Infertility Bane of Motherhood

by pateluday

Leaving few, a large number of women all over the World seek motherhood. To give birth is nature's greatest gift to mankind and other life forms. Infertility is a bane.

Infertility is a major anomaly in human reproductive system. Apart from social stigma in few cases it causes distress and a feeling of loss among those who are unable to conceive for years. The cause reflects inadequacy as well. In this page we will address infertility, causes and treatments the latter enables conception with the assistance of expert doctors.

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Inability to Concieve

Scientific research as always sheds light on many underlying conditions that trouble humans, Inability to conceive is one of the major topics. In medical parlance this is known as infertility and a substantial number of men and women are infertile. Thankfully most suffer from one or other anomaly, hormonal imbalance and host of other causes. This implies that their condition is treatable and or with the help of assisted reproduction they can conceive. Even under some not treatable conditions assisted reproduction techniques can enable parenthood.  Medical science has made a headway in recent times and most of the anomalies that results in inability to bear children have been sorted out.   

There IVF centers in small towns of India as well and provide affordable treatments. India is experiencing medical tourism because of quality treatments and affordable rates. The medical fraternity is capable of treating complicated diseases at advance stage. 



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Causes in Women

Reasons For Infertility

Fertility ExpertSome of the common causes of infertility in women are: 

Damage to Fallopian Tubes

This could be congenital or due to a chronic disease besides scores of other causes. These are

Inflammation or infection in the pelvic region. 
Polyps in the uterus.
Endometriosis .
Tubal pregnancy earlier.

Hormonal Imbalance

This leads to improper ovulation. Abnormal thyroid function can prevent ovulation. 


Tumor in Reproductive System  

Bulimia or Anorexia  

Harmful Lifestyle Factors 

Extensive tests are required to diagnose inability to conceive in women.  

Infertility Causes & Treatments

Causes of Infertility in Men

Most common cause of infertility in men are: 

  • Low Sperm Count
  • Poor Sperm Quality
  • Abnormal Sperm Shape 
  • Sperm Immobility 
  • Congenital Anomaly
  • Genetic Defects
  • Harmonal Imbalance 
  • Lifestyle Factors
  • Exposure to Toxins & Infections
  • Ageing  
  • Varicocele 


Malformed or thickening of vein. This vein connects with the spermatic chord and prevents proper movement of seminal liquid. Excessive drinking and addiction to drugs and obesity are lifestyle factors that harms the reproductive systems in the body.   In order to diagnose the malady or maladies extensive tests and physical examination are done. The country is home to impressive medical infrastructure and specialists dealing in infertility as well as other complicated diseases and genetic abnormalities. 

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In Vitro Fertilization


This is a technique where in conception takes places outside the body.  The sperm and eggs are assimilated in a petri dish in controlled conditions where fertilization takes place. Then the fertilized egg is transferred into the uterus for the child to develop. 

This is the most effective form of assisted reproduction but the procedure is not as simple as it appears. The whole procedure is conducted under controlled conditions by an expert fertility doctor. The procedure can be carried using donor sperm or egg.   

In Vitro Fertilization Video


Treating Infertility Causes Among Men & Women


Initially in many cases lifestyle changes are advised in order to rectify some disorders.  In other cases treatments could be the answer especially where there is hormonal imbalance. But for more extreme cases procedures are the only answer. These may or may not be related to IVF and some may be more complex than others. 

Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI)

This is usually done whence the sperm count is very low. Here unlike IVF the sperms are collected using a syringe and the sperm so obtained are infused with the egg in the a test tube and the fertilized egg is transferred back.  This is also known as testicular sperm injection since on occasions the sperm is directly extracted from the testicle.  The procedural success is dependent upon the expert fertility doctor and an embryologist.  

Ovarian Drilling 

Whence a women suffers from PCOS or polycystic ovary syndrome the ovary is subjected to ovarian drilling. The procedure is effective in inducing ovulation and correcting hormonal imbalance. 

Some diagnosis techniques are essential to treat infertility.


This is done by inserting a minuscule telescope into the abdomen to diagnose infertility cause.  The procedure calls for overnight stay at the clinic since it is classified as a major operation.  

Associated diagnostics are usually, blood tests, prenatal diagnosis and chromosomal analysis. 

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Infertility Medicine
Infertility Medicine
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Treatment Clinics

IVF Hospitals

The treatment for male and female infertility is carried especially designated clinics. The place is usually managed by a fertility expert doctor and a team of trained specialists and staff. Though overnight stay is usually not required most of the treatment facilities contain beds for those may be required to stay. Advance sanitization mechanism is a must and extreme hygiene is one of the clinical best practices. The hospitals should be specious, airy and devoid of germs besides having an aesthetic and soothing interiors.  

Safe, well equipped infertility treatment clinics in India are usually affordable. These are situated in mid size towns and provide all treatments the big name carry. In order to find reason for lack of conception you should contact the experts for solutions.      

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pateluday 28 days ago

It seems I missed out an answer yes India has a medical insurance system but I do not think infertility is covered in that?

pateluday on 05/12/2021

India is being preferred as low cost alternative for medical treatments that includes patients from UK, USA, Canada and Arab Countries.

DerdriuMarriner on 05/08/2021

pateluday, Thank you for the practical information and the product line.
Does India have a medical insurance system like Canada and the United Kingdom or like the United States?

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