Indian Temple Jewelry For Women - Traditional Vintage Designs

by VioletteRose

Traditional Indian temple jewelry from India made for girls and women are very beautiful and they are very popular as Indian party wears for weddings and celebrations.

The traditional temple jewelry are made based on vintage designs from India, and they are very much popular among women. They are perfect party wears and they go great with Indian costumes, dresses and accessories like sandals and shoes designed of Indian ethnic works. In India, these type of jewelry is mainly used for weddings and other celebrations.

What Is Indian Temple Jewelry?

As the name suggests, it is believed that the temple jewelry was used to decorate the idols in temples during the ancient times in India. These jewels were made of gold and then decorated with precious gems like diamonds, rubies and more. They were made with the finest designs from the ancient times and they were always handcrafted by talented goldsmiths.

Other than the using to decorate the idols of gods and goddesses, these jewelry were also popularly used in palaces and also by traditional dancers as part of their decorative costumes. Today also, the temple jewelry is popular among those who perform traditional dances and they are also very commonly used by brides during weddings and other celebrations.

Even though the temple jewelry was always made of only precious metals and stones in ancient times, you can find the temple jewelry available today in both gold and also other metals like silver, copper and other less cheap metals and so they are very much affordable. You can find The expensive traditional jewelry made from gold is still popular for weddings but the affordable jewelry is mostly preferred with casual wears.

You can see below the traditional Jhumka earrings which is a typical example of temple jewelry. This kind of jhumkas or jimikkis as known in South India is very popular among South Indians. The expensive ones made of gold are usually used for weddings, while the ones made of black metal or silver are used as casual wears.

In fact, I do not know any South Indian woman who had never seen or used a jhumka, which says all about its popularity.

There are numerous designs in the traditional temple jewelry, which includes works in earrings, necklaces, bangles, bracelets and also anklets. The most popular ones include the designs incorporated in necklaces and earrings.

These traditional jewels were also thought to be the symbol of pride among the upper class, since these were traditionally made in only gold, which made them available only to the rich upper class families. However, nowadays the jewelry is more valued for the vintage designs and beautiful traditional works from the past which makes them really unique. Today, these jewels are loved and admired for their beautiful vintage designs and the availability in affordable inexpensive materials make them accessible to  everyone. 

See below more beautiful temple jewelry designs, they are available to buy from Amazon.

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Tolovaj on 02/08/2017

Truly beautiful design - it's no surprise to find it used as an inspiration for so many astonishing pieces all over the world.

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