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Wizzography about Kimbesa. From dinnerware to local museums. Gardens, baking and chickens.

Kimbesa aka Sally K. I’ve been on the Internet more than 10 years, especially since 2006, when I started my eBay store. That was a few chapters ago, and the book is still being written.

I started on Wizzley nearly two years ago, then life got in the way. Several big steps of transition later – not done, but moving along – and writing on Wizzley is back on my list.

My current and future articles will show and tell you my interests.

Photos by kimbesa

Home, Inside and Out

Pineapple Upside Down Cake
Pineapple Upside Down Cake
The Girls Live Out Back
The Girls Live Out Back
Foxglove in the Garden
Foxglove in the Garden
Enter an Old Fashioned Garden
Enter an Old Fashioned Garden

Projects on the Home Front

Day to day: baking regularly, that includes pizza. Enjoy the garden out back, and the chickens

Baking is relaxing, and also good fodder for articles. Almost everybody loves food!

What I like about baking is the relaxing activity, and the tasty results. A house full of the aroma of cakes, pies and cookies also helps.

Hot Homemade PizzaAnd then there’s pizza. Maybe that should be first on the list, because I make it so often. I have a blog about pizza.

I have my favorites when it comes to crust, sauce and toppings. And there are new techniques and tastes to explore.

Walk out the back door, and there’s a garden and a chicken coop. This is relaxing when you need to decompress, and get some new thoughts. And just visual beauty as well, especially in the late spring and early summer.

Special Dishes

A Vintage Collection
A Vintage Collection
Williams Sonoma Plate
Williams Sonoma Plate
Homer Laughlin china
Homer Laughlin china
Laura Ashley china
Laura Ashley china

And Special Places

Quilt Garden
Quilt Garden
Train Museum
Train Museum

Getting Out and About

Shopping therapy and staycation stress relief. Obsession has to go somewhere. Shopping for dishes helps. Visiting local historic sites is relaxing.

Thrift stores keep calling me. I guess they know that dinnerware is my weakness. Glassware, too. Especially the vintage pieces. There is a lot of good stuff out there to find, to play with table setting and party décor..

Vintage chip and dip setSome of my favorites include retro pieces from the 1970s. Those were new back in my day. Then there are the charming china patterns, like the Laura Ashley. I don’t go for fussy, but I like detail and cottage style.

I’m also fond of the vintage American dinnerware makers, like Homer Laughlin. I’m still developing my Fiesta fondness, but there are plenty of other vintage patterns made in the USA. That doesn’t mean I don’t have my eye on some new dinnerware lines, such as Kate Spade and Sophie Conran.

And for everyday use, I gotta love Corelle.

And I’m a sucker for blue. Combine a blue and white china pattern with a chicken motif, I’m lost.
That’s in between visiting some of the local beauty spots and historical museums. I’ve never been a lounging on the beach type.

Give me a display case of artifacts, or some nature. (The train museum has rolling stock, and a lot of railroad dinnerware, too, so I get to mix my interests.)

Blogging gives me an excuse to indulge, which brings up … writing and photography

Reading, Writing and Photos

Kindle Fire is a Favorite
Kindle Fire is a Favorite
Diary of a Dishie Blog
Diary of a Dishie Blog

Writing and Photography

Keyboards and cameras

Writers read, to keep the inspirational fires stoked. I’ve been giving my library card a hefty workout. So many new books are published about cooking, baking, and using vintage goods in home décor. It’s sometimes tough to decide where to begin.

Glassware and a BookAnd I never thought it would happen, but I love my Kindle Fire! It does what it’s supposed to do: the device goes away so you can get into the book.

I’ve gotten a few hundred books in less than a year, and read through quite a few of them. It’s so handy to take the Kindle along, sit in the recliner, and spend an hour or two enjoying a book, fiction or non-fiction.

There are so many titles available in Kindle versions, I don’t see my pool of books drying up anytime soon. And if you’re an Amazon Prime member, there are a lot of Kindle editions that you can get on loan. One per month. That’s a good way to explore a new subject or author.

There’s probably a Kindle book in my future.

Links to My Blogs

Diary of a Dishie
My blog about vintage dinnerware, dishes and glassware.

Kimbesa's Homemade Pizza
More of my articles about pizza

Enjoy The Journey

When you need some inspiration for writing, go back through some photos
Lenox dinnerware with smiley cookies
Lenox dinnerware with smiley cookies
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kimbesa on 08/25/2017

Not much. More in my mother's collection, so I can look at it whenever I want. I have some modern pink glassware made by Mosser in Ohio. Very nice, handcrafted stuff.

DerdriuMarriner on 08/25/2017

kimbesa, Do you have any pink Depression glassware in your collection?

kimbesa on 03/29/2014

It is a small world, Internet Land!

ohcaroline on 03/25/2014

We seem to be on the same internet trails these days. I've thoroughly enjoyed your wizzography. I didn't know you had chickens. :)

kimbesa on 06/30/2013

Yes, more expensive, and they're selling online themselves, so I don't find as many of the hits that I found in years past. Have to get around to more estate sales, which have always been pricier.

Digby_Adams on 06/30/2013

Thrift stores are some of my favorite places as well. Do you find that items in them are getting much more expensive?

kimbesa on 06/03/2013

Thanks for stopping by!

sandyspider on 06/03/2013

Really enjoyed reading more about you here.

kimbesa on 05/26/2013

You are welcome...happy to meet another thrift/charity shop fan!

KathleenDuffy on 05/26/2013

I loved reading this. I also am mad about thrift stores (or 'charity shops' as we call them in the UK). Lovely china too! I agree about the Kindle. I was reluctant, but gave in, and so glad I did. Now when I travel on the London Underground I don't have to lug a big book round with me! Thanks for a lovely Wizzography!

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