Dog Apparel-Winter Jackets/Snowsuits For Dogs

by sojourner

Dog jackets and snowsuits will keep your dog warm and comfortable while enjoying winter outdoor activities.

Dog Jackets And Snowsuits-Its Cold Out There

If my dog had fingers he might have written me a note that he too was freezing every time we went outdoors into the Alaska winters.  As it was, it took awhile before I realized that my dog like me, needed protection from the winter chills and wind, and of course snow.  

I found the right one that gave my dog protection from the cold and snow, and most importantly, allowed him to run and play freely.  I have to admit, the first dog jacket I purchased was basically a cover that strapped under his belly, not really adding any warmth or protection from the cold.  



Styles of Dog Jackets

I have settled on two different styles.  A dog jacket and a snowsuit.  I like the jacket for cold days without snow.  When the wind chill has a bite, the jacket is perfect. Other times, when activities take us into the snow, my dog needs more protection and coverage, and on comes the snowsuit. This seemed odd at first, putting jackets on my dog, but knowing that my dog was protected and comfortable was very important.  

You will need to decide on what your dog will need, for instance, short haired or course haired breed dogs will be colder and most effected by harsh winters.  Long haired dog breeds will have a higher tolerance for the cold, but nonetheless, may need a jacket depending on your winter activity.

What I especially like about the jackets, other than warmth and comfort for dogs, is the added reflective strips on the jackets, increasing visibility at night.  

Fleece Lined Light Weight Dog Jackets

Great for short walks and being out in slight winter weather.
Kakadu Pet Explorer Fleece Reflective Dog Coat, 10", Flame (Red)

Another day, another adventure... Just because the temperature drops, your active furry mate doesn't want to stop wandering and explore the outdoors. This trendy fleece coat ...

Kakadu Pet Explorer Fleece Reflective Dog Coat, 22", Grass (Green)

Another day, another adventure... Just because the temperature drops, your active furry mate doesn't want to stop wandering and explore the outdoors. This trendy fleece coat ...

Red Fleece Reflective Safety Jacket For Dogs, size: X-Large, #ZW868 XL

Reflective Jacket keeps pets warm and safe. Nothing is better for keeping pets warm and in sight during cold weather walks. Made of brushed fleece that's soft to the touch and ...

Only $24.95

Cold Weather Tip

If your dog is very active or an outdoor working dog, increasing his calorie intake and protein will help maintain his fur and general health.  It takes more calories in the winter to maintain and regulate body temperature, additional calories will be necessary.   

Dog Jackets With Added Warmth

These dog jackets have the additional winter protection from the cold you will need once the bitter winter sets in, offering more coverage for you dog. Look for jackets that have coverage around the chest area and even a high collar that can be adjusted.
Vibram K9 Winter Jacket Dog Coat, Size 16, Medium, Sea Blue

Great new Thermal Pro Fleece by Polartec Polartec four-way Power Stretch for great fit Easy on and off Velcro top opening Warm - Wind Resistant - Breathable - Lightweight ...

Casual Canine Base Camp Parkas - Green & Orange, Size: XX-LARGE

Suit your dogs up for winter action in this warm and outdoorsy Casual Canine Base Camp Parka. The perfect attire for cold and windy weather, this stylish garment features a ...

ABO Gear Wool Coat - Medium , Hunter Green

ABO Gear Hunter Green Wool Dog CoatOur ABO Gear Hunter Green Wool Dog Coat is the perfect solution to keep your pup warm on cold days and nights. The coat is constructed of ...


Cold Weather Tip

Throughly wipe your dogs paws, legs, and stomach when he comes in from playing in snow or ice, he can ingest salt, antifreeze, or other harmful chemicals while licking.  Also, it is very important to keep your dogs paws clean and dry, as this will keep his paws from drying and cracking.  

Dog Snow Jackets and Snowsuits

Snow jackets and snowsuits may look unusual on your dog, but trust me, your dog will love you for the protection against the snow. In deep snow or long exposures outdoors snowsuits offer full protection and warmth.
Casual Canine Snowsuit Med Royal Blue

Reversible Dog Snowsuit in Yellow/Black Dog Length (Collar to Base of Tail): 12"

DSS98-12-YB Dog Length (Collar to Base of Tail): 12" Boots not included Features: -Reversible dog snowsuit. -Color: Yellow/black. -Fully reversible. -Made from a nylon ...


Choosing The Right Size Jacket

Measure the length of your dog's back from the base of the neck to the base of the tail.  If your dog is between sizes, it is recommended to increase jacket size by one.  Also, if your dog is stout or overweight, for a more comfortable fit, increase the jacket size by one.  

What Clothing Has Your Dog Worn?

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sojourner on 01/05/2012

Hi bhthanks,
Thanks for stopping by and checking out my dog jacket page.

bhthanks on 01/04/2012

Yes, Dog Jackets are important to keep dogs warm.
Thank you for sharing this important information on winter jackets for dogs.

sojourner on 01/02/2012

Hi katiem2,
Thanks for the comment. I'll take a two bark approval.

katiem2 on 01/02/2012

Nice page, great information and well laid out. My two dogs approve of your dog winter apparel. Katie

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