I Am Who I Choose to Be

by artsygirl2010

An up lifting encouragement story for others.

I am who I choose to be. Those are some great words from a good friend of mine. Say that phrase out loud a few times. What comes to your mind when you say that? I am who I choose to be. When I say that I feel empowered. I feel alive, and ready for anything. Nothing can stop me from making each new day better and better than the last. Life is about choice. Only you can make your life yours. You are what you choose to be. That statement is really factual. We have so many people in this world who are down and out. It seems they all think that life is so bad that everyone is making their life bad. That is definitely not the case. We all choose our path in life. Whether it is a good or bad path, we as an individual, choose it. People need to stop blaming society for their issues. Life stems from choices that an individual makes. If you pick the wrong choice of course you are going to have struggles. It's like cause and effect. You make this big decision, and this is the after math of it all. But you don't give up, and you don't blame others for your choices. You continue making amends and fixing the little things in life to make the bigger things in life better. Everyone's past has some bumps in the road. Events that took place that made us really stop and think. Think about what we could have done to prevent those situations. Those casualties that brought us to that decision that we made. That made us who we are today. You cannot sit and regret. You cannot go back and change what you did. But you can change who you are today. You can stop the regret, you can look back and say " hey you know that was probably not a great choice, but it is what it is. " The power is inside each and every one of you to make a difference. If you stand up now and tell yourself that you want change. That you want to be better, you can do it. You can make that happen. Let go of the past. Let go of regrets. Let go of bad choices that you once thought were good. Revise your life to be something more. It's all inside of you. I am who I choose to be.
Updated: 06/15/2011, artsygirl2010
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