Kindle Touch Lighted Cover FAQs

by Marie

Got a question on the Kindle Touch Lighted Cover? Here's a comprehensive set of 20 FAQs and the answers on this official Amazon accessory for your Kindle e-ink reading device.

Kindle Touch Lighted Cover FAQs is a detailed and in-depth page which features 20 of the most common questions and answers that you'll want to know about Amazon's Official Case Accessory for their latest e-ink reading device.

This handy Lighted Touch Case page is easy to scroll through so you can find the answer you need and it also contains an excellent video walkthrough of the cover so you can see how it works right on your screen.

1: Kindle and Compatibility with Other Lighted Covers

Will the Kindle Touch work with my old Kindle Keyboard Lighted Cover? The short answer is, no. Not only is the new Kindle Touch device a different size to the older Kindle Keyboard but they attach to their respective lighted cases using unique methods too. The older Kindle Keyboard attaches to the cover with prongs on the inside of the spine whereas the Kindle Touch attaches using a couple of connectors at the bottom interior of the case. The upshot is that every Kindle device uses its own unique cover. 

2: Do I need a Light for the Kindle Touch?

Apart from the Kindle Fire tablet which is backlit like an iPad, mobile phone or computer, the other Kindle devices use a special e-ink technology that is much more comfortable for your eyes to read from and very much like reading from a high quality newspaper.

As with a paper book, you can read the Kindle in natural light easily. But if you read at night, in dimly lit areas or while traveling and cannot guarantee your light source overhead - then you'll find that having a dedicated light source is much better and also highly convenient.

3: What is the Material of the Touch Cover?

The cover is made from real leather and has a very smooth finish on the exterior with a small embossed 'Kindle' logo on the front. The quality is very apparent if you view close up shots of the neat stitch work. The inside material of the case is a special and soft microfiber on the left which won't scratch the screen when closed. On the right is where the Kindle sits snugly inside a rubberised compartment.

4: What are the Other Color Choices Available?

There are 4 colors for the Kindle Touch cover with light and these are: Jet Black, a deep Wine Purple, Olive Green and Saddle Tan. None of these are bright colors and they all have a professional, almost corporate look to them.

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5: How Easy is it to Attach the Kindle into the Cover?

At the bottom of your Touch device, you'll see some connection points. These match up with some connectors at the bottom inside of your case. You simply slide your Kindle into the molded area in the case and push it down firmly but gently into place.

Amazon made the attachment of the Kindle Touch into its lighted cover a lot simpler after taking on board many comments from customers who found the side hinge attachment method on the older Keyboard Kindle too fiddly. It's great that a company takes constructive criticism on board and uses it to improve the next model.

6: Do you need Batteries for the Kindle Touch Lighted Cover?

The connectors in the case which match up with the points on your Touch device are used to conduct electricity from the device to the light in the case when it is switched on. So you absolutely do not need to worry about buying or installing your own batteries with this fantastic design.

7: How does the Light in the Touch Cover Work?

The LED light is a little 'arm' that flips out from the top of the cover. The light arm will only move out to a set angle which is the optimal angle for the light to cover the reading screen. You don't need to press a button to turn it on because it will come on automatically for you. To turn the light off, simply close the front cover of your case which pushes it back in or push the arm back into the device. The light will automatically go off if the Kindle Touch screen-savers come on (which happens after a period of non-use) and it will not work at all if your Kindle is not actually turned on.

Walkthough of the Cover

View an Excellent Presentation of the Kindle Touch Cover

8: Light Illumination

While the light does a good job of illuminating the whole screen, it is a little brighter near the top middle where the light source is than the bottom of the screen. This is the same with the majority of light attachments that you can get.

So you couldn't say that the light is perfectly even where it is distributed over the screen. Whether this will bother you is something that remains to be seen. Some people dislike the graduated effect and some people don't mind it at all.

9: Is the Light Bright Enough?

The light which is an LED is very bright and certainly bright enough so you can read even in a pitch black room. Some people find it is too bright if they are reading next to a sleeping partner. You cannot adjust the strength of the light; it has been optimized at a level so it is bright enough to read with in dim and dark light situations.

