John Deere Toys for Girls

by SusanM

The John Deere range of classic children's toys also has some good choices for girls.

John Deere toys are a classic toy range that's usually associated with boys. But you can get John Deere children's toys that designed for girls.

Many of these children's toys targeting girls are pink (actually they're VERY pink). So they're not the usual green color for a John Deere toy. But there are less obvious and more classic John Deere toys that are great for both girls and boys that you might overlook too.

Cute Toy Tractor

This is an easy to use remote control tractor. It's also in the classic John Deere colors but has big eyes that gives it a really cute look. This cute look and the ability to move it around by remote control makes it interesting for girls. 

This tractor is made with softer plastic so you don't have to worry about it running into walls or furniture and marking them. 

Now although this toy is good for girls and durable some parents have had problems with it. So the quality of this tractor may not be up to the normal standard for John Deere toys. 

Animal Sounds Hay Ride

This Hay Ride toy is a great choice for toddler and preschool girls. It's in the classic John Deere green color but it's much better for girls than the other classic John Deere toys.

So why's this toy good for girls too? 

  • The animals are cute. This makes this toy appealing to girls. 
  • The animals are classic farm animals (a horse, pig, sheep and cow) which girls love too
  • There are fun animal sounds when the animals are pushed into their correct seat. It even plays Old McDonald when the farmer is pushed into his seat. This is just as fun for girls as boys. 

Each farm animal can be taken out of its seat and played with individually. So this a great pretend play set. (It's a set that mixes and matches well with the Fisher Price Little People Farm Set too.) 

John Deere in Pink

These special toys in the John Deere range have been made in pink. So if your daughter loves pink and you aren't looking for something in the classic John Deere colors they're a good pick.

These pink John Deere toys also come in styles that aren't traditional for John Deere. 

The Shape Sorter is a good, classic learning toy. It's easy to use and even has a handle to make it easy for girls to carry around.  

The Pink Phone is a fun make believe toy that has more than 20 sounds and songs. There's also 3 "camera" photos that show a girl's farm adventures. 

The Pink Camera is a great first pretend play camera. This camera looks like a real working one so it's a hit with toddler and young preschool girls. There's a large, pretend LCD screen that has 15 different images (and 16 different sounds and songs). It's been made for small hands so it's easy for a child to bring each picture up. This is good because it won't frustrate a young child. There's an adjustable lens with a click sound effect and an actual working flash with a realistic flash noise. This makes it feel real for a child who is too young for a kid's camera that actually takes real photos. 

But unfortunately these pink John Deere toys can be very hard to find. This is because most stores only stock the traditional John Deere toys. 

Pink Wheelbarrow

This Pink Wheelbarrow is closer to the traditional John Deere toys than the shape sorter, phone or camera. It's the feminine "twin" of the classic green John Deere wheelbarrow for boys.

It's a gorgeous wheelbarrow for girls to help mum or dad out in the garden. It's well designed for a child because it's small and easy to control. It's also metal so it's sturdy and will take lots of outdoor play with things being thrown into it without being damaged. 

John Deere Girls' Bikes

The John Deere girls' bikes also come in pink. They range from a very first bike without pedals to a first two wheeler bike.

Both bikes are make in very classic looking styles and have a carry pouch to pop things in. 

The Little Rider bike is best for a 2 year old even thought the product description says it's good for girls up to 5 years. A preschool child will be too big for this bike. They would probably be able to start using a more "grown up" first bike with pedals. They would probably like a "grown-up" looking bike more too. 

The Girls Bike is very classic bicycle with training wheels. Much like the bikes we used as kids. 

Pink Steel Wagon

This gorgeous wagon is made from durable and rust-resistant steel. So it's very strong and will take lots of outside play.

It has big wheels so it's easy to use on natural surfaces like grass. This means you can go "off road" with it and not just stick to the paths. 

It's been made for high stability for better safety for kids. The wagon is also big. It's 3 feet long with rails over 17 inches tall. This makes it handy for things like a trip to the beach not just playtime. But it also means it's too big for toddlers to pull around and play with. 

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Updated: 09/04/2012, SusanM
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SusanM on 09/11/2012

It sounds like she has a real talent in that area - and you're right girls can be mechanical. I had a Capsela set when I was a child and loved it - as did my brothers. I wish I'd kept all the parts though. They're worth a fortune now o.O

katiem2 on 09/11/2012

Yes I love the pink, my daughters do too! Great to see they've made these toys more girly as girls do love these sort of toys. They also gain amazing skills from playing with them. Girls can be mechanical. My youngest daughter can take anything apart and put it back together and can fix just about anything. I can't tell you how many times I was about to toss something and she said, "let me see that" she fixes so many things I thought were hopeless. :)K

SusanM on 09/11/2012

I borrowed my brothers toys LOL. It's good their Dad didn't stereotype them into "girls toys". Digging in the dirt is so much fun. The Deere toys are a lovely shade of pink aren't they.

katiem2 on 09/10/2012

Very cool, My daughters Dad bought them all the tonka toys, dump truck, tractors, bull dozer, back hoe and the like. They loved digging in the dirt and playing with them. Now they are fond keep sakes. These John Deere toys for girls are really cool, love the pink. :)K

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