How to Stop Worrying - 7 Tips

by athena2011

Even though you probably already know that worrying is a waste of your time, you might find yourself still doing it. Learn how to stop here.

A lot of people are consumed by worrying and what does it do for them? Nothing! Nothing gets accomplished by worrying. It is simply a waste of your time. You'd be better off taking action towards a positive solution for whatever it is that causes you to worry.

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How to stop worrying should be on anyone's mind who wastes time doing this. Everyone worries to some degree but others make it a way of life. Unfortunately it is an unhealthy pastime and one we should work to gain control over. What does worrying do for us? It consumes our time, ruins our day and prevents us from having an enjoyable life. Here I want to give you some tips to help you balance the worrying in your life so that your life can be a happier one for you.

A lot of us tend to worry about things we have absolutely no control over. This is completely futile so try these tips to see if you can redirect your focus onto more positive aspects of your life.

Simple tips to help you learn how to stop worrying;

1. Identify the Cause - try to dig down to discover what is causing the worry. You must do this until you figure it out. Then try to replace the negative thoughts you are having with positive ones instead. Our mind is a powerful tool, but we need to use it for good instead of letting it stray off into negative territory. Whenever you become aware that you are beginning to worry about something, tell yourself to stop. Then reverse that thought by placing a positive thought instead into your brain. You do this enough times, you will definitely reap the benefits.

2. Prayer - if you are a person of faith then pray about the situation and then let go. That always seems to help me. It's free and it's painless so give it a try.

3. Look on the Bright Side of Life - always try to be optimistic. Pessimists tend to be the ones who worry the most, so be sure that you always hope for and expect the best out of life. This doesn't go to say that you ignorantly go through life not expecting that anything bad will ever happen. You prepare yourself for the worst then go about living your life.

Keeping a positive attitude helps with so many things in your life that you probably would not think of. It benefits your health because you don't allow things to get to you as much. It affects your relationships as people are much more likely to cling to happy, positive people than those who bring them down with their negativity.

4. Support Groups - ever heard the saying " No man is an island"? Well in most communities and even in online communities there are people who can help you and willingly do so. Sometimes it just helps to verbalize what is bothering you and have someone who is listening.

5. Write it Down - sometimes it can be very helpful to write down your negative thoughts about what is causing you to worry. Then you can approach each of them one at a time, which might make the load seem much lighter and easier to tackle. Distractions work very well when dealing with worries so look for something that can get your mind off the thing causing the worry. You could workout, take your dog for a walk, listen to soothing music and many more.

6. Meditate - meditation is simple yet very effective in learning how to stop worrying. Do some research on how to meditate and give it a try.

7. Attitude of Gratitude - try to focus on the things and people in your life that you appreciate and and are happy to have as part of your life. Finally, by using these simple tips for how to stop worrying, you should be able to live a happier and less stress-filled life from now on.

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athena2011 on 03/12/2012

Yes it sure is Katiem2. You're welcome for the tips.

katiem2 on 03/10/2012

Worry is a human condition we all need relief from, thanks for the 7 helpful tips.

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