We Live, We Learn

by artsygirl2010

We live, and we learn.  We wake up and realize that our lives are constantly changing every day.  Nothing is staying the same.  Our imaginations wonder into different worlds of peace, sadness, and laughter.  Even confusion of what the future holds for each and every one of us. 

This life is all we know.  It's all we have to feel alive anymore.  We can't hold back with hesitation. We must pull through every struggle, and every misconception.  The assumptions will be constant.  But the accomplishments will be solid, and true.

The more we as a person help others, the more accomplishment we shall recieve.  The feeling of being able to help out someone, brings the best satisfaction in life.  To see someone else in a worse position than us, just smiling and happy with life.  The struggle that picked at their mind, was overcome with strength that showed them that there is light.  There is always light at the end of the tunnel, no matter where you end up.

 We breathe in the light, and exhale the darkness.  We all have light darkness inside of us.  Some of us just don't care to reveal it.  The darkness is like the stranger that we all meet.  The stranger that grabs our hand and picks us up when we have been defeated.  We try so hard to get through the horrific times.  And yet, for some reason we are left behind again.

We live, and we learn.  And everytime we get pushed down, we battle through every obstacle, and we stand back up.  Every time. 

It's good to not be happy all the time.  Sadness is a good thing to shed at times.  Tears make us feel what we should have done better.  They teach us that life is full of differences.  And that we as an individual must pick through all the wrong things, to find the right things.

Life is what you make it.  Only you have the power to open up your soul and let out the light for others to hold.

Grasp onto anything that you find impossible and reach for those stars.  The impossible always turns into possible.  As long as you put everything into it.  You have to make life count more than what you think needs to be done.  Accomplishment comes from beneath your heart.  Only you can live out your thoughts.  Only you can learn how to do better in life. 

Updated: 06/20/2011, artsygirl2010
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