Kindle 4 Wi-Fi

by MarthaWillow

The Kindle... ah, the new way to read and consume literature. Is it a good thing that we may well be at the point of saying good bye to the traditional printed word?

Amazon and it's Kindle

Consumer choice favours ease of use and cheapness

Having known of the Kindle since it's release I understood the significance of the product and retail pitch that Amazon were putting forward.

Amazon's rapid rise in the internet business, with it's ability to deliver items quickly and efficiently from their large warehouses was something a wonder when it all started and I guess still is. Pretty much all of my Christmas presents I bought this year came from Amazon, which of course raises the question that I prefer at this time not to delve into, that is:

'Shouldn't we be helping our high street, or instead helping ourselves?'

So with Amazon's regular trade and now it' s Kindle ebook reader they have risen to dominance in perhaps a similar way that Facebook managed to overtake all those other friend web pages. 

My Lovely Kindle

With it's Built Kindle Case
Kindle 4 Wi-Fi
Kindle 4 Wi-Fi

My own Kindle Story

All I can say is it's Fab-U-Lous

So, I was a very lucky girl this Christmas because my lovely sister bought me a Kindle 4 as a surprise, she even included a Built sleeve with a fluffy blue lining that made my day. I know I'm writing here in the first hand but this is my personal story of why the Kindle is actually rather great, you can read all the tech stuff somewhere else. 

The Kindle 4 is wonderful and a pleasure to read, simple to use and small enough that you would hardly notice that it were there at all in your hand bag or back pack. So much so that in my rather large workbag I've occasionally panicked that it were not there. 

I still can't get over how little the Kindle weighs, it's light as a feather and puts no pressure on my wrists. I'm strongly right handed with a damaged wrist so a hard-back book quickly causes me aches and pains from holding it. With the Kindle there is no pressure at all, I could happily sit there for hours holding it and with a simple click of my thumb the page is turned and away I go.

I had held my sisters older Kindle which I had thought was amazing already but mine is better, slimmer, lighter and well...perfect. 

I have to say that I was incredibly impressed with the packaging, I know that it shouldn't be important really but it was so nice in a brown cardboard way. I guess I'm so used to the practicality of Amazon's packaging that I never imagined that the design for the Kindle box would be so smooth and effortless. 

Kindle Box
Kindle Box
Kindle Packaging
Kindle Packaging

Kindle Store

Downloading Kindle Books

This process has to be the easiest thing on the internet, okay so it helps if you already have an Amazon account with all your details in bank, address etc but even if you don't it really doesn't take a minute. 

Once this is done however and your Kindle eBook has been registered (again only a minute or two) then you can peruse the books that you want and with one click you can download to your Kindle. It really is one click and your done, then 30 seconds later there is a book ready and waiting for you to read. 

Updated: 09/11/2012, MarthaWillow
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