarity and eat a hardy dinner all while losing weight.

This just in; by now you have heard the reports from studies proving intermittent fasting improves health, helps prevent Alzheimer plus a host of other disease and illness. I am thrilled my natural way of eating is now trending as way to insure good health and well being.

If you are one of those people who do not eat nor like the idea of eating breakfast this type of weight loss routine is exactly what you want. Health experts tell us eating a well balanced breakfast is paramount to a healthy weight but are they correct? So how, you may ask, is it possible to skip breakfast and lose weight? It is simple, replace breakfast with an easy to make fatty coffee, sometimes known as fat burning coffee. Break this fatty coffee fast at noon or later in the day with a green smoothie, ending the day with a hearty dinner of protein, vegetables and other healthy fats.

Intermittent Fasting - Fat Burning Coffee - Fat Freezing - Paleo Diet

How Ice Cold Water and Ice Packs Helps You Lose Weight

Freezing Away Fat at Home

Why Cool Sculpting is all the Rage - Can You Do It Yourself at Home? YES!

First – Drink Ice cold water upon waking each day.  Keep a double walled water bottle at your bedside to insure you have ice cold water available to you everyday and all day long.

Increase your odds of doing this phenomenal trick by taking medications before getting out of bed.

Medications are often more effective when taken on an empty stomach, for example thyroid medications. Plus we tend to remember our medications, gotta have a liquid to take them with and so this makes for a logical change, one that is realistic and increases your odds of developing this new habit and signal your fat burning system to get busy.

How Ice Water Burns Fat

Drinking Ice Cold Water Increases Metabolism and Burns Fat

Cold temperatures prompt the body to convert weight fat cells, the ugly cottage cheese type, into brown adipose tissue, the type burned for fuel to keep the body warm.  Ice water chills the body thus causing this transfer.

Drinking ice cold water wakes a resting metabolism prompting body to warm the invading cold water which in turn boost your fat burning furnace in an instant.

It is a shock to the system and kick starts your otherwise sleeping metabolism. Plus, we all know how vital it is to drink lots of water and it also helps to wake you up and clear the fog of a deep sleep. Last but not least drinking lots of water aids in removing toxins often stored in fat cells plus it aids in overall weight loss.

The bottle I use can be purchased above. 

How to Freeze Fat

Can I Freeze Fat at Home

Winter time is the optimal time to freeze fat from our bodies but a realistic way to do so year round and more efficiently is by icing the back near the neck and shoulders.  This sends a signal to convert and provide brown adipose tissue aka good fat to maintain the bodies temperature.

Unwanted white fat cells convert to warming brown adipose tissue when exposed to cold for extended periods of time.  

Adjusting the thermostat in your home helps with this process. Turning the temperature down a few degrees aids in weight loss. Sleeping in a cold room provides a better night’s rest all while converting white fat to beige and or brown, both the type used as energy thus eliminated from the body as fuel.

At Home Fat Freezing Cost Under 100 dollars

Only $99.0
Only $99.0

How to Freeze Fat in Target Areas

How to Apply Ice Packs
  1. Apply ice pack to areas where you desire to reduce troublesome fat.
  2. Leave ice pace on desired area for 20 to 30 minutes 4 times a week.

Warning -  If you experience abnormal burning move position of ice pack to avoid skin damage or frost bite.  Wear light weight clothing, such as sweats, to protect skin if applying homemade type ice packs. You can also briskly rub any area of concern inducing blood flow until the area is no longer irritated. 

Great Alternative to Ice Pack Fat Freezing

At home machines are now available for do it yourself fat freezing allowing you to save a bundle, freeze fat in as many areas as you like without paying a small fortune.

For a more professional fat cool sculpting follow directions included with the at home fat freezing system available for purchase to the right.

Drink Fatty Coffee for Breakfast

Intermittent Fasting with Fatty Coffee

Faithful fat burning coffee enthusiast credit this high fat and calorie packed breakfast with increased mental sharpness, long sustaining energy and serious weight loss results.

NOTE: I use a fraction of the recommended fat per cup and drink three to four cups throughout the day, sipping the beverage as I work. This keeps hunger away, helps me work more productively and flat out makes me feel good. 

