Just Dance 3 For Nintendo Wii and Xbox 360 Kinect

by lostinasia

The brand new version of Just Dance 3 is now out and includes 45 top hit songs, multiple modes for up to 4 players, and calculated cardio training.

Just Dance 3 is the newest edition of this popular interactive dance game for Nintendo Wii. The new version includes 45 hit songs, multiple modes, and a useful cardio training calculator for those looking to have fun and get fit at the same time.

How Does the Game Work?

One of the great things about this game is how easy it is to play. You simply turn it on and go, without having to go through the tedious process of creating an avator or tweaking the settings. You can however, set up a profile if you want, but it's not necessary. Then you simply shake the control to see what colour you are and away you go.

Basically the premise is that you follow an onscreen guide to learn new dance moves to a variety of popular songs. For every move you master, you get points. As an added bonus, each song has the option of choosing from 3 different levels of difficulty, and 3 different levels of 'workout intensity'.

The game is set up for 1-4 players. For multiple players there is a Duet Mode for 2 dancers, where each dancer has their own unique choreographed moves, a Dance Crew Mode, which works the same way as Duet Mode, except for 3-4 players, and a Dance Til Dawn Mode, where you can set up the game to keep playing songs continuously without having to go back to the menus to choose new songs.

Get Fit With Just Dance 3

Another great aspect of this game is the Just Sweat Mode. Players can choose the 'free session' or the '7-day challenge' where you can actually set and track fitness goals. For both the free session and the 7-day challenge, players dance it out to great music and watch as a 'mojo' meter fills up. Each time the mojo meter fills up a new gift is unlocked. There are 27 gifts to unlock and each is in the form of a new song or choreographed routine. Players can track their progress by following the 'sweat points'. Approximately 4.2 sweat points are equal to one calorie burned. In addition, the game monitors your progress and lets you know how much exercise you have completed by giving you comparisons. For example, after 1000 points it tells you, 'You just walked across Central Park'. For the 7-day challenge, players can choose from three fitness levels, and the game will track the exercise completed over 7 days. This is a great way to have fun and get fit at the same time.

Just Dance Soundtrack

The newest version of Just Dance has over 40 new songs as well as 5 songs from the previous versions, so players have a wide range of options of music to get down to. Some great tracks by popular artists include 'Forget You' by Cee Lo Green, 'Teenage Dream' by Kay Perry, 'Da Funk'  by Daft Punk, and 'I Don't Feel Like Dancing' by the Scissor Sisters. The genres cover everything from reggae to electronica to rock, and each song includes the lyrics on the screen so players can dance and sing along at the same time. And for those that really love the songs, and want the option to play them on the computer or iPod, there is a function where players can connect to the internet to download the songs for about $2.50 per song, or 250 Wii points for those playing on the Nintendo platform.

Great Reviews

Overall, Just Dance 3 is a great game for both kids and adults and a fun way to get exercise and learn some new dance moves at the same time. Since it came out, the game has been getting fabulous reviews for it's easy to use format, fun modes with challenging level options, fantastic soundtrack and great animation. This is a highly recommended game for anyone that likes great music and wants to get their groove on!

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Updated: 12/27/2011, lostinasia
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Pinkchic18 on 02/20/2012

Great post! I have this game and it's a lot of fun. Teens especially seem to enjoy it, though I'm quite past that demographic ;) lol I'd definitely recommend it though. Another game I really enjoy for wii is the Zumba 2!

Billy on 12/26/2011


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