A Goldmine of Journal Topics

by indiablue

Are you looking for a Goldmine of Journal Topics? You have found the jackpot! I have collected a never ending list of Journal Topics so you will never run out.

Do you need help finding journaling topics to write about? Now worries, I have been collecting them for you. Not only will you get lots and lots of ideas, I will show you how to make them easily accessible. This way you will have these ideas at your fingertips when you sit down to write.

FYI All of the Journal pages on this page are created and copyrighted Di McDonald 2012

Journal Topics to Get you Started.

Trying to find Journal topics to write about can be a time consuming and challenging task. To save you time and frustration, I hope this page will become a valuable resource for you.

Some people call these topics Journal Prompts. Journaling is very important, however many people think they live boring lives that no one else would be interested in. They also think that their lives are not even worth journaling about. This is such a shame and even the most boring life can be interesting and even inspirational to others.

When you are first starting out journaling you need to not expect too much.One good way to start out is by writing lists. Here are some ideas for you of Journal Topic Lists.

1: The 6 most favorite people in my life right now are.....

2: My Wish List: I wish I could have....

3: I would love to travel to the following 10 Countries....

4: The 10 things that make me feel happiest right now are......

5: I intend to learn these 10 things this year..........

6: I would love to buy myself the following 10 things.......

7: The 10 things that help me feel content right now are..........

8: 10 ways I would like to be are ( for instance confident, independent etc)

9: If I could do anything I liked,  I would love to.......

10:  My 10 favorite flowers are.....

Opinion Journal Topics

Lets look at our opinions about things as Journaling topics. I like this idea because you can look back in a few years and see if you think differently about things. Usually our opinions and the way we look at things change a lot over the years

1: What is your opinion about why you are on the earth?

2: What is your opinion about smacking children?

3: What is your opinion on how we dress?

4; Do you think that housing should be more affordable?

5: What is happening to our food?

6: How should we fix the planet?

7: Do  you think the government is doing a good job?

8: What do you feel angry about right now?

9: What is your purpose?

10: What should we do about  criminals?

I could go on and on and on but that will give youa good start and you can add to this list as well.

Topics for Writing Journal Entries

Your passion Journal Topics

Everyone loves talking about themselves, but not everyone loves listening to someone talking about themselves. The very best place to do this is in our journals. That way we are not boring some one else. So here's your chance to talk about something you are passionate about.

1: What is your passion in life?

2: What would you do if you could choose anything in the world?

3: Describe your perfect day? ( anything goes)

4: If you had all the money you needed, how would you spend your days?

5: Are you happy?

6: Where do you get happiness from?

7: How can someone find out what their passion is?

8: What would you do for no pay?

9: Do you think everyone has just one passion or more?

10: What are your special gifts and how are you using them?

Journal topic jump starts

Journal Topic jump starts are great conversation starters, and they will be good get your writing in your journal pages as well. Choose the ones you hate the most to start off. I never said this would be easy :-) You really will get more out of the ones you try most to avoid, this is where you really find out about yourself.

1: I will never.....

2: My life is going to be...................

3: I love to..............

4: In 10 years time I will...................

5: I am terrified of......................

6: The worst time in my life was.............

7: The person who has inspired me the most is................

8: If I could choose anything...............

9: If I could get rid of......................

10: My life changed completely when............

Looking into the future Journal Topics

When I was a child I could imagine the future being like the Jetsons on TV.  Now I know that the future is not like that at all. It would have been such fun to be able to look back now and see the details of my thoughts. However I never kept a journal. How about answering these questions in your journal?

1: What work will I be doing when I am 30yrs old?

2: What work  will I be doing when I am 40yrs old?

3: What work  will I be doing when I am 50yrs old?

4: What work  will I be doing when I am 60yrs old?

5: What do I want my day to be like, when I am 60yrs old?

6: What will my home look like in 10 years time?

7: What goals will I have achieved in 20 years time?

8: What will I be excited about in 20 years time?

9: What is my most important wish for myself for the future?

10: How much money will I have in the bank in 20 years time?

Skills Journal Topics

One day I sat down and wrote out a list of everything I knew how to do. It was not a list of what I was perfect at, but skills that I had learnt through my life. Some of the skills were things I had learnt at a job, others were as I was growing up and some were things I had been trained to do in other ways.I was amazed at what I actually knew how to do. They can also be things like lessons learn through making mistakes. Boy we really learn a lot and never give ourselves a pat on the back for it all This is an excellent exercise for your self esteem and confidence.

1: Write about all the skills you learnt at work

2: Write a list of all the skills you use on a typical day

3: What skills do you use with your children?

4: What are some of the many skills you learnt at school

5: What have you learnt NOT to do?

6: What skills are ones you would like to use more often?

7: Write about things you have learnt that surprised you

8: What could you do for yourself if you had no money?

9: What  skills do you have that could earn you money?

10: What skills do you want to learn soon.

Here are some pictures of journals


Your Family Journal Topics

These Journal topics are about your family. We all have some family and the family dynamics can be so different from family to family. We look at our own situation through our own filters and our perceptions can be very distorted. When we write these thoughts down it gives us a different perspective and can be very helpful in later years.

1: What do you like best about yourself?

2: What do you like the best about your mother?

3: What are the best things about your siblings?

4: What family day stays in your memory?

5: How would you like your family to be different?

6: Did you feel happy with your place in your family?

7: What was the most difficult thing about your family?

8: Tell about the best day out with your family?

9: How is your family different from others?

10: What could you change to make your family better?

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theraggededge on 04/16/2012

I try and keep my art journals all sweetness and light so they have uplifting words and quotes. My ranty written journal is the complete opposite and entries are usually in response to whatever is bothering me at the time.

BrendaReeves on 04/02/2012

These are beautiful journals. I bet you teach classes on this.

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