January is the National Hot Tea Month

by WriterArtist

Did you know the exotic brew for January’s Blues and Freezing Winter Temperatures is tea?

Not beer!
Not Wine!

The solution to winter’s Freezing temperature is Tea!
The beverage that is liked by everyone including teetotaler is none other than the striking, outlandish and mysterious beverage “TEA”. It is becoming everyone’s favourite around the world.

A difficult month because you are supposed to make a New Year resolution? Are the cold, gray days getting you down?

Are the shivering cold freezing temperatures getting you down with January’s Blues? Hold on – January is the National Hot Tea Month. Here are some wild, mild and exotic Tea Recipes to savour your mood and provide that kick to the adrenaline.

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Why January is the National Hot Tea Month?


Have you known before that not only is January the National Hot Tea Month, it is also National Oatmeal Month and National Wheat Bread Month. Is there anyone who gives a damn to this stuff?

 Let me explain in details - How is one not supposed of getting the blues and becoming upset when one starts thinking about the slowing economy, growing inflation, debt and taxes .

To cheer you up, here is some interesting information. It is good to know that many talented and distinguished people were born this month, the likes of patriots Benjamin Franklin and John Hancock were born in January.

Start this New Year with good resolutions and eating habits. There are hundreds of varieties of tea to help you relieve stress. And many health benefits in drinking moderate cups of tea not forgetting the great oatmeal and nutritious soup!

Have a great January Month!

Did you know January is "National Hot Tea Month"?

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AbbyFitz on 01/11/2014

No, but I'm glad I just had a cup right before I started reading. I was in the know and didn't know it!

JoHarrington on 01/11/2014

No, I didn't. But I'm going to do my bit for the team and make a cup of tea forthwith. (Is it cheating that I'm British and do this constantly anyway?)

DerdriuMarriner on 02/08/2023

Isn't it only right to have an entire month devoted to the hot beverage that comforts us even as it nourishes and warms us?

Hot Brew for January’s Blues


January month appropriately highlights the health benefits of tea and the soaring production of tea all around the world. Isn’t that exciting? Drinking green and white tea has many health benefits, the tea provides you antioxidants for fighting cancer, kills bacteria and increases blood flow. Great for cardiovascular health, the sugarless tea helps to combat obesity too. Happily and fortunately tea consumption continues to rise.

Exotic Tea Recipes for Winter


Most of the Americans prepare tea by putting the bag in the water and then try to assess the quality and aroma. Believe me there are but many ways of brewing this magical brew and to savour the aroma. You can put a dash of milk in the tea if you like your tea with milk but remember to put the right quantity; anything darker is too bitter, lighter the brew and you will not be able to enjoy the tea.


Try the different tea brews with some assorted tea-time snacks. To celebrate the National Hot Tea Month, try some exotic teas that have a different twist from the traditional. You can try adding dry pumpkin, pink peppercorn, chocolate chips, mint and basil to these green, black and herbal mixtures of tea to tantalize your taste buds on an exotic wild ride of winter holiday. Don’t put all of them at once, innovate and create beautiful aromas with the likes of white, green and black tea. Adding honey instead of sugar gives a different flavor altogether.

Exotica Herbal Tea Recipe for January

National Hot Tea Month
  • Ingredients: Green or Herbal tea with lemongrass, cloves, cinnamon, cardamom, basil and pink peppercorn.
  • Aroma: Exotic, fruity aroma heavy from the lemongrass and the scent conjures up an exotic cocktail aroma. 
  • Flavour: You can mix and match with one teaspoon of each flavoured tea. This herbal tea is rich with savory, island-type spices.
  • Tips: Like the name, it does lean on the exotic side, and makes you feel buoyant and jubilant in spite of the cold freezing temperatures.
  • Overall Assessment: The tea has a strong, fruity aroma heavy due to the cloves and the cardamom.

Aloe Vera Tea Recipe


  • Ingredients: Green tea with rose petals, inulin and aloe vera leaves.
  • Aroma: Sweet aroma with the tinge of rose and inulin
  • Flavour: By adding fresh aloe vera and rose petals, the light green tea gets a smooth and soft aroma. Part of sweetness comes from the inulin, which is a plant fiber that is great for absorbing vitamin C.
  • Tips: Key to preparing this tea is to only seep this tea for two minutes otherwise it gets bitter fast. A quick cup of this tea gives you a refreshing break from the work in the afternoon when you long for caffeine in the coffee.
  • Overall Assessment: The tea has a soft hint of floral which comes from rose and has a tinge of sweetness.

Tea Recipes on YouTube

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Do you like having tea during freezing weather?

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DerdriuMarriner on 02/08/2023

Your third subheading, Exotic Tea Recipes for Winter, comments that "Adding honey instead of sugar gives a different flavor altogether."

My brother always drank his coffee with dairy alternatives to moo-lk and his tea with nothing because he so enjoyed the different tea flavors even as my father drank coffee and tea with nothing added, for the same reason.

I drink my coffee and my tea with and without dairy alternatives to moo-lk, with and without honey.

Would you choose cream or milk or non-dairy alternatives to moo-lk, honey or sugar, or nothing?

WriterArtist on 01/11/2014

Hi AbbyFitz - Though I have tried many flavours, I haven't yet tasted the rooibos. Coming to think about it there are so many flavours........

WriterArtist on 01/11/2014

@JoHarrington - Yep, one whole month to celebrate tea; I am really excited about it.

WriterArtist on 01/11/2014

Hi younghopes - I have tea everyday twice and cannot do without it.

WriterArtist on 01/11/2014

@VioletteRose - I love trying different flavours too, one of my favourite is lemon grass tea.

WriterArtist on 01/11/2014

@ologsinquito - The tea infuser looks so good, I would love to have tea from it too. And basil flavour is my favourite too.

AbbyFitz on 01/11/2014

My favorite tea is rooibos. I'll drink it even when it's hot outside.

JoHarrington on 01/11/2014

Wow! A whole month to celebrate drinking tea! Count me in! :D In fact, put me down for the rest of the year.

younghopes on 01/11/2014

i just love to drink tea be it any month

VioletteRose on 01/11/2014

I love trying different flavors of tea.

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