Pretty Dresses for Girls by Stella McCartney: Classic Comfort and Fashionable Fun

by DerdriuMarriner

Ex-Beatle Sir Paul McCartney's daughter Stella loves her career as a fashion designer, including fashioning adorable dressy or party dresses to prettify every girl's wardrobe.

Stella McCartney (born Sept. 13, 1971), the middle child among ex-Beatle Sir Paul McCartney's (born June 18, 1942) three children with his first wife, photographer Linda Louise Eastman (Sept. 24, 1941 – April 17, 1998), has taken the fashion world by storm ever since her graduation in 1995 from London's Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design.

Famous for exquisite tailoring and feminine styling, Stella officially incorporated children into her design repertoire with the launching of her first children's wear collection for Gap Kids in October 2009. In November 2010 Stella launched her own children's clothing line, Stella McCartney Kids, targeting newborns and children up to age 12. A lifelong vegetarian, Stella refuses to design with furs.

Instead, Stella frequently favors 100 percent natural fibers, such as cotton or silk. Stella's dressy and party dresses for girls enchant with their expert tailoring and feminine flair. Stella's girls' dresses of 100 percent cotton especially show the creativity and quality that natural fibers contribute to special dresses.

These classic dresses qualify as living heirlooms, to be worn with joy as well as care, and to be passed on to younger siblings, to nieces, to grandchildren.

Stella McCartney exemplifies a chic medley of homespun elegance.

In a Vogue interview in February 2012, Stella shared: "“I suppose what I’m trying to do with my work is to make [the women who buy my clothes] feel just as important as they think … famous people are. Because they are!”
London Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2009
London Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2009

Stella's dressy and party dresses for girls blend classic comfort with fashionable fun.


Stella's perfectly styled fabric confections make me want to be a kid all over again to enjoy the happy feeling of my own pretty dress!


100% cotton long sleeve jersey dress with tulle skirt: machine washable jeweled print

Colors: navy, pink
Stella McCartney Girls 2-6X Primrose Dress with Jewels

Girls' Primrose Dress with Jewels: Pretty in Pink or Neatly Nice in Navy

Sizes 2 - 6X


Although my childhood preceded Stella McCartney's designing days, I had a 100% cotton dress similar to Stella's Primrose Dress, but without the jewels. The dress felt wonderfully comfortable for a dressy dress. So comfortable, in fact, that I thought about wearing it all day, every day, for playing baseball or jumping rope or practicing piano or, especially, for roller skating! Fortunately, I never followed through on the whim because I loved the dress and wanted it to last forever. That's the effect of pretty dresses:  you never tire of wearing them.

Stella's adorable machine-washable Primrose Dress features long sleeves and a tulle skirt. It's available in both navy and pink. Navy bestows an elegance upon the dress which makes it especially attractive for dressy occasions. Pink brings out the inner princess in little girls. Both colors are excellent choices for a little girl's wardrobe.


24-month infant Primrose Long Sleeve Dress with Matching Bloomers: Pink prettiness for infants

Stella McCartney Baby-Girls Infant Primrose Long Sleeve Dress


Stella styled this Primrose Dress also for newborns and infants, adding matching bloomers to cover diapers. Only two remain in stock! Two lucky baby girls, 24-months old, gifted with these last dresses, will melt hearts as adorable little angels, pretty in pink.

An added attraction of Stella's primrose dress is matched outfits for a baby girl with her older sister. Little girls always love to copy their older sisters and their moms. It's fun to take advantage of that stage while it lasts, before everyone seeks out their own style.


100% Cotton Dress with 100% Nylon Tulle Netting Overlay

Stella McCartney Girls 2-6X Misty Tulle Dress with Bows

Girls' Tulle Dress with Bows: Lots of Pretty Bows (Ribbons) for Little Princesses to Take Bows (Curtsies)


Stella McCartney's Misty Tulle Dress with Bows is available in elegant navy and princess pink. Both colors make gorgeous fashion statements for little girls.

Enchanting bows dance around this dress. Visions of swirling, twirling ballerinas are evoked by the loose elegance of flowing style. The dress of 100 percent cotton is veiled with a tulle netting overgown.

Sleeves sparkle with unlined tulle. Sheer, long sleeves always add a sophisticated touch to clothes. Children are fascinated with contrast and sheerness in sleeves. And the sparkling sheerness of these sleeves are reminiscent of ballerinas and princesses.

