Interdumdisphobia, Interdumdisphilia and Grave Damnum Syndrome: What are they? Do you suffer?

by humagaia

Many people have asked me "what are these?". Expert & sufferer alike, I can tell you that interdumdisphobia and interdumdisphilia are debilitating. As for Grave Damn

As I sit here contemplating my Non Damnum Syndrome (NDS)

[there, I have asknowledged that I am an interdumdisphiliac],

I empathize with,
and have sympathy with,
those who suffer from

Grave Damnum Syndrome (GDS).

My condition is chronic.

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The symptoms are:

  • Loss of appetite
  • A pressing need
  • Hyperbolic infarction
  • Tangential thinking
  • An uncontrollable need to laugh

For the GDS sufferer, they may find that the following symptoms are prevalent:

  • Chronic feeling of insecurity when close to a light switch
  • Difficulty with the cooking chores
  • Leaving the television on
  • Difficulty dialling a number on the telephone

There are others, but these are the major problematic causalities.

GDS Wiki

GDS may refer to:

Go on - try me

I know you are afraid...........
I know you are afraid...........

As can be seen from the GDS Wiki above there are many and varied examples of GDS, none of which relate precisely to Grave Damnum Syndrome.


Why could this be?

The answer to this will become apparent below.

In the meantime I shall discuss the symptoms, occurrence, diagnosis, cure, self-medication, vitamins and supplements that can moderate the debilitating effects of this syndrome - new to medical science.

Grave Damnum Syndrome - symptoms and self-diagnosis

Self-diagnosis being the preferred method

I outlined the main symptoms of Interdumdisphobia, in the first paragraph. All of these lead to a self-diagnosis of Grave Damnum Syndrome. I will reiterate the symptoms, and add to them here, for your convenience:

  • Chronic feeling of insecurity when close to a light switch
  • Difficulty with the cooking chores
  • Leaving the television on
  • Difficulty dialling a number on the telephone
  • Inability to ring the door bell
  • The microwave is a no-go
  • Little chance of typing in an article
  • Incapacity after pushing the laughter button

Just add delete

Delete this article when you are done with it
Delete this article when you are done...

In fact most tasks in the modern world are an anathema to an interdumdisphobic. A chronic inability to press buttons has now been classified as GDS (Grave Damnum Syndrome) and you can self diagnose, the most appropriate method of diagnosis - do not go to your doctor - s/he will not yet have read about this syndrome in The Lancet.

GDS - self-medication, vitamins and supplements

Do not overdose

After minutes of consideration it has come into my mind that self-medication is the best method. An holistic approach is recommended. The sufferer should do one or all of the following:

  • Self deprecate
  • Self exfoliate (get someone else to start the exfoliating machine)
  • Contemplate their navel whilst in the lotus position
  • Take placebo's at every opportunity
  • Stop taking advice from someone that does not know what they are talking about
  • Consider carefully whether the mickey is being taken out of them

Vitamins and supplements do help.

Buy as much of the stuff from my on-line shop or alternatively, you can purchase everything you need to get you over this debilitating illness (GDS) by selecting from the huge array of self-meds available via the carousel below.



Coffin readied for the terminally sick
Coffin readied for the terminally sick

[Screen fades,  sad music gradually gets louder, 'ping' to little green dot in middle of screen.]



Disclaimer: I wrote this article in response to a comment on one of my Wizzley articles, after I had mentioned that I was an inveterate button pusher. The respondent saying that she was the opposite. I had to have a little play with words - I just love making them up . Following on from this comes this spoof article. I hope 'she' doesn't mind me having a little giggle!

Updated: 02/05/2021, humagaia
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humagaia on 02/21/2012

@Sam - it works for me!

Sam on 02/21/2012

Lol, 'Amazon Hypnotizing Carrousel' ;-)

humagaia on 02/21/2012

For those that like to go on fairground rides, try pressing either arrow on the carousel above, and keep it pressed. I just did that and nearly fell over through giddiness. Freaky.

humagaia on 02/21/2012

@SWE - from your comment I note you are a Squidooer.

SWEquipment on 02/21/2012

Wow, interesting lens.

humagaia on 02/17/2012

But is gone - that would be my cheaper option. Then

humagaia on 02/17/2012

hehehehehehehe - love it, thanks Sam, you are a treasure. Glad you got a LOL out of it.

Sam on 02/17/2012

Lol I have a good and a bad message for you, which one would you like to hear first? Ok. here the bad one: is already taken, but the good one is that you rank first for 'interdumdisphobia' ;-)

humagaia on 02/17/2012

Maybe I can corner the market with a single word short-tail keyword. Now that would be good. Just gotta get the message out that interdumdisphobia is a real problem in America today - then I'm laughing - all those vits and supps to sell. - just need to check if its available.
Sam, thanks for that - I did not bother doing keyword research I just went with my gut feeling. It always works.
I can always work on the Tristitia Complex later.

Sam on 02/17/2012

Not too much according to the Google Adwords tool, bids for that keyword are $0,10, seems depression is more profitable than panicking ;-)

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