Remembering When...

by artsygirl2010

Remembering my childhood as of today.

When I was little, life was simple and innocent.  There were no rules to everyday life.  Simply just waking up and smiling and laughing was all I was expected to endure.  My mind was more pure to the realism of life.  I wasn't expected to know everything, and or do everything.  Life was just supposed to be fun.  And it was.

I miss playing outside in my parents back yard.  Pretending i was in a fantasy land where only my dreams mattered.  Where I could be anyone that I wanted to be.  Where there were no rules or consequences to who I was going to be. Life made more sense then.

Where board games were actually fun.  And spending time with my family meant the world to me.  Every holiday was better than the last.  With family coming together and sharing memories that never faded.

Remembering when life was nothing but a dream.  When we were all scared of the dark, and bedtime was the worse.  To being exstatic about waking up and getting dressed to go play in the sunshine with the other neighborhood kids. 

The summers were the best time of the year.  Being able to wake up and run and play outside.  Running through the sprinkler, playing hide and go seek, riding my bicycle around the neighborhood, playing catch with my sisters, and playing with the neighborhood kids. 

How my dad would make snickerdoodles as a snack.  And on our birthdays mom would give us cake on that one special red plate.  To see my parents happy together at one point in their lives.  Being able to be close with my sisters.  Having a friendship bond that no one else could have.  Ours was perfection.  I miss it.  I miss those days when I was a kid. 

 Watching my dad do gardening in the backyard every year.  I remember  the tomato plants and the rhubarb plants.  He would make lots of rhubarb pies. I still to this day dislike the taste of rhubarb.  But every time I see it, it reminds me of those days.  Sitting in the sandbox and pretending I was conquering the world.  Making buildings in the sand out of plastic buckets.  I was the queen of my own little city.

Playing hop scotch with my sisters.  After we had made a hop scotch game with our outside chalk sticks. Right out in front of the house.  My mom would be laying outside catching some rays of sunlight. We could hear the radio playing.  And we were all happy.  

Updated: 06/16/2011, artsygirl2010
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