How to Train Your Dragon Birthday Party Ideas & Supplies

by Tehreem

Get ready to unleash the fun birthday theme based on the animation movie How to Train Your Dragon. Buy exciting supplies and treats!

Kids are huge fans of the brilliant and light hearted animated movie How To Train Your Dragon and so everyone knows of the thrill, non conformity and uniqueness that is associated with how Toothless rides Astrid high in the sky or how he first free falls through the air diving atop his pet dragon’s back, or even how he determines to win the match despite the fact that his father, like the father of Merida in Brave, pretty much has an aversion to dragons and has taken a Viking swear to be rid of them! Which is why we’ve brought you a series of handprinted cards that feature Astrid and his dragon together to some flamboyant party blowers as well as a set of party invitations and even a hand woven, intricately designed How to train your dragon table cloth cover that features the Vikings as they march to attack the evil dragons!

How to Train Your Dragon Birthday Party Invitations

How To Train Your Dragon Invitations:

These are some highly colored, flamboyant looking How to Train Your Dragon party invitations, based on the popular kids’ animated movie; play with your own special black pet dragon; watch him roll over and under and snarl and fly high in the sky on this perfect of all kids’ party invitation cards!

How to Train Your Dragon 2 - Party Invitations & Thank You Notes Combo:

This is the second batch of party invitation cards that we’ve got just for you; these cards are double sided; with one side bearing your personalized pet dragon against you and saying: ‘Calling all Dragon riders!’, to the other side of Pip wielding his sword amidst a haze of flames and blazing away into the atmosphere!

How to Train Your Dragon Party Supplies

How to Train Your Dragon 2 Birthday Party Balloons Bouquet:

This is a fun How To Train Your Dragon party pack we’re willing to bring you; these are mylar balloons that bear Astrid and all the rest of the toothless but funny and adorable looking dragons that look as though they need to be there on balloons to ensure that everyone stays happy and afloat during their birthday with these super coolest balloons!

How to Train Your Dragon 2 Deluxe Party Supplies Pack:

This is another stack of party plates, table cover cloths, plates which feature the How to train your Dragon team, such as Astrid and Toothless and the rest in an absolutely amazing variety and blaze of colors, scenes and festive imagery that also includes scenes from the movie as well!

 How To Train Your Dragon Tablecover:

This is an intricately woven and hand designed table cover that bears the Vikings warrior barge as Astrid is supposed to be killed, before Pip’s father can stop him or as the Vikings go off to kill the very vicious and evil Goths- the scenery is breath taking with low set blue clouds, a huge barge ship and a whole lot more that will make you treasure moments you plan on using it!

How to Train Your Dragon Cake & Cupcake Supplies

How to Train Your Dragon - Hiccup & Friends Cupcake Rings:

These are some pretty looking how to train your dragon inspired cupcake rings that have curly edges and come in both blue and white; they look beautiful and set atop some yummy cupcakes will look like the most tempting pieces of pastry around town; to consume or not to consume!

How to Train Your Dragon Edible Icing Image:

This is a gorgeous and very scrumptious looking edible image that consists of Mark riding Astrid the dragon amidst a blaze of flaming glory; the Dragon himself looks bold and happy and strong. The cake image is one that can be customized as you please; be it with a sign that reads Happy Birthday to a simple little I love you note or even merely your little one’s name on the image.

How to Train Your Dragon Hiccup & Toothless Cake Topper:

This is yet another cake topper that features Toothless and Hiccup flying and balancing themselves son top of a mountain and having the time of their lives together amidst a rise of green mountains, blue oceans and high valleys; this is one magnificent looking cake topper that will be certain to please your fans and those who love How to train your dragon series!


How to Train Your Dragon Party Favors

How to Train Your Dragon Party Favor Pack Party Supplies:

This How to train your dragon party pack supply consists of some delicious look party favors; such as stickers and images and whatnot based on the movie itself; along with that also comes the balloons and activity sheets that show you how to outline your Dragon and yourself in a series of cartoony sketches that allow you to get the best of the movie and understand how to make your party the party of the year!

How to Train Your Dragon 2 Movie Stickers Pack:

These stickers are all taken and based on the movie itself; they feature Toothless and Astrid; Astrids’ love interest as well as the dim witted but vicious Viking friends who are out to get the pair and can only do so, via bashing Astrid in the head! These stickers should make a fabulous collection to your sticker book or stamp book collection!

How to Train Your Dragon Party Blowers:

This is one light and lovely pack of party blowers that feature the flame throwing dragons in the brightest, most vivid colors and ensure that your party goes off with a bang as you manage to blow through those party blowers and celebrate your own or your friends’ birthday party!

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Mira on 10/12/2014

Amazing assortment of gifts! Pinning some of them.

sandyspider on 08/14/2014

I do want to see this animated movie. Nice birthday supply ideas.

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