10: What about Reading with just One Hand?

You can definitely read one-handed with the Kindle Touch Lighted Case. Simply fold the front cover to the back of your device and wrap one hand around it to read.

11: Charging the Kindle

If you have a wall plug for your Kindle, you can pop the connector into the power port at the bottom of your Kindle device which is fully accessible even while the Touch is in its case.

12: Battery Life of your Kindle when using the Cover

Because the lighted cover uses the Kindle to draw its power, it would be a lie to say that using the light has no effect on how often you charge your Kindle. But let's get this into perspective here - Kindle e-ink devices have incredible battery life spans with one charge that can last for months. Using the light on your cover often will reduce this down but we're still talking about weeks of use for the average reader and several days for a heavy reader who uses the light a lot.

13: Battery Saving Features

The light will turn itself off when your device goes into what is called a 'sleep mode' which activates after around 10 minutes of no use by you. So if you've put the Kindle down and forgotten to turn the light off or if you've fallen asleep, your light will not carry on wasting the battery life needlessly.

14: Is the Lighted Cover Heavy and Bulky?

Actually no. It weighs less than 6 ounces and is a lot lighter than the previous Kindle Keyboard lighted cover. It's very sleek and lightweight which is something that lots of customers have commented positively on. The case is only a fraction bigger than the device itself.

15: Size and Dimensions for the Lighted Touch Cover

The size of the cover is as follows: 7.3 inch height x 5 inch width x 0.6 inch diameter. It weighs in at just under 6 ounces at 5.4 ounces. Sleekness, lightness and a form-fitting design were clearly taken heavily into consideration with this case.

16: Fastening for the Cover

With the older Kindle Keyboard model, there was an elastic band which held the cover shut. This got a number of bad reviews from people who thought it looked cheap or that there was a risk of breakage over time. Amazon listened to those concerns and this cover for the Touch model has no strap, clasp or fastener. The front cover stays closed naturally but might come open if the device was dropped or thrown around.

17: Changing the Light Brightness

The light pulls out to a specific angle and cannot be changed. That's because it's been designed so the light is in the best place once pulled out. Unfortunately you cannot alter the brightness of the light which is perhaps a feature that could be improved upon for future models as there are times when dimming the light would be a useful thing.

18: Access to Kindle Touch Ports and Connections

The case allows easy access to all your connections such as the charging socket, headphone jack, power on/off button and your Home button.

The one slight downside is that the case does cover over the rear, external Kindle Touch speakers which has a small effect on the clarity and strength of the sound coming through when you play audio or music. This is only a problem if you do use these rear speakers and it poses no problem when using headphones or earphones with the jack.

19: Removing the Kindle Touch from the Cover

Removing the Kindle Touch from the lighted cover is easy, just pull down on the bottom right corner of the case which exposes a corner of the device and you'll be able to take the Kindle out.

20: Should you use a Case for your Kindle?

If you mostly read at home and you are very careful with your devices then you might not need a case or cover to offer any protection from bumps and knocks. If you intend to carry your Kindle Touch around, almost certainly you'll need to keep the screen from getting bashed. If you have kids or pets at home, they too could be less careful with the device than you are! It certainly isn't invincible and the screen can break under force. So, apart from the light factor, a cover or case is nearly always a good idea.

Updated: 10/04/2017, Marie
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sheilamarie on 06/10/2012

Very useful information for those who own a kindle. It sounds to me that a cover would be a good idea.

Marie on 04/23/2012

Yes some people just prefer to use gadgets as they are without adding on any more bulk - it's down to personal preference really. Thanks for your visit, Katie

katiem2 on 04/22/2012

I keep trying to convince my 15 year old to chose a cover, case for her Kindle fire, she carries it every where, she doesn't want one. Now that you've brought these cool lit cases to my attention, I may have her now! Thanks

Marie on 04/21/2012

My cat is very attracted to my gadgets and often sits or jumps on them! So I normally use cases for cat protection if nothing else. Thanks for stopping by, Samsara :)

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