How to Save Files From iPad to Flash Drive

by AbbyFitz

My tablet has nearly taken over my laptop because of its portability, but not being able to save my files to an outside device was problematic. Luckily, there's a solution.

As a court reporter, I deal with documents. There are some pretty good office apps out there that rival Microsoft Office that's installed on my laptop at home, so I can create documents on my iPad to be edited later on my laptop.

I'm on the go a lot, and I like the idea of working on a project when I'm not able to be near my computer.

Saving that work to be opened later on my laptop was a pain. In order to move my iPad document to my laptop, I typically emailed it to myself. It's an extra step and it worked pretty good most of the time. That is, until it was too large of a document to email.

Ugh, Houston, we have a problem.

The Solution: Sandisk Connect Wireless Flash Drive


The Sandisk Connect wireless flash drive is available in 16 GB or 32GB, so there's plenty of room for any document I may need to save.

Even if you don't use your iPad to create documents for work like I do, the Connect can save music, movies, and photos. You can then open them up on any device, even on Kindle Fires, Android tablets and phones.

It was aggravating to have to save a file from my PC to my flash drive, take it out, and plug it in my laptop just to open or save another document. This wireless thumb drive can connect to up to eight different devices at the same time, which means it can be laying on my desk as I save and open documents on whatever I happen to be working on at the moment.

This wireless jump drive is like an answer to my prayers. Now I can create or store anything from my iPad and open it on every other device I have.

Sandisk Wireless Connect Specs:

  • Available in 16GB or 32GB
  • 150 foot range
  • Connects up to eight devices simultaneously
  • Plays up to three movies at the same time
  • Password protected
  • 4 hours of battery life per charge

How do I Set Up the Sandisk Wireless Connect?

It's not complicated, and the instructions are easy to follow.

I was surprised with how easy the drive was to use. To me, it was about the same process as connecting to my wireless router. As long as you follow the directions, I don't think setup will be a problem.

  1. First, make sure the flash drive is completely charged. To do this, you need to plug it into your laptop, PC, or USB charger for a few hours.
  2. While it's charging, go to the app store and download the Sandisk app onto your iPad or iPhone.
  3. After it's fully charged, hold down the button on your flash drive until the blue light flashes. This puts it into discoverable mode.
  4. Now click on the settings icon on your iPad and go to Wi-Fi. You should see the Sandisk network. Click on it to pair your iPad to the Sandisk USB drive.
  5. Open the Sandisk app to view, upload, or download your files, photos, or movies.

Would You Use the Sandisk Wireless Flash Drive?

Learn How to Transfer Files From your iPad to a Flash Drive

Is the Wireless Jump Drive Worth Buying?

It's really useful, and so cool!

If you're on the go a lot and you use both a computer and a laptop, then it is definitely worth investing in a wireless USB drive.

However, even if you don't create documents, this drive may still be useful to you. Photos can take up a lot of room on your iPad or iPhone. Moving all of your photos or videos to the Sandisk flash drive can free up precious space on your device.

And if you have kids, this drive can be a lifesaver. They can each watch a separate movie on their own devices at the same time, making it a perfect road trip gadget.

I think that the Sandisk USB drive is a good buy no matter what kind of user your are. Whether you use it for business, sharing photos, fun, or entertaining the kids, it's definitely a useful, must-have product.

Updated: 11/22/2013, AbbyFitz
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AbbyFitz on 12/18/2013

Thank you!

ologsinquito on 12/18/2013

I'm pinning this to My Wizzley Writing Board.

AbbyFitz on 11/23/2013

It's really convenient what they come up with

ologsinquito on 11/23/2013

It's amazing what you can now store on such a small space.

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