IVKO: Exquisite Clothing and Accessories for Women Designed and Made in Belgrade Serbia

by DerdriuMarriner

IVKO has "Handwritten emotions" as its fashion slogan. Based in Belgrade, Serbia, IVKO designs and creates exceptional, individually made fashions and accessories for women.

IVKO was founded as a small family business with headquarters in Belgrade, north central Serbia, in 1986.

Currently, IVKO sells about 70 percent (about 30,000 pieces of clothing) of its production through European markets. Through love of pairing her own romantic apparel with IVKO sweaters, Montréal-based designer Katrin LeBlond (born 1975) became the first to import IVKO knits into Canada, making them available to fashionistas in Canada and the United States. Each article of clothing produced by IVKO may be considered as a work of art:
• designed with imaginative artistry and fabric expertise,
• created from the finest materials, such as Italian cottons and merino wool, and
• assembled with care and concern for durable, fashionable wearability.

Colorful Jacquard patterns, produced on specifically designed knitting machines, capture the vibrant dance of floral and other motifs inspired by Serbia's exotic Slavic folk culture and recast in modern expressions.

Four designers are responsible for the fashion prestige of IVKO's designs:
• Tamara Jelačić,
• Ivana Najdanovic,
• Nataša Pavlovic, and
• Biljana Vuković.

Quality is evinced in all aspects of IVKO's product lines.

Aesthetics of medieval handicraft of Pirot carpet weaving: brilliant effects achieved through selection and arrangement of colorful folk patterns ~

IVKO's fashions and accessories for women draw upon a lengthy tradition of artistic expertise in fabric design and creation.
Pirot carpet (Serbian: Пиротски ћилим, Pirotski ćilim): flat weave carpets traditionally produced in Pirot, southeastern Serbian.
Pirot carpet (Serbian: Пиротски ћилим, Pirotski ćilim): flat weave carpets traditionally produced in Pirot, southeastern Serbian.

Ivko About ~ "Ivko is the most successful Serbian fashion label, present in more than 1000 exclusive stores worldwide. In this video you can see what we do, how we do, meet Ivko people and as well feel the atmosphere of beautiful Belgrade."

Uploaded July 25, 2013 by Ivko Woman to YouTube ~ URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sug9Pr_lKdk

IVKO: How to choose?


The good news about IVKO is that it operates year-round, so seasonal designs are available.

In browsing their collection, I am motivated by colors and styles which will fill gaps in and expand, through coordination, my spring and summer wardrobes.

Special concerns for me are skirts and sundresses as well as cardigans or jackets for layering.

Six IVKO designs particularly exemplify fashion perfection for me:

  • Metallic Fine Knit Intarsia Dress in Yellow Green
  • Off-White Renaissance Jacquard Skirt
  • Off-White Renaissance Jacquard Cardigan
  • Carneval Pattern Jacquard Skirt in Green-Multi
  • Carneval Pattern Jacquard Jacket in Green, and
  • Marine Filigran Pattern Short Jacquard Jacket.


Shimmering elegance and a graceful floral pattern in Ivko's superfine knit make this dress soft as a breeze - a work of art for your wardrobe

Made from the finest quality materials: Dress: 72% cotton, 28% metallic fiber; Fawn-colored Slip: 100% Polyester
Ivko - Metallic Fine Knit Intarsia Yellow-Green Dress


IVKO’s Metallic Fine Knit Intarsia Dress is a yellow-green confection of 72% cotton and 28% metallic fiber.

The yellow bodice and skirt of this empire-waisted, flattering frock convey the breezy elegance of the carefree outfits encouraged by sunshine seasons. The medley of green and yellow at the fluttery cap sleeves sets spring and summer tones of golden sunshine and nature’s greenery.

The touch of genius in this shimmering sundress is the band of flowers and leaves encircling the last 10 inches of the skirt.

I especially appreciate the thoughtful inclusion of a fawn-colored slip with this dress.

