Evernote on Kindle

by Marie

Evernote on Kindle shows you how to use the well-known notepad app, Evernote, with your Amazon e-ink ereading device. Come and make notes from your Kindle.

Many people use Evernote, which is a fantastic multimedia notepad application, but not many people realise just how it can be used in conjunction with the Amazon Kindle eInk reader like the Kindle Touch Device.

You can access Evernote via the Experimental web browser on the traditional e-ink Kindle which probably sounds easy - but it isn't quite so straightforward, hence this article. The color Kindle Fire tablet device uses the Free Evernote Android App which you can get instantly from Amazon.

Best Kindle Notepad?

Just so you're aware, Evernote isn't the best notepad that you can use with your e-ink Kindle. That's because Evernote hasn't been designed specifically for the traditional book-reading Amazon Kindle device. If you love Evernote and you want to use it in conjunction with your device, read on.

USA Kindlers have a better option. And that's the 7 Dragons Notepad right which has been created just for the Kindle. At the time of writing, there are over 182 fantastic reviews which rave about it. It downloads directly onto your Kindle (keyboard) which means you don't need to have an Internet connection to use it, unlike Evernote. Thumbnail Image credit: Idea Go

The Kindle Fire uses the FREE Evernote Android App

For the Color Kindle Fire Tablet, Just Download the Free Evernote App!

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Using Evernote on the e-ink (non-color) Kindle

You can only access Evernote on your Kindle device via the Experimental Web Browser. I'd try the first method because this is easy to do and remember.

There are two ways to get to Evernote on your Kindle:

  • www.evernote.com (full version of the website)
  • www.evernote.com/m (mobile version of the website)

The main website is difficult to navigate and, the last time I tested, takes a very long time to load and use. So that leaves the mobile version of the Evernote site which is OK if you just want to view your notes, but you are unable to add new ones which is what most Kindlers want to do.

Email Evernote from your e-ink Kindle

email evernote from kindle readerTo get notes into your Evernote account via your Kindle, you'll need to use email. Here is how it's done:

Step 1) Visit the Evernote.com website on your computer and choose the "Settings" option right at the top of the Evernote website.

Step 2) Move down to the end of the Evernote web page.

Step 3) Now you will hopefully be able to see a section entitled "Emailing to Evernote." In this part of the website is your unique Evernote email address. Not many Evernote users realise that you can use this special email address to send or forward content right in to your Evernote account with a simple email. I am always using this feature with my iPhone because it is just so handy. Never lose any information again!

Step 4) Take a copy (CTRL + C) of your unique Evernote email and then paste (CTRL + V) it into your email contacts section or your PC address book. If you place it into an online email account such as Gmail or Yahoo Mail then you will easily be able to access this via your Kindle device.

Step 5) Access the experimental web browser on your Kindle and log into your online email account. Start or compose a brand new email. The area where you place a subtitle in your new email will end up as a note title in your Evernote account, so make it descriptive of the contents so you can easily find it again. The content of your email will show up as the main section of your note once it is in Evernote.

Step 6) Then send your email to the Evernote email address that you got in step 3. Check your Evernote account and you'll see your new note! Image credit: jscreationzs @ FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Updated: 10/04/2017, Marie
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Marie on 11/25/2011

Thanks, Jimmie, for your comment and for stopping by on my Evernote page. Evernote is such a handy app to use, especially as it works on most devices. I'm always emailing stuff through to my Evernote account from my mobile - like webpages I really want to read properly later.

Jimmie on 11/25/2011

I have heard a lot about evernote, but I have never used it. You have crafted a fine tutorial.

Marie on 09/16/2011

You are welcome - thanks for stopping by :)

Holistic_Health on 09/14/2011

I'm still learning the things a Kindle can do. Thanks for this!

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