Kitchen Essentials for Healthy Meals

by Gardenbella

Feed your family healthy meals with the help of the proper kitchen accessories and utensils such as vegetable steamers, juicers, knives and inspiring cookbooks.

Feed your family healthy meals with the help of the proper kitchen accessories and utensils such as vegetable steamers, juicers, knives and inspiring cookbooks. Now you can enjoy great tasting salads, fresh cooked vegetables, grilled fish and more tantalizing meals that you and your family can enjoy.

In order to prepare great meals for your family you need to know how to prepare meals that the family will enjoy but don’t take a lot of time and effort to prepare. Having some quick but healthy recipes means you will be able to spend more time with the family and not in the kitchen.

Of course you will need to take into consideration the personal tastes of family members along with any dietary needs. This especially true if you have someone in the family, who is gluten intolerant has diabetes or even someone who is sports oriented and needs more calories.

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Making a Shopping List

Don't go to the store without one!

If you want to save yourself some time preparing meals for your family, then make a shopping list. Have paper and pen in the kitchen so when you run out of something you can add it to your list.  It is also a good idea to plan out your meals for the week.  This way you can sit down and make a shopping list so you have everything you need before you start preparing meals.

If you have a food budget, having a shopping list is imperative otherwise you may end up buying food that doesn’t get eaten and then needs to be thrown out. Or you may end up impulse buying and those purchases are often snack food rather than healthy food.

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Make great smoothies for your family at breakfast!
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How to Make a Smoothie!

An easy way to start the day is with a delicious smoothie especially if you are short on time in the morning. If you don’t have time to eat, then take a smoothie in a container and drink on the way to work or when you get there.

Kids love smoothies and they are fast and easy to make. They can boost your energy as they contain loads of fiber and vitamins and minerals. They are easy to make because all you need to do is add your favorite juice or water, a bunch of fruits and vegetables and some protein powder and you are good to go!

In the blender add 1/4 to 1/2 cup of juice or water and then add 4 ounces of yogurt. Next add in your favorite fruit. Try adding in frozen berries such as strawberries (1/2 to 1/3 cup), blueberries or raspberries.  Add a banana or frozen pineapple to make it sweet. Add a scoop of your favorite protein power and blend until smooth.

If you want to make it a green smoothie just add a handful of greens such kale or spinach. If you find the smoothie is too thick, just add a little more juice or water or if it is too thin, add more fruit.

Updated: 08/30/2014, Gardenbella
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What's Your Favorite Smoothie?

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Rose on 08/14/2014

Banana smoothie is my fave. It's filling enough to be a meal substitute

CherylsArt on 05/23/2013

Smoothies are so great. I like making mine with fruit, ground flax seed, and a bit of honey. Depending on the fruit, I'll either add water or vanilla coconut milk as the liquid.

Gardenbella on 05/23/2013

Thanks for the tip. Since summer is on the way I'll have to give your recipe a try!

GeorgiaRose on 05/23/2013

Great tips! I need my shopping list, or I forget so much! My family enjoys smoothies and I make my children healthy "ice cream" in my blender. It's super easy and you use frozen bananas, strawberries, chia seeds, and almond milk to make a healthy and delicious, strawberry ice cream. Hope your day is great~

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