Inflatable Santa Outdoor Christmas Decorations

by Digby_Adams

Take your Christmas decorations to the next level with an inflatable Santa in your yard.

I love the Christmas holidays and the spirit of gift giving and getting together with my friends and family to have fun and surprise each other with gifts. Santa Claus is definitely my inspiration, so it's no surprise that I love include Santa everywhere in my Holiday decor. But it's especially fun to have a huge Santa in his sleigh with lots of reindeer pulling it. I'm a traditionalist in that way. But you'll find lots of whimsical interpretations of Santa, like Santa in an airplane, or letting the wind blow through his beard while he rides a motorcycle. I only put a few pieces on my lawn, but some people create an entire Holiday wonderland. Whatever your decorating style, you'll love to include one of these in it.

Giant 20-Foot Santa Seligh with Reindeer
Giant 20-Foot Santa Seligh with Reindeer

If you want to get your Christmas yard decorations up fast - then the bigger the better. The inflatable Santa sleigh with three reindeer pulling it is an example of a great inflatable Santa for your yard. First you've got Santa in the sleigh in his bright red Santa suit perfect for delivering presents. There's even a Christmas tree in back. The sleigh is red and yellow with a brown stylized base that looks like a runner. Then there's the three reindeer, that are decorated with green Christmas wreaths and big red bows. All have a great set of antlers and expressive eyes. The best part it's about 20-feet long inflated and it lights up. To install it, you just lie it down where you want it. Of course it has to be staked or it will blow away. Then it inflates itself in a matter of minutes. It is built tough to withstand your basic winter weather. Of course if a blizzard is bearing down on your area, then you might want to take it down. Quite frankly this is all you really need in your front yard to say that you believe in Christmas. But it's so easy to put up and take down, after a year or two, you might want to add another inflatable Christmas decoration to your yard.

Inflatable Santa with Sleigh and Reindeer

Festive Outdoor Christmas Decorations
Inflatable Santa Claus on a Motorcycle
Inflatable Santa Claus on a Motorcycle

Next to Santa in a sleigh, I see a lot of Santa on a motorcycle inflatable outdoor Christmas decorations. Most of the ones I see during the Holiday Season are indeed owned by motorcycle enthusiasts. Usually Santa isn't riding alone. Often you'll see a reindeer holding on for dear life or even Mrs. Claus. A big bag of presents is usually the typical cargo. You might think that these are expensive Christmas decorations. But you have to consider that you'll use these year after year. They are durable and hardy. If you own a motorcycle shop or repair them, this is a great way to celebrate the season. It's also a fabulous seasonal sign. You can always ad a sign that says "Merry Christmas from (your business name)." Even communities with the strictest sign code will usually allow this. Just make sure that you don't block the views of people accessing your property or those already on the road.

Inflatable Santa on a Motorcycle

Christmas Decorations for Your Yard

I love shopping on ebay for inflatable Christmas yard decorations and all the other Holiday stuff I need because of the selection and prices. When I go to the regional mall, which is a good 45 minute ride for me - depending on traffic, I only see at most 2 dozen inflatable Christmas decorations in some of the stores. That means there's a great chance that my neighbors or other townspeople with have the same inflatable Santa or Christmas decorations. Quite frankly I like to be unique.

So I do go scout out the big boxes and hardware store and grocery stores to see what their stock is. Because once they order for the Xmas holidays that's it. Then I come home and I check out what ebay sellers have. Now that's an inventory that's always changing. I'm always amazed at the decorations I can find there. I hold out for Christmas decor that I didn't see on my local shopping excursions. That way I know that my house will be different. Sometimes if I see that an ebay seller has a lot of types of Christmas decorations that I'm looking for, but I don't see just what I want, I email the seller - and ask if they have anything else. Often the write back and say that they do. They just don't list everything at once.

Inflatable Santa in a Train

Outdoor Xmas decorations

The Youtube video to the right shows how great inflatable Christmas decorations look in your yard at nighttime. In this case it's an inflatable snow globe that has a Santa Claus in it. This impressive Christmas display only takes minutes to install on your front yard. Snow globes are a perennial favorite. I know that I still love shaking them up and watching the snow fall as much today as I did as a child. This is the perfect addition to any Holiday wonderland yard decoration.

Inftable Santa in a Snowglobe

Easy to Install Outdoor Christmas Decorations

More Christmas Decorations for Your Home

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Updated: 10/08/2012, Digby_Adams
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