Incredible Safari Holidays in India

by pateluday

India a diverse land is also a wild wild destination ideal for safari holidays. Situated in South Asia the incredible wildlife boasts of all five big cats and more................

Why Choose India for Wildlife Watching?

This incredible land exhibits diversity in extreme...a rather colorful and poignant display of geography that stuns visitors wherever they go. The upheaval was created by the tectonic plate movement and the thrust into the Asian plate which created World's tallest and youngest mountains the Himalayas. These astounding events created one of the World's most diverse ecosystems and along with the passage in the North equally diverse wilderness.

Yes after separating from, Pangea India was a landmass floating on the ocean for a long long time with wilderness on broad, and when it crashed mammals and birds from the Pale-arctic and Ethiopian region migrated. The tiger is an example. The country exhibits affinity with different zoo geographies and eco-regions which explains the diversity of other life forms.

Himalayan Mountains

Mountain Range North India
Neeraj vegad

One Horned Rhinoceros

Indian Rhino
Indian Rhino

Amazing Biodiversity of India

Indian Wilderness

Palm CivetIndia is home to most astounding and finest geographical features situated amid high altitude of Himalayas to Gangetic Plains of the great peninsula, the large coastline and low rising hills. Incredible ecosystems thrive in the vast spread of diverse terrain all over the country. Cold deserts prevail in the North while Western India is a huge desert land that is paradoxically colorful and contains one of the most striking landscapes on Earth. The Western Ghats in Southern India are home to some of the endemic species found nowhere in the sub continent.

Spectacular mammalian life, two thousand species of birds, impressive reptiles deadliest but enchanting, and dainty butterflies part of thriving insect forms innumerable, and many yet to be discovered. The diverse life forms are not limited to animal kingdom only, the floral wealth too comprises of tall trees, plants, herbs and shrubs and the microscopic life forms that prevail in all niche ecosystems. The dense tropical forests stretch for miles and support incredible species in a complex web of life and equally complex food chains.

Indian Lion

Big Cat
Indian Lion
Indian Lion

The Animals in Focus

On Safari Targets

Wild AssThe country is home to a large number of cat species big and small. Among the big cats the Asiatic Lion, Bengal Tiger, Leopard, Snow Leopard and Clouded Leopards are much popular animals tourists wish to see on tour. One Horned Rhino is found in many reserves spread over in North and Northeast of the Country. Indian wild elephant is found in many reserves of the country from North to South. They number more than ten thousand and the population is growing.

Another charismatic animal the red deer is the swamp deer or the barasingha found in North, Northeast and Central India. Among the exotic animals some of which are rare and endemic are the red panda, hoolock gibbon, bharal, Nilgiri tahr, lion tailed macaque, Assamese macaque, brow antlered deer, hangul, Himalayan tahr, Nilgiri langur, Golden langur, Malabar Giant Squirrel, chevrotain, Himalayan Marmot, Asiatic Wild Ass, Four horned Antelope, Himalayan Marmot, Chiru, Takin, Goral and Nilgiri Marten. There more exotic animals then listed here.

The mammals mentioned here are found in many destination all over India and a proper planned approach at a time is required to see them on safari.

Asiatic Lion can be seen at Gir National Park in Gujarat while the Rhino is best seen at Kaziranga Tiger Reserve in the Eastern State of Assam. Wild elephant can be seen at Corbett and Periyar Tiger Reserve among many. Arunachal in North East is home to the hoolock gibbon, red panda and clouded leopard. Snow leopard can be seen on a trip to Laddakh beside the marmot and wild ass.

Most coveted of the animal in India is of course the charismatic tiger which is found in fifty reserves. But there are few parks which are the best for sighting tigers. A permit is required to visit these parks for safari and since the entry is limited the permit should be booked well in advance.

Tiger Video

Wildlife Tourism In India

Safari Holidays

Since a long time after independence wildlife tourism is thriving. It is at its peak Bengal Tigernow, thanks to sound infrastructure and safe travel. Besides airports, rail heads and highways, the country has progressed tremendously in accommodations. You can find accommodation in the finest five star hotels and resorts besides the luxurious ones. 

These are essentials that encourage travel  to distant lands where exotic and popular wildlife is found. Hence a large number of holiday makers prefer India. The infrastructure and hospitality is making this country a prime destination for wildlife enthusiasts. The best safari holiday experience can be had in India. 

The tiger reserves and National Parks are well equipped to handle overseas and local tourist upsurge. The search for wild mammals and birds are aided by good presence of naturalists and guide. They enhance your safari experience  and make the holiday a major success. A large number of travel agents and tour operators assist in distant journeys in the far off corners of India. 

Before leaving for chosen destination see that permits are booked and hotel reservation made. Travel services for air, taxi and rail can be made online or through tour operators all over.  

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pateluday on 10/30/2020

The animal below the lion photograph is wild ass found in Gujarat in the Rann of Kutch. Thanks for the comment.

DerdriuMarriner on 10/29/2020

pateluday, Thank you for the practicalities and products.
What animal is featured below your image of the Indian lion?

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