Humagaia arrives at Wizzley

by humagaia

Humagaia is a seasoned article writer and website owner. He earns his living writing. He has arrived at Wizzley on a sunny winter's day. He intends to stay. He will write here.

Humagaia is a traveller: soaking up the environment in which he finds himself.

When those experiences can be passed on to others, he writes.

He writes well. He has fans.

He has followed in the footsteps of those fans, who have suggested this new place to set up shop.

He is thankful for their advice.

He has learned that advice is good.
He will tell others that it is so.

Where did Humagaia arrive from?

Humagaia arrived at Wizzley, on that sunny winter's day in the UK, from a long tortuous journey through the web-ports of Hubpages and Qondio. Those tortuous journey's have taught him a lot, but he has not finished learning. The tsunami that occurred at Hubpages, after the Panda earthquake, caused him to develop his properties elsewhere. Losing so much by placing faith in one stream, one landscape, one property, was a mistake - he will not make that mistake again!

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What will Humagaia write about?

Well, there's a question! As a polymath one can only assume that he will write about a plethora of subjects, What you can be assured of is that he will undertake extensive research, where the subject requires it, or he will write from his heart and soul, should it be a subject on which he has strong views: political and social comment fall into the latter category.

Elsewhere, he has written about gold, personal finances, Google, GoogleMaps, historical events, antiques, political moments, and products. He may write about those subjects here. Who knows?

He does have Amazon affiliate accounts for the US, UK, Germany, France, Spain and Italy - just because he can (and is a polyglot). He is yet to find a writing site where he can create links to Amazon products for any Amazon affiliate site other than that for the US. That's why he is developing his own websites to promote products to the European market.

If there is interest, then he will tell of his experiences - let me know if you want to know, in the comments section.

A liitle bit about Humagaia himself.
A liitle bit about Humagaia himself.

A little bit about Humagaia himself.

He was born and bred in North London, moving out to the suburbs, in Essex, at an early age - he had no choice in the matter. Father: a self taught mathematician; mother: a skilled seamstress (not a euphemism!), he was taught to use his mind and his hands.

Primary schooling led to an 11+ pass (if you know, or can remember, what that is). Fryerns Grammar School was the place that moulded his outlook on life (in conjunction with being an only child, allowed by his parents to think for himself on political and religious subjects).

Excellent schooling, and sporting opportunities, led to moderate success in exams and sport, such that it led to University, studying Life Sciences. What a fantastic set of subjects he studied: marine biology, oceanography, ecology, cell biology, chemistry, statistics and much more. But did he use this afterwards - unfortunately not.

His working life progressed from sensitometry, through computer programming, to freelance financial systems design consultancy in the City of London. Thirty years of systems design finished when he fell into a diabetic coma. 

Semi-retirement, living on his accumulated pensions, allows him the time to write whenever he wants. And he wants often. He hopes you enjoy what he decides to write here at Wizzley.

Humagaia needs to learn how to use Wizzley

Apologies for the remainder of this article - I am going to have a play with the other modules to see how they work.

Where Humagaia lives

Grantham Lincolnshire UK

Grantham is a market town within the South Kesteven district of Lincolnshire, England. It bestrides the East Coast Main Line railway, the historic A1 main north-south road, and the River Witham. Grantham is located approximately ...

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Did you know that you can use Wizzley to get paid to write?

Is Wizzley better than Hubpages?

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More about Humagaia' s time at Wizzley

After one month at Wizzley I thought I would record and disseminate my thoughts about, and statistics from, my time so far at Wizzley. So here goes....
Updated: 02/05/2021, humagaia
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humagaia on 10/07/2012

Thanks Sheri - I am inspired by your journeys to those far off places many others would not visit.

Sheri_Oz on 10/07/2012

I'm glad that you are here and that I have had the opportunity to meet you. I enjoy your forum posts and those articles I have read so far. Will get to more with time.

humagaia on 08/24/2012

Katie, I could have shorn that you welcomed me at the outset. Perhaps that was on another wizz.

katiem2 on 08/23/2012

Great to read your wizzography. I thought I had read it but now think I only skimmed it, meaning to come back of course. Oh I get so distracted. I'm glad your here. :)K

humagaia on 08/21/2012

It may sound interesting but looking back it just seems like a mighty waste of time I coul have been spending with my family. I missed so much of the time my children were growing up.

TiaMariaMartini on 08/20/2012

You have led an interesting life so far. I can't wait to read the rest of your offerings.

humagaia on 01/23/2012

Thanks L.E.A. - when I find writers such as yourself and KatieM at a writing site I know that I am likely to have a good experience.

lakeerieartists on 01/23/2012

Welcome. Good to see you on Wizzley. :)

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