  • It can be quite time-consuming to go through slips to find the perfect match, in color, length, and style, for an outfit.
  • It is a relief to know that the perfect slip is included with IVKO’s Metallic Fine Knit Intarsia Dress.

I would be tempted to wear this sundress many times throughout summer.

  • Those fluttery cap sleeves define the versatility of this dress: breezy for casual occasions yet elegant enough for dressy occasions.
  • The flowing shapeliness of its outline meets the standard which I set for my warm weather wardrobe: clothing needs to float gently over me.




IVKO’s Off-White Renaissance Jacquard Skirt is exquisite.

  • Its off-white background showcases, with elegant perfection, the colorful, dramatic ornamentation which is inspired by folk art.


The touch of genius for me in IVKO’s off-white jacquard skirt is that it is made of 100% merino wool.

  • Merino wool is a super fine, luxurious wool which I cherish year-round, but especially in warm weather.
  • I enjoy the seeming contradiction of wearing wool, which oftentimes is mistakenly viewed as only a cold weather fabric, in months of glorious sunshine.
  • Merino wool is lightweight and, as a natural fiber, provides breathable breeziness.


The colorful palette of this exceptional skirt welcomes pairing with an endless parade of blouses and jackets.

  • I especially favor, however, topping this skirt with its coordinating jacket, sold separately as IVKO Women’s Renaissance Pattern Jacquard Cardigan (see below).



Fashion flair for business or fun: super-comfortable pull-on skirt with elastic waistband (non-rolling, non-bunching) ~ Richly-hued dramatic motifs against elegant off-white background ~

Slightly gathered at the waist; just-above-the-knee length ~
IVKO Jacquard Skirt, Renaissance Pattern, Off-White


IVKO Women’s Renaissance Pattern Jacquard Cardigan coordinates with IVKO’s Off-White Renaissance Jacquard Skirt (see above).

As with the jacket’s skirt counterpart, the richly hued folk-themed pattern contrasts elegantly with an off-white background.

The hip-length cardigan features metallic buttons and is made of 100% merino wool.

The stylishness of this cardigan is evinced by its versatility.

  • It makes a fashion statement in tandem with its coordinating skirt as well as in other pairings, both casual and special.
  • This cardigan can be relied upon to complement dresses, slacks, and skirts.
  • Its fashionability pairs it perfectly with jeans for a casually elegant ensemble.
  • This cardigan layers easily over blouses (especially cap-sleeved), camisoles, and dressy tank tops or t-shirts.

The possibilities for extending a wardrobe through pairings with this cardigan beguile the imagination.


Coordinating jacket for IVKO’s Off-White Renaissance Jacquard Skirt

IVKO Women's Renaissance Pattern Jacquard Cardigan


IVKO’s Carneval Pattern Jacquard Skirt in Green-Multi promises attractive, comfortable sophistication for a range of outings, from business to fun.

Inspired by folk art, this loose skirt has a classic swing to its sashaying flow that encourages carefree confidence.

Made of 100% cotton, IVKO’s multi-colored skirt abounds with floral motifs in panels cheerfully highlighted in blues, greens, and reds.

The touch of genius in this flirty skirt is the lacy border flashing red with delicate metallic intarsia.

I love the overall harmony of this skirt, achieved through contrasting panels which are brightly themed with floral motifs.

I would pair this exemplary skirt with IVKO’s Carneval Pattern Green Jacquard Jacket (see below).

It would also make a welcome addition to my wardrobe for pairing with blouson blouses and my favorite red denim jacket.


Spice up your wardrobe with IVKO's swingy little Jacquard Skirt, Carneval Pattern (Green-Multi).

IVKO Jacquard Skirt, Carneval Pattern Green-Multi


IVKO’s Carneval Pattern Jacquard Jacket in Green coordinates perfectly with IVKO’s Carneval Pattern Jacquard Skirt in Green-Multi.

It also welcomes pairing with dresses and sheaths, jeans, skirts, and slacks or shorts.

