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by sojourner

GelaSkin iPhone covers not only protect your phone from damage, but also say a lot about who you are. These are artistic, simple, sophisticated, fabulous iPhone covers.

GelaSkin iPhone Covers

"The Best Skins On The Planet"

iPhone CoverI just purchased my second GelaSkin iPhone cover "When Fear Gave Way To Frolic." And I absolutely love it.  Earlier this year I was looking for a cover for my iPhone and I wanted something different and grand at the same time.  I found these GelaSkin covers that give such expression to art and the artist.  

GelaSkin iPhone covers are removable vinyl skins for protecting and customizing your iPhone. They are stunning photo-quality graphics designed as scratch protection from everyday wear and tear on your iPhone.

Portable Art Prints

Choose Your Artist...It Might Be You

 Each artist brings a unique flair and design to their GelaSkin cover.  Artists submit their work, then based on GelaSkins approval selection, they can have their worked displayed for others to purchase.  Covers are available by Norman Rockwell, Marvel, and National Geographic.  

Cover For iPhone

Perhaps the artist is you.  You can submit your favorite pictures for your iPhone cover.  GelaSkins makes personalizing easy and walks you through the entire process.  Submit your favorite vacation photo--the moment that made your vacation grand, pets, children, hobby, or even your business.  Businesses are also creating GelaSkin covers for their iPhones and other protable devices to show their brands in an unique way.  Whether its nature, serenity, fun, or a statement, GelaSkin has you covered.



Why Cover Your iPhone With GelaSkin Covers

Before I bought my GelaSkin covers, I tried others that offered more protection from nicks and scratches.  But they were boring and bulky cases.  I find people taking a peak at my GelaSkin iPhone cover because it is so unique and personalized.  And I like it.  

What I like about these covers aside from the great art, the GelaSkin covers the front, back & sides of your iPhone.  So the picture of your choice is wrapped around your phone and not cut off.  Also, there is not the bulk of other iPhone cases.  GelaSkins covers are made with 3M materials for durability that offers anti-scratch UV coating.  The 3M material allows the covers to be super-thin. I really like that because there is no extra bulk on my iPhone, the material is smooth and slides easily into a pocket.  Removing the GelaSkin is easy and there is no residue left on your iPhone.  And lastly, keep in mind that GelaSkins are not screen protectors and do not offer protection for your iPhone screen.  iPhone Cover

Do You Have An iPhone?

GelaSkins On Wallpaper

If you are not sure if GelaSkins iPhone covers are for you but like the fabulous art, download them as a wallpaper print.  I have done that with several other covers that I really like and change them out on my computer as wallpaper.  I keep them for reference for future purchases.  

Cover For iPhoneiPhone coversProtective Covers For iPhone

Do You Have A KIndle?

GelaSkins covers most all portable devices including Kindles.  You can view Kindle selections and informaton at GelaSkin Covers For Kindle.   

Updated: 01/04/2012, sojourner
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sojourner on 01/08/2012

Hi Katiem 2,
Yes, check into Gelaskin covers for your phone. Such brilliant colors and art. Thank you for stopping by.

katiem2 on 01/06/2012

I don't have a iphone but I do have a droid 2 and love it, I'll have to look into gelaskin covers for droids as well. Thanks Katie

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