Although Stella's Misty Tulle Dress has the fancy look of dry-cleanable dresses, it is machine washable.

Top on the list of enjoyable moments with this dress are the swirling flow of its layers and its enchanting parade of bows. Every little girl glows with ballerina- and princess-like grace and joy in this style.

Stella's Misty Tulle Dress creates memories!


100% Viscose Long Sleeve Dress with Flutter Sleeves

Stella McCartney Girls 2-6X Lydia

Stella's Lydia Dress: Little House on the Prairie Styling for Little Laura Ingalls Wilder Lookalikes


Stella McCartney's Lydia Dress conjures up visions of Laura Ingalls Wilder's childhood as detailed in her Little House series of pioneer life in nineteenth century Kansas and Wisconsin. Laura's misadventures were brought to life in the TV series, "Little House on the Prairie," airing from September 11, 1974 to May 10, 1982, and continuing in syndication as popular reruns. Enchantingly portrayed by Melissa Gilbert (born May 8, 1964), Laura wore pioneer-style dresses which, with simple yet timeless styling, did not restrict her activities and allowed her youthful exuberance to shine.

Machine washable, Stella's Lydia Dress is made of 100% viscose, the European label for rayon.

Variations of blue provide striking contrasts.

Polka dots are fun but sometimes can be overwhelming. But on this dress, polka dots are completely fun as they decorate the neckline and flutter sleeves.

Stella's Lydia Dress is the gift that makes little girls smile and jump for joy in a happy rush to try it on now!


Sign for Stella McCartney's shop in central London:

As with her mother, Stella loves horses.
Mayfair, central London
Mayfair, central London

Conclusion: Stella McCartney designs for girls with her stellar childhood in mind.


Stella McCartney grew up in a loving household with unassuming, talented parents. Part of her stellar childhood entailed globe-trotting with Paul and Linda as they toured the world with their rock band, Wings, for a decade, from 1971 to 1981.

A sense of responsibility to contribute to making the world a better place also was instilled in Stella with Linda's and Paul's emphasis on involvement in compassionate causes such as vegetarianism and on living a normal life style.

Stella has attributed her interest in designing to her mother's fashion sense.

In a Vogue interview in February 2012, Stella explained her motivation as a fashion designer:

"I suppose what I'm trying to do with my work is to make [the women who buy my clothes] feel as important as they think . . . famous people are. Because they are!"

Self-esteem is an important issue in childhood, especially for girls. In her clothing line for girls, Stella designs pretty dresses which are classically comfortable and fashionably fun, qualities which encourage good feelings about self and others.

A stellar childhood is something Stella wants everyone to experience. She expresses this desire beautifully through her pretty dresses for girls.


In her designs, Stella McCartney seeks to make her customers feel like stars: starry purse by Stella

Stella McCartney bag
Stella McCartney bag



My special thanks to talented artists and photographers/concerned organizations who make their fine images available on the internet.


A December tradition in London: Stella McCartney's Annual Christmas Lights Party

Christmas lights at Stella's Mayfair shop, central London
Christmas lights at Stella's Mayfair shop, central London

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Stella, Latin for "star": Stella's name lit up like starlight

Stella McCartney's pre-autumn/winter 2010 collection at the Residence of the British Ambassador, Sir Peter Westmacott
Stella McCartney's pre-autumn/winter 2010 collection at the Residence of the British Ambassador, Sir Peter Westmacott
the end which is also the beginning
the end which is also the beginning

Horses under the Aurora Borealis: black t-shirt

Like mother like daughter: as with her mother Linda Eastman McCartney, Stella loves horses.
Horses under the Aurora Borealis
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Me and my purrfectly purrfect Maine coon kittycat, Augusta "Gusty" Sunshine

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DerdriuMarriner, All Rights Reserved
DerdriuMarriner, All Rights Reserved
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DerdriuMarriner on 12/03/2013

AbbyFitz, Me, too, I find these dresses to be beautiful additions to a little girl's wardrobe! The first dress seems retro to me as well. I would love for Stella to make it available for adults!

AbbyFitz on 12/02/2013

These dresses are so beautiful. I wish I had a little girl. The first dress, to me anyway, kind of is channeling a 1980's style.

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