Journal Keepsake Gift for Mothers

by JoHarrington

A mother's legacy, written straight from the heart, can become a precious family heirloom. Filled with memories, traditions and tips, it will be a treasure for her children too.

Gold, jewelry, shares and savings be gone, nothing is more priceless than a parent, nor more valuable than a memory.

These keepsake pages are designed to combine the two. Filled with prompts and questions, they allow a mother's voice to carry through the generations. Great-great-grandchildren who never knew her, will know how she thought and how much she cared.

This is the perfect gift for a kind of immortality for your Mom. Or, bought by her, an heirloom to be passed on and on.

A Mother's Legacy: Your Life Story in Your Own Words

Reaching Through the Generations

If I only had a time-machine, I would rush a legacy journal back to every person in my family tree!

As a genealogist, I'm so excited about the existence of these journals.  I'm too used to sitting for hours in dusty archives, or searching for days on-line, collecting names and dates in lists. 

I can piece together stories.  I can imagine the joy of wedding days; and the tragedies in losses.  I can compare addresses with clues from local history and try to guess what my ancestors saw.  But I will never have all of the story.

One of my most precious belongings is a scrap of paper handed to me by my great-auntie.  She received it, as a teenager, from her own grandmother.  It's a recipe for parsnip wine.

I'm unlikely to ever make parsnip wine, but that's not the point.  That's my great-great-grandmother's handwriting and knowledge, passed on to me.  It's a connection of something real, about a woman who actually lived and whose genes live on in me.

That's just one scrap of paper. These journals are whole pages full of the same.  That's why I really love them.

Questions Which Prompt Great Answers

The legacy journals for mothers aren't just blank pages, upon which to jot random thoughts. There are ordinary diaries for that.

Each one contains sections to complete, or prompts to gain insight into half-forgotten memories.

For example, they may ask about childhood dreams or greatest achievement; or they may ask about her own child (you!) and the things that you did when too young to recall for yourself.

People have learned things that they never knew through reading these memoirs.  Important facts, which never quite came up in conversation before, like the uncle who was awarded a Purple Heart or the grandmother who undertook a wonderful journey.

There are the practical items too.  Favorite foods and recipes; ways to make or craft things; tips upon life and parenting.

That each of us learn from our mothers is a given.  But this is a way in which we can learn from our mother's mother's mother.  Just so long as somebody put the keepsake journal before their Mom.

This is where you come in.  The legacy begins right here.  If you are a mother, then consider filling one in yourself, to hand down to your little ones when the time is right.

Conversations with Mother

My Mom - Her Story, Her Words

More Memoirs of a Mom to Pass on as Keepsakes

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Which Mother's Legacy Journal is Best?

That depends upon the individual, but there are plenty to choose between! The trick is finding one perfect for her personality.

Those completing these keepsake memoirs appear to fall into two categories. 

They are either new mothers desperately recording all that happens, in between changing diapers and breast-feeding.  Or they are old ladies, being asked the questions while there's still the opportunity to receive an answer.

This doesn't have to be the case.  Mothers can begin their memoirs at any age or in any circumstances.  Some details will never change; and the rest can be up-dated if they do.

For the frantic new mother, the five-second memory journal is most popular.  It doesn't ask too much and can be filled in quite quickly, as the name suggests. This is perfect for those exhausted souls, trying to fit a life around a newborn.

For the older lady, then A Mother's Legacy, which tops this article, is the most popular of all. It is designed so that a child or grandchild can ask questions pertaining to themselves, as well as their mother or grandmother.  It's about a whole life, not just the first few months of a new one.

However, it assumes that the mother is Christian.  Questions are asked about favorite pieces of scripture and hymns.

The best plan is to shop around and find the journal most suited to your own family, instead of merely following the crowd.

The Gift of your Mother's Life-Story

You will be writing history here, a real and tangible primary source for future generations to read.

By buying your Mom a legacy book to write, you will be telling her, loud and clear, that her life meant something. It is important enough to commit to paper. 

By filling in your own, you are letting those future generations know more about their roots; plus you can write whatever messages that you want to them.  Long after you've gone, your children and descendants will know that you were thinking of them; and that you love them.

It will be a real reaching from the past into a cuddle of words right now.  The perfect legacy and the perfect gift, which goes right on giving.

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JoHarrington on 11/24/2012

Nor me! I really love them.

kate on 11/24/2012

what i lovely gift idea, i'd have never thought of this

JoHarrington on 11/20/2012

I wish I had that! I saw this and my first thought (before even 'must write Wizzle') was that I am going to invest in a job lot of these for all of my older generation.

As an historian and a genealogist, they look like gold dust to me.

Mira on 11/20/2012

This is a great idea, Jo. I, too, think written words from people in anyone's family are so precious. I have only my grandfather's.

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