Kids Cakes

by sheilamarie

Kids' cakes can come in all kinds of fun and fancy shapes. You can make a Hello Kitty cake, a dinosaur cake, or any number of zoo animal cakes.

Getting ready to make a birthday cake for a little one in your life?

Here are some kids' cake ideas that will get you started.

You'll find tips along with the supplies you'll need to make the best birthday cake ever!

Kids Cakes Can Be Made in a Variety of Shapes

Choose a Kids Cakes Pan in a Style to Suit Your Birthday Boy or Birthday Girl

Kids Cakes of All Kinds!

When my kids were little, we celebrated their birthdays in a big way. The birthday boy would choose what shape cake he would like and then I'd get to work, using my limited round and rectangular pans, a sharp knife, and a little imagination.

Although it was a lot of fun creating fancy cakes that way, there's nothing wrong with having a little help in the construction, such as using one of the large range of fancy kids' cakes pans that are available today. You don't need to feel that using a fancy pan to make your kids cakes would stunt your imagination. You can use those imaginative juices to think up some cool birthday games to play or to make up some birthday decorations. The cake will come out beautifully and your child will not appreciate it less for coming from a special pan. On the contrary, one of these kids cakes pans will become the special pan for making her or his fancy cake.

Hello Kitty Cake

Pan, Topper, and Icing Colors
Wilton Hello Kitty Cake Pan
Only $49.9
Wilton Hello Kitty Icing Color Set
Only $19.99
Hello Kitty Cake Topper Party Kit

Hello Kitty Cake

A Popular Design for Kids Cakes

Hello Kitty is popular with children all over the world. There's something about Hello Kitty's simple lines, her friendly look and bright colors that makes Hello Kitty a great choice for kids cakes for birthdays and other special occasions.

These kids cakes supplies -- the Hello Kitty cake pan, icing color set, and cake topper -- are all you'll need, besides the cake batter itself, of course, to make a child who loves Hello Kitty very happy indeed. 

The pan is just the right shape for Hello Kitty's sweet face. She will bring a smile to your little one's sweet face, too, just by looking at her.

You'll love the ease of making that Hello Kitty cake look authentic with the well-chosen colors in this Hello Kitty icing colors set. The icing colors are exactly the right colors to bring Hello Kitty alive. You only need a small amount of these icing colors added to your icing mixture for decorating your cake, so they will last for many more Hello Kitty cakes to come.

The cake topper makes things easy if you'd rather make a rectangular cake.  Hello Kitty will look out from the middle of your sheet cake and from each of the corners, too.

What a perfect cake you can make with these Hello Kitty supplies!

Zoo Animal Cup Cakes

Idea for Kids Cakes

My little granddaughters just love animals of all kinds! I can imagine what fun a set of these muffin tins would be in their house! 

You can make these zoo animals and display them as is, or ice them with true-to-life food coloring. It wouldn't take too much effort to arrange them on a platter of lettuce for a vegetation effect or simply place one on each child's plate.

The party guests could play an animal guessing game. Provide three clues for each animal and then, when the animal is guessed, the child receives the little cupcake animal as a "surprise." Or each child could make the animal sound of his or her own cupcake friend.

Zoo Animal Muffin Pan

Each Child Could Have His or Her Own Animal
Nordic Ware Pro Cast Zoo Animal Muffin Pan
Only $89.0

Dinosaur Cake

Another Idea for Fun Kids' Cakes

Do you know someone who would love dinosaur kids cakes?

This kid's cake pan is the perfect choice for helping make a child who loves dinosaurs shine those pearly whites. Who could resist the loveable dinosaur character that this cake pan can produce?

This photo below gives you some ideas on how you can decorate your dinosaur cake as well. Coconut makes an interesting texture in the frosting, but you can get that distressed look by dabbing with a clean onion netting, too. (Though you want to be sure you have washed the netting thoroughly first so that there are no residual flavors added to your frosting!)

You can vary the design by using gummie candies for the teeth and spine. For the eye you could use a malted milk ball with white frosting for the background whites and another dab of white for the glisten in the eye. String licorice is good for outlining shapes.

Your dinosaur body can be any color you like, but I think this orange fella is pretty cute, don't you? It looks to me as if the cake decorator used frosting piping to make the features of this pictured dinosaur cake so perfect. Yours may vary a bit from the photo, but that doesn't mean it won't be just perfect, too.

Dinosaur Cake Pan

Fun Kids Cakes
Dinosaur Cake Pan
Only $8.69

Train Cake

Kids Cakes for All Your Favorite Engineers

Trains were always a big hit in our family. You may want to make a train cake for someone in your family, too.

These muffin or cupcake tins feature individual shapes for each train car. Nine different cars make up this set, including an engine, coal car, and caboose, among others. If you decorate them in different colors, the resulting train cake would be fantastic!

Train Cake Pan

Cake for a Train Party
Nordic Ware Platinum Collection Train Pan
$37.98  $23.0

Dragon Cake

Kids Cakes Freestyle!

Now sometimes, no matter what fancy pans are out there, you just want to make your own cake design. Well then, don't let anything stop you -- making up your own cake design can be fun for you and for your kids as well!

We have a tradition in our neighborhood of having fancy tea and cake parties every summer. The local kids and a couple of us adults work together to make some pretty fancy cakes, and all the neighbors get together to share them. 

Last summer we made a dragon cake. (See the picture below.) Other cake designs we have done are tea pots and cups and flowers.

Dragon Cake

Kids Cakes Freestyle!
Dragon Cake
Dragon Cake
Sheila Murray-Nellis
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sheilamarie on 01/26/2012

It's never too late to have a kid cake. We all have that little cute person we used to be hidden deep inside.

ethelsmith on 01/02/2012

Fabulous I love em all. Wonder if I could have a kids cake? We were deprived of these as kids lol

sheilamarie on 01/01/2012

Somehow, kinworm, I'm not surprised that you like the Hello Kitty kids cakes supplies. You have made some really nice Hello Kitty pages.

Marie on 01/01/2012

I really love the Hello Kitty cake pan. I'm thinking of doing that for my daughter's birthday.

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