7 Reasons for a Kindle Fire Stylus

by Marie

7 great reasons why a Kindle Fire Stylus is the perfect companion for a Kindle tablet device. A stylus pen is fast, accurate and aids drawing and taking notes on your Fire tablet.

If you have large fingers, long nails or need precision with specific apps such as drawing packages, you'll benefit greatly from using a Kindle Fire Tablet Stylus. Be careful not to buy any stylus for your Kindle Fire, you must choose one that works with the capacitive screen of the Amazon tablet - such as the popular BoxWave Kindle Fire Stylus available at Amazon.

After all, adults are used to holding and manipulating pens in their hands which feels natural - and it doesn't leave a greasy trail of fingerprints across your shiny new Kindle Fire screen!

A Better Tool than Fingers

You won't find a stylus in your Kindle Fire box because it's not an included accessory with the device. Like most new touchscreen technology that we get on smartphones and tablets, we're expected to use our fingers.

#1 Easier Navigation

Although the Kindle Fire is bigger than a smartphone with its 7 inch touch screen, you still might find it tricky to navigate with fingers alone - especially if you have large fingers or long nails. The smaller tip of a stylus such as the Boxwave Fire Stylus can navigate your Kindle screen with more accuracy than any finger which will result in faster navigation of the screen and apps and also less mistakes made with 'fat' fingers clicking on the wrong item.

Fire Stylus in Many Colors

It Attaches to Your Kindle so You Won't Lose it!
BoxWave Capacitive Kindle Fire Stylus (Crimson Red)

Slim & Sleek: At 4.25" in length, 0.25'' in diameter, and weighing a mere 0.4 ounces, the Capacitive Stylus fits neatly into the palm of your hand. Portable & Chic: Use either ...

$15.95  $5.95

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BoxWave Capacitive Kindle Fire Stylus (Jet Black)

Slim & Sleek: At 4.25" in length, 0.25'' in diameter, and weighing a mere 0.4 ounces, the Capacitive Stylus fits neatly into the palm of your hand. Portable & Chic: Use either ...

$15.95  $5.95

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BoxWave Capacitive Kindle Fire Stylus (Lunar Blue)

Slim & Sleek: At 4.25" in length, 0.25'' in diameter, and weighing a mere 0.4 ounces, the Capacitive Stylus fits neatly into the palm of your hand. Portable & Chic: Use either ...

$15.95  $5.95

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#2 Keep Your Screen Clean

Do you loathe getting fingerprints and smudges all over the screen of your Kindle Fire? When the screen's lit up very brightly, it can be hard to notice the prints all over it. But in certain lighting conditions, and especially if you've darkened the screen to read a Kindle book, your screen just won't look pretty at all. And who wants to read their favorite book with a messy overlay of fingerprints and smudges? A stylus prevents getting prints, smudges, dirt and grease from hands onto your shiny K-Fire.

#3 Drawing and Sketching

If you enjoy going back to what is essentially the childhood art of 'finger-painting' on your Kindle, great! People can and do create some great sketches and art work just by using their fingers. But most of us are used to holding a pen, pencil or a stylus in our hands for sketching on a paper pad or drawing tablet. It feels natural and why learn to draw or sketch with clumsy fingers when you already know how to use a pen?

#4 Making Notes

Most of us make notes on our touch screen gadgets, whether it's just a shopping list, a reminder or even making full blown lecture notes. Typing on a touchscreen can be slow and awkward - you can't feel where the letters are like you can with a physical keyboard. I prefer to use a stylus to make notes because it's super fast.

When you make notes with a stylus, you're not confined to the symbols available on the touch-screen keyboard. You can have a mixture of writing, symbols, doodles and more - anything that you'd normally capture on paper. Making notes with a stylus offers more flexibility and better usability than the Kindle touchscreen keyboard.

Why do you want a Stylus?

#5 Keep Your Hands Warm

Ever notice that you can't wear normal gloves and operate your Kindle? That's because the Fire has a capacitive screen which means it responds to specific electrical signals made by your fingers. Wearing gloves or using the blunt end of an ordinary pen or pencil won't work on the screen. A special, capacitive stylus mimics the electrical signals made when fingers glide over a touchscreen. So keep your hands nice and cozy and pick up a stylus instead! 

#6 High Precision

Certain apps like photo editing and spreadsheets require extra precision. Even though the apps for the Kindle Fire are all designed with finger operation in mind, some work better than others.

Certain techniques such as cropping round a specific shape whist editing photos are better done with a stylus rather than a finger so you can have better control.

#7 Faster Typing

The thing about having a keyboard with physical buttons is that you can learn to touch type because you can feel where the keys are due to the edges of the keys, the specific spacing and raised areas.

On a touchscreen keyboard, typing can be a rather slow affair and prone to mistakes. If you can type quickly and accurately on your Kindle Fire then great - but many people can't. If you want to avoid sending out emails which are littered with mistakes which could reflect badly on you if it's for business, then get yourself a stylus instead.

The superb and highly rated Kindle Fire Marware Case on the left has a built-in hand strap for easy one-handed holding of your Kindle Fire while you type or perform other operations. This can help prevent dropping your super sleek and shiny tablet while you use your stylus on it.

Other Kindle Fire Stylus Pen Options

Universal Capacitive Stylus Pen for Amazon Kindle Fire & Touch 3G, Apple iPad 2, iPhone 4s, ...

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BoxWave Slimline Capacitive Kindle Fire Stylus (Crimson Red)

BoxWave's award-winning family of stylus products welcomes the Slimline Capacitive Stylus, known for its slightly longer length and skinnier diameter. And while some things ...

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AmazonBasics Stylus for Touchscreen Devices Including Kindle Fire, Apple iPad 2, Motorola Xoom, ...

Stylus for Touch Screen Devices/Apple iPad

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Updated: 10/04/2017, Marie
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Marie on 02/05/2012

Yes, these are bigger and more pen-like than the Nintendo DS stylus pens. Nicer to hold and use. Thanks for stopping by, Katie.

katiem2 on 02/05/2012

Oh La La love these gotta have one for my fire. Reminds me of those my kids use on the nintendo ds, I know the magic of a good stylus and enjoy the feeling of pen in hand. Thanks for the heads up on this product.

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