Kayak Gifts

by sheilamarie

Kayaking is one water sport that lets you enjoy both the quiet of a peaceful lake and the excitement of white water rapids. Find a unique gift for your friends who love to kayak!

Have you ever had the pleasure of paddling along on a mountain lake or even in a calm sea tucked into a kayak? Nature is all around you and the only sounds you hear are the lapping of the water as you paddle through it or perhaps an osprey calling to its mate?

If kayaking is your passion or the passion of someone you know, you may find a gift on this page that you'll love.

Some of these gifts are practical, some are quirky. Maybe you'll find one that is just right for you.

Come explore the joy of kayaking with me.

Gifts for the Kayaker

Is This Your Dream Water Sport ?

When I was visiting a friend over the weekend, I noticed a variety of trinkets around her home that celebrated her love of kayaking. She had little wooden kayak figurines on her side tables and kayak posters on the walls. Kayaks clung to the top of her shower curtains and peeked out from the most unlikely corners. I loved her decor! It was so appropriate for her as she is someone who paddles on the water whenever she gets the opportunity.

I have created this page to satisfy my own curiosity as to what kinds of gifts with the kayak theme are available. After all, I may be needing to find a little something for my friend one of these days. 

Kayaking in Alaska

Amazing Beauty!
Kayaks by the Side of a River, Alaska, USA
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Gifts for the Kayaker

To Remember Outdoor Fun

When choosing any gift, the person's personality and interests are key. I love these kayak cufflinks, but they would not be a good gift for someone who never wears a fancy shirt that could display a pair of cufflinks.

If, however, your friend works in a job for which he must wear a dress shirt, but you know he'd much prefer to be out on a lake paddling his heart out, then these cufflinks would be perfect!

The joe bender figurine would fit anywhere. You could place this little guy on a side table or find this little trinket a place on a window sill or on a curio shelf.

The kayak pens are just for fun. They can be carried around by a person of any age. Each time your friend writes a grocery list or works on her homework, she will imagine she is really paddling her kayak among the loons. The pens come as a four piece set and include two blue and two red pens. They would be a fun gift for a teacher who is also an outdoors enthusiast. (There is no indication on the website, however, as to whether the ink is also red and blue. My guess is that they are all blue ink and the red is describing just the kayak-shaped casing, but I could be wrong.)

The clock adds a nice touch to the decor of an office or home. The backgound image shows a peaceful water scene. Although the description on Amazon says it is a kayak, It looks more like a canoe to me. I believe the photo is from the movie "Deliverance." Whether the picture is of a kayak or a canoe, however, this 10 inch diameter clock is quite beautiful. Great for your own home or as a gift for a friend who shares your outdoor passion.

Kayak Coffee Gift Basket

If You're a Coffee Drinker
Water Sport - Kayak - Coffee Gift Bas...
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Posters that Celebrate the Great Outdoors

Water Sport Adventure Posters

These posters of people enjoying kayak adventures are inspiring for those who enjoy the great outdoors, whether or not they have ever used a kayak. Being out on a lake with the loons making their strange and beautiful calls, watching the sunset or the cloud formations draping the mountains is one of life's great adventures.

Or maybe your passion is among the rapids of a river or rushing creek! Maneuvering through wild white water is another experience altogether and may be the outdoor adventure you seek.

When you return home, you can relive your adventure by looking at a poster that recalls the event.

Commitment: Kayak
Sea-Kayak Bow Parts the Rippled Water of the Blackwater River
Woman Kayaks Through the Clear Water of Penobscot Bay, Maine
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Practical Gifts for the Kayaker

The following gifts are of a more practical nature. Sure it's fine to have remembrances of a wilderness adventure, but these gifts are to help someone actually refine their experience on the water.

First of all, you need to get your kayak to the water source. The rack for the roof of your car works to transport your kayak from your home to the lake.

Second, you have to make sure your water experience is safe. You must have heard the little saying, "Safety First." Little accessories can make a difference in how comfortable your ride will be. It's not unusual to drop a paddle in the water. Having a leash attaching the paddles to the kayak makes good sense. If you drop your paddle, all you need to do to retrieve it is to pull it in -- but only if you have something that connects the paddle to the kayak. The bilge pump helps you if you take on a little water while paddling or if it starts to rain. 

Kayak Rack

with Tie Down
Yakima BowDown Rooftop Kayak Rack with Tie Down
Only $238.95

Practical Gifts

Things the Kayaker May Need
Premier Kayak Gripper Paddle Leash.

This is the paddle leash stripped to its bare essentials. No more heavy coils or soaked tubular webbing. We created the most comfortable paddle leash. It is constructed with ...

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Yak Clip-on Paddle Clip

2 Second Installation No Holes to Drill No Tools Needed Adjustable/Removable Always have your paddle in reach anywhere on the cockpit Two accessory clips built in for keeping ...

Only $12.95

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Seattle Sports Paddlers Bilge Pump

Our Paddlers Bilge Pump now features our super-comfortable, easy-grip rubber overmolded handle and a new high-visibility Neon Yellow stock for extra safety.

$26.54  $19.09

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Seattle Sports Dual-Chambered Paddle Float

This paddle float is designed with an extra large capacity for maximum buoyancy, quick-release buckles for easy attachment to kayak paddles and a clip-on safety tether to ...

Only $57.07

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Beautiful River Trips

Grand Canyon, USA, and Moeraki River, New Zealand
Arizona, Grand Canyon, Kayaks and Rafts on the Colorado River Pass Through the Inner Canyon, USA
Kayaks, Moeraki River by Lake Moeraki, West Coast, South Island, New Zealand
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Kayaks on eBay

Nature Can Be Healing

And Water Refreshes the Soul

I hope you get to go out there in the quiet of nature, whether on a kayak or just walking at the side of the water. Nothing can restore your soul in quite the same way as being under the wide sky and listening to the sounds of the water lapping the shore.

I hope you get to have this experience soon.

Please write your comment below and share your experiences on the water.

Updated: 08/21/2013, sheilamarie
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sheilamarie on 02/09/2012

Being from Vernon, CountryMouseStudio, I'm sure you will. (P.S. I've just realized we're practically neighbours!)

CountryMouseStudio on 02/08/2012

I've canoed and loved it and always wanted to kayak and hopefully will one day before I get too old.

sheilamarie on 01/26/2012

I hope you do, Kinworm. It's wonderful to be out in nature!

Marie on 01/24/2012

This is very unusual but how wonderful for the kayak enthusiast! I have been kayaking many years ago which I enjoyed at the time - maybe I'll be lucky enough to have the opportunity to do it again someday.

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