Kids High Seas Buccaneer and Pirate Costumes for Halloween

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The stunning costumes from high seas are awesome for kids who admire the dark handsome pirates who ruthlessly attacked the Spanish colonies and the Caribbean in the 17th century.

With a Yo ho ho and a bottle of Rum! If you love Tintin and Captain Haddock, and are in awe of the sea pirates and ships, the Pirate outfit might be the right outfit for you. Pirates are said to roam the Shattered Isles and undergo a harsh sea life battling the mighty waves and tempest in the ocean.

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Kids Pirates Costume
Kids Pirates Costume
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Pirates Outfits for Halloween

Pirate’s outfits make awesome impressions in festivals such as Halloween, interesting discussions for fancy dress parties and family get-togethers. Great thing about the Pirate outfits, kids love to dress up in their favourite characters from movies and comics.

These costumes are loved and adored by the young ones and grownups alike. Pirate costumes are quite adaptable and an attire can easily enhanced in the appearance by adding pirate accessories like knives, cutlasses, ribbons, false moustaches and false beard. 

Role of Pirates in Halloween

All these can be attributed to the fact that pirates have always fascinated and never ceased to entertain us. Since the time, Johnny Depp made a grand appearance in “Pirates of Caribbean”, children want to dress up as the uncanny Captain Jack Sparrow who is at the heart and cynosure of the theme. Pirate outfits have been a craze for kids ever since the swash buckling pirate stole the hearts of millions of people when the movie was released.

Since pirates have the role of villains, they can be easily associated to the dark and gory characters of Halloween. If ever you have fallen in love with the pirates, it is now that you can bring and live their highly risky life in the sea. They were the dons of the 17th and 18th centuries in the sea world.


Jack Sparrow Pirate Costumes

When it comes to the favorite option for kid’s parties, family get-togethers, and children’s costume parties, there are plenty of options. Although the Johnny Depp’s smashing Captain Jack Sparrow costume will always standout and is obviously an obvious preference, there are many pirate outfits that can go well and certainly steal the show if all goes down well, which essentially means you can try many of the attires from the fiction. 

How about disguising yourself as Disney's Captain Hook, who has a more mean and menacing pirate appearance or mimicking the most evil and infamous legendary Blackbeard who is extremely notorious for his fearful looks.

Buccaneer Costumes of Captain Hook


The fearsome Captain Hook’s look is a great pirate outfit; kids will love for pirate fancy dress competition. His attire always shows off a long waving red jacket, a white pirate T-shirt, Buccaneer shoes, black breeches, and finally a black "Tricorn" hat which is adorned with a spotless white feather.


To complete your Captain Hook look-alike costume, you will definitely need a wig and a fake hook hand. Right from Peter Pan’s Captain Hook to the other genuine pirates of the Caribbean films, you can achieve a handsome, amazing and sexy look that will make you more villainous. Apart from that you can use motivation from online pirate’s appearances on internet, videos, movies, vintage and contemporary modern high tech pirates.

Who is your favourite pirate hero?

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Captain Hook
PeggyHazelwood on 10/19/2014

I'll go with Captain Hook.

Kids Pirate Outfits Accessories


The pirate outfit is incomplete if you do not have adequate pirate accessories and makeup to go with the costume and the character. Use a red bandanna around the kid's head and some pirate customized jewelry such as a shining gold ear-ring and artificial bracelet. Put heavy boots that enhance the outfit and a fake sword that is made of plastic or aluminium foil.

In addition, you will need pirate accessories such as an eye patch, bushy eyebrows, telescope and a small parrot perched on the kid’s shoulder. To enhance the appearance, place a small stuffed cute toy parrot to add that dashing look. A pirate kit will contain all these accessories to spry up the evening or the festive mood.

Pirate makeup from YouTube

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Which is your favourite pirate movie?

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PeggyHazelwood on 10/19/2014

What cute pirate costumes! Something for everyone here!

WriterArtist on 10/12/2014

Thanks Mira. I love the different trendy styles of clothing, if I were a model I would try all the gorgeous stuff. It is interesting that Halloween offers so many ways to celebrate - one of them being the fancy dresses and makeups.

Mira on 10/11/2014

I see there are lots of costumes to choose from. Couple that with some fun makeup, and you have a great holiday. I'm not a big fan of Halloween, but it does have its purpose. Pinning some of the costumes onto my Halloween board.

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