It layers perfectly with blouses, tank tops, and t-shirts.

Made of 100% cotton, this jacket elegantly contrasts cheerful floral motifs on sleeves and around the hem with a soft yet vibrant electric green background. Glistening buttons echo the soft vitality of the green background.

Two touches of genius in this jacket include:

  • the rich lacy border of superfine red metallic intarsia encircling jacket flaps from hem to neck
  • the floral landscape entwining the sleeves from hem to shoulder.

I would especially enjoy matching this jacket with greens and reds in my wardrobe, as well as with jeans, particularly my favorites in black or red.


Create a bright, new look with IVKO's Jacquard Jacket Carneval Pattern (Green), perfect with your favorite skirts, slacks, or jeans.

IVKO Jacquard Jacket, Carneval Pattern Green


IVKO Marine Filigran Pattern Short Jacquard Jacket is a dream come true for me. I especially favor attractive, comfortable little jackets as a lightweight cover-up for later-in-the-day breezes. Also, high marks go to this jacket for dressy pairing with jeans or casual slacks or skirts.

The nuanced design of this 100% cotton jacket features exquisite details:

  • three-quarter length sleeves
  • dramatic color and pattern contrasts in collar, body, and sleeves
  • effective blue background on collar and sleeves
  • imaginative medley of floral motifs and geometric shapes in band encircling lower bodices and hem
  • delicate filigree embroidery on collar.

For me, IVKO’s short jacquard jacket exemplifies the company’s description of many of its products as “a wearable work of art for your wardrobe.”

This jacket is the jewel in the IVKO crown for me.


IVKO's Short Jacquard Jacket Filigran Pattern (Marine) is a wearable work of art for your wardrobe.

IVKO Short Jacquard Jacket, Filigran Pattern Marine

Conclusion: IVKO for today and tomorrow as wearable works of art


Commitment to quality is an attribute which attracts me to businesses. Particularly with respect to clothing and accessories, I value expert workmanship. Thus, I patronize clothiers with quality merchandise.

IVKO has enjoyed a solid reputation as designers and creators of aesthetic, durable fashions for discerning women for almost three decades now. While IVKO's admirers span the globe, the company has remained essentially a small business, dedicated to products exemplifying the founding family's commitment to the integrity of their products.

IVKO's designs appeal to me with their colorful settings and their folk art contexts. IVKO succeeds in blending tradition with modernity in exciting, expertly constructed fashions amenable to an array of casual and special occasions.

My wish list is filled with IVKO's clothing. Their designs serve as creditable staples for today's wardrobe needs and also as worthy collectibles for future occasions. For me, IVKO designs are not throwaways, and they will never be embarrassing reminders of fashion follies from my past. They will be worn and stored with appreciation.


IVKO Woman spring/summer 2014 teaser ~ "IVKO. Handwritten emotions. Ivko creates brightly colored collections. IVKO Woman specialises in creating high class knitted garments combining exceptional craftsmanship with state of the art knitting technology."

Uploaded November 13, 2013 by Ivko Woman to YouTube ~ URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AVA-4Oix76o



My special thanks to talented artists and photographers/concerned organizations who make their fine images available on the internet.


Image Credits


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the end which is also the beginning
the end which is also the beginning

Serbian Women Engaged in Carpet-Weaving

Serbian Women Engaged in Carpet-Weaving

Me and my purrfectly purrfect Maine coon kittycat, Augusta "Gusty" Sunshine

Gusty and I thank you for reading this article and hope that our product selection interests you; Gusty Gus receives favorite treats from my commissions.
DerdriuMarriner, All Rights Reserved
DerdriuMarriner, All Rights Reserved
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DerdriuMarriner on 05/14/2014

VioletteRose, Me, too, I agree that IVKO creates beautiful fashions. I especially appreciate their emphasis on quality fabrics.

VioletteRose on 05/14/2014

All these look so beautiful, I especially like the green jacket with carneval patterns!

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