How to Wear Pink High Heels

by Angel

The perfect way to jazz up any outfit is with a pair of pink high heels. Come take a look at some very stylish pink heels and what to wear them with.

Pink High Heels Make a Statement

The color pink means so many things. It is a color that ranges from calm, soothing, and relaxing to hot and passionate. The pink ribbon is a symbol of Breast Cancer Awareness as it inspires hope. It is also commonly used for girl infant clothing because it symbolizes innocence. You are “in the pink” if you are given good news on your health. The color is typically a feminine color. However, I will have to say that I love a man in a pink shirt! The pink Power Ranger was always my favorite because she could be feminine and tough at the same time. Mary Kay was the first to ever purchase a pink Cadillac and uses it as a symbol of success within the company. It is the ultimate symbol of being feminine. Wearing a pair of pink high heels will make a huge statement and get you a lot of attention at the same time.

What Will I Wear With My Pink High Heels?

Finding something to wear with pink high heels may not be as big a task as you may think. If you are like me, you have at least one and probably three or more pairs of black high heels in your closet. They go with everything. It makes sense to have them. Pink high heels is that pair of shoe that you add to your collection to wear going out or for party night. Depending on where you work, you may be able to get away with wearing them to work if you do it right. Regardless of where you wear them, here are some suggestions on what the pair them with.


Add a Pink Belt, Jewelry, or Handbag for Even More Pink

White Dress – A white dress paired with pink high heels is a very feminine outfit. Perfect for Easter or Valentines Day too.


Black Dress – A black dress with a pair of hot pink high heels will definitely get you the attention you deserve. A pink wide belt will set the outfit off. Add pink lipstick and you are set.


Skinny jeans with a white or black button up blouse - skinny jeans are the thing when it comes to jeans. I have seen them paired with boots and heels. Both look great. Try a pair of pink high heels with your skinny jeans and a white or black blouse. Add a pink belt to take it a little further.


Boot cut jeans with white or black button up blouse - same shirts, different style jeans.  Boot cut jeans look great with high heels.  Keep the blouse a solid white or black with a few pink accessories.


Black pencil skirt - Pair your heels with a black pencil skirt and solid white blouse for an awesome outfit.  Again, add that pink belt to match and you are good to go.


Any pink floral dress – Pink high heels will go with many floral prints especially if there is pink in it. You have to be careful and not look like an Easter Egg. You have to also be careful to match the colors of pink. Too much pink will take away from your outfit and clashing colors just won't look good at all.


In my opinion, pink high heels look best with solid colors, especially black and white. It adds just a splash of color. Adding the matching pink handbag, or jewelry completes the package.

I Own The Pink Anklet Boots

I just recently purchased the pink Reneeze Sonia hot pink suede anklet boots.  They are a hit!  They look great with my skinny jeans and my boot cut jeans.  I get so many compliments on them.  I paint my toe nails hot pink and I am ready to go.  Even though the heels are high, they are very comforable to wear.  As comfortable as high heels get!

Updated: 01/23/2012, Angel
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christian louboutin on 04/30/2012

Very useful informations !

Angel on 03/25/2012

Clare - I love it. I did not even think about silver at the time I wrote the article. But you are so right. They would look great together. Might have to update the article to reflect that. Thanks for stopping in and commenting!

Clare on 03/25/2012

Agree with your comments - also think pink and silver is a great match! If you're adventurous, hot pink heels and dress with a wide silver belt and clutch bag works really well.

Angel on 02/03/2012

Katie - I know.. I am tall to start with and when I put on heels my husband is just a bit shorter than I am. He loves it. So I keep on wearing them... LOL.

katiem2 on 02/03/2012

A side note, I dated a man, exact same height as me, so I never wore heels thinking he would feel... well you know. Months into our relationship, while at my house, he noted all my heels and asked why I never wore them when he took me out. I said well, they'll make me tower over you. He said, "sounds good to me, please wear them friday night" Since then I wear them and tower over him proudly, some men like it. He says it gives me the super model effect... lol just saying :)

Angel on 02/01/2012

Victoria - So glad you stopped by. I also love the color pink. They are so cool with the right outfit. I have seen them worn with the wrong outfit and it looked awful.. LOL. Oh well.. that is why I decided to give my two cents on how to wear them. Thanks for reading and commenting.

Victoria-Tienda bebe on 02/01/2012

I love pink color!
I have two pairs of pink shoes and they look really cool! At night, they're the perfect combination of girly-fun charm and stunning, sophisticated style.
I notice that pink shoes are so popular nowadays, you can find them in almost every style.
Thanks for your tips!

Angel on 01/31/2012

I never thought I would get the response I have gotten from this Wizz. I love pink and black too. You can wear those boots... hey I got them and wear them. I get more compliments on them than any other pair of shoe I have.. something about pink!... Thanks for reading!!

BrendaReeves on 01/31/2012

I've got to admit when I first saw this title, I thought, "That's a fluff piece. Nobody will be interested in it." How wrong I was. It looks like a lot of women are interested in it. I'm decorating my office in pink and black right now. I wish I was brave enough to wear those pink boot heels.

Angel on 01/24/2012

Oh yeah Katie - you got to get a pair. I know.. I am 5'9" and when I put on heels I look like a giant. Oh well... I still wear them. Don't throw on those heels with a pink dress and end up looking like Pepto Bismol! LOL. I have seen it before.

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