Dave Asprey the creator of bullet proof coffee, aka fat burning coffee, spent years working on the perfect combination of coffee to fats ratio similar to the yak-butter tea he drank while spending time in Tibet.

The benefits of this tea were so profound he returned home determined to create a drink everyone could identify with easily incorporating it into our daily lives.

His concoction provides us the same benefits he enjoyed while experiencing the yak-butter tea of Tibet.

Fat Burning Coffee on the Go!

I love this stuff and always have it on hand,

Calories in Fatty Coffee

Note: I Mix Grass Fed Butter and Coconut Oil, store it in a canning jar and use only one teaspoon of the blend per cup of coffee, drinking two to three cups per day eating in the late afternoon and early evening.

His commitment gave birth to what is now widely known as the official bulletproof coffee. His original recipe includes two cups of good organic coffee, two tablespoons of unsalted grass-fed butter, and one tablespoon of MCT (medium chain triglycerides) oil, a concentrated extract of good fat found in coconut oil.  

You no doubt are thinking, “that’s a lot of calories” and yes it is.  This fat burning coffee recipe contains anywhere from 310 calories to 810 calories depending on how much healthy fats added. Dave claims to have lost up to 100 pounds after switching from breakfast to fat burning coffee. 

Savor this coffee sipping it throughout your morning and into the noon hour.  Many people fast until lunch, others all day eating only dinner. Regardless it all works and is beneficial to your health.

The entire starve and feast routine has been a natural habit of our ancestors since the dawn of time. It is only now, in our modern times, that obesity is common. Clearly this eating round the clock mindset is not working. 

The Correct Way to Drink Fat Burning Coffee for Weight Loss

Drink Bullet Proof Coffee and Lose Weight

Medium chain fats work because they are metabolized very fast in the liver. While in the liver these fats are burned as fuel instead of being stored as fat.  Omega 3’s found in the grass fed butter work as an anti-inflammatory, improves gut health, improves brain function, energy levels and satisfies hunger. 

Warning – this change in diet should not be used with high fatty starchy foods but instead a clean diet as in the paleo diet. 

  • Wait till noon before ending fast or eating solid food, you may also fast until dinner having a green smoothie for lunch and snacks.  Stop drinking coffee before ending fast.
  • Dinner should consist of lean meats, starch free vegetables, other healthy fats and no sugars or breads unless gluten free.

The book above and to your right "The Wild Diet" goes into detail as to how to utilize intermittent fasting, fat burning coffee, green smoothies and the paleo diet to lose weight, get healthy and stay that way all while enjoying life like never before

Fatty coffee burns fat, gives quick sustainable energy, sharpens mental acuity, increases metabolism and taste good, learn to make it a variety of ways and read reviews
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katiem2 on 03/20/2017

Philip, Thank you I do intend to deliver practical knowledge that actually works and saves we the consumer from paying to much money for something we can do ourselves.

Philip on 03/20/2017

Very practical it makes good sense. We are smarter and more capable than the health and beauty industry gives us credit.

katiem2 on 03/03/2017

DedriuMarriner, Check out the article link on fatty coffee on this page, it contains some cool tips, hacks and recipes for making fatty coffee. The trick is proper food combining, although drinking only fat burning coffee or bullet proof coffee is considered fasting, it is because the body is only taking in good medium chain triglycerides that the body burns fat and does not store it. For this reason it is important to keep to strict MCT oils, heavy whipping cream included. Enjoy

DerdriuMarriner on 03/02/2017

katiem2, Very interesting! I tend to think of cooler, lower temperatures as fat-forming and warmer, higher temperatures as slimming even though I've noted the metabolic reactions to drinking ice cold water. I really like the fatty coffee information since I'm not a breakfast person.

katiem2 on 02/22/2017

Tolovaji, Great to hear from you. I love intermittent fasting and fatty coffee as it feels like my natural normal. I learned about the ice packs for fat reduction using ice packs myself for upper back pain. After carefully researching icing my body I learned about how it actually does eliminate fat. It's all a win win for me.

Tolovaj on 01/30/2017

A lot of interesting info, katiem2. I have heard a lot of good things about fasting and intermittent fasting, so it's good to find out more details. Thank you.

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