Kung Fu Panda Action Figures

by lobobrandon

Kung Fu Panda Action Figures are a great hit amongst kids - both boys as well as girls. No matter which figure you're in search of, I've found the best looking and affordable ones.

The Kung Fu Panda is a great inspiration for small kids as the fat Panda that Po is, he managed to learn Kung Fu - that shows his determination and perseverance.

He stands no where near Tai Lung the step son of Master Shifu in battle - after all, he knew the Nerve attack and always had dreams of being the Dragon Warrior. But, Po who was titled the Dragon Warrior (Which no one accepted initially) went on to defeat Tai Lung after Master Tigress' attempt failed.

So, this shows determination and perseverance could win you any battle and it's important that kids learn it when they're young - these action figures may just be figures; but, they're also reminders of this great moral.

Po the Dragon Warrior

Obviously the first Kung Fu Panda Action Figures that you need to take a look at are those of Po the mighty Panda

Po Action Figure along with the Rhino Warrior

This figure isn't something that older kids will like, it would be suitable for ages 4 - 6 as they're basically fixed figures and can't do much. You'd find Po with his staff and the Rhino Commander.

Po - Kung Fu Panda Action Figures
Po Action Figure against The Wolf Boss
Only $49.99

Po Action Figure Fights the Wolf Boss

Here Po fights the mighty Wolf Boss and these figures are pretty neat - in a sense that they're crafted well. Kids of ages up to 8 would find these enjoyable. They come along with movable arms.

Po Action Figure - Kung Fu Kickin!

If you're looking for something for kids above the age of 7, this is a great buy! It's an electronic Po and has sounds and sensors that complement the various Kung Fu Movements. It's capable of quick draw nunchucks as well as the round house kick moves. To make it seem more real, the voice of this Po is a ditto of Jack Plack the person who acted as Po!

Po Action Figure - I'm ready to take you on!

All kids above the age of 3 would enjoy playing with this Po Action figure. It's neat and enjoyable. You may wonder what makes it so special - it's the amazing belt! When your child presses the button on this Po's belt s/he would hear cool sound effects. In addition to the neat belt, the arms as well as legs are movable.

Po Action Figure - Smack me to hear me

Kids love smacking things around right? If that's the case with your child, they'd surely enjoy this toy. All they need to do is shake or give it a smack and they'd hear preset phrases and sound effects from Po - exciting isn't it?

Po Action Figure - I'm huge!

This is a huge toy and it need not be just for kids. It would be a great fashion accessory to your home. It's around 16 inches tall and has all the features that you need. Press his belly and he'd talk for you. You could squeeze him and wrestle with him and you'd hear the right sounds such as tumbles, tackles and even twists. It's electronic and needs around 3 AA batteries to run, the first time they're provided. 

Rhino Action Figures

Po and Rhino is a set wherein you receive two separate action figures of Po as well as the Rhino warrior and your child can make them fight! There are small parts and not advisable for younger children.

Master Tigress Action Figures

If you're in search of the bravest Kung Fu Panda Action Figures, master tigress is whom you need!

Master Tigress Action Figure - Roar!

Master Tigress wears a belt that has a button which when pressed creates sound effects and a few phrases. The arms and legs are movable and kids of all ages would love her.

Master Tigress Action Figure and Gorilla Warrior ready to fight

Here you'd receive an action figure of Master Tigress as well as the Gorilla warrior. Your child can help the tigress defeat the Gorilla! Both the figures come along with movable arms and legs so it's fun for kids of all ages.

Master Tigress Action Figure - Smack me to hear me

If you're in search of a talking tigress, this toy would be the best option, it's cheap and cool. Shake it or smack it and you'd hear Phrases from the movie, so it's a great toy for children below 10 years of age.

Tai Lung Action Figures

Among the Kung Fu Action Figures, Tai Lung is one of the prominent figures as he's the step son of Master Shifu

Tai Lung Action Figure - Touch me and I attack

This action figure doesn't just look great, it's functionality is superb. You press the button on his back and he attacks with the axe in hand. So, it's a definite hit among kids of all ages.

Master Shifu Action Figures

When you're buying Kung Fu action figures for your child, there's no way you could miss out Master Shifu!

Master Shifu is the student of Oogway and the trainer of the Furious Five. He's also the step Father of Tai Lung. Moreover, he's trained Tai Lung to use the Nerve attack which no one else knows. 

Monkey and Mantis Action Figures

How could we forget about some of the finest Kung Fu Panda Action Figures - Mater Monkey and Mantis!

These action figures are for kids above the age of 4 and come with movable arms and legs. So, let your child train them to fight the evil forces of Tai Lung!

Kung Fu Panda Weapons

When we consider Po and the rest of the characters in the Movie Kung Fu Panda, there's no way the Kung Fu Panda action figure set can be complete without your children possessing their mighty weapons!

The Kaboom of Doom Dragon!

As you already know, it's a cannon launcher and this toy allows you to load cannon balls and aim them on targets. Your child only needs to press down the cannon and it fires. The pack includes two cannon balls and two targets. Moreover, when fired the cannon eyes light up and turn red.

Po's Weapons!

If your child loves Po, then you're surely going to enjoy seeing your child play around with these weapons. Some of the weapons Po uses include:

  • The KFP Imperial Sword - This sword is equipped with sounds as you hear in the movie and therefore it seems life like. It would make a great gift for your child's birthday.
  • The Set also includes the Warrior Headbands, Nunchucks as well as the Dragon Chopsticks and the Double edged Blade.

The Kung Fu Panda Commander Crossbow 

This is a really powerful crossbow, that's the reason the darts are made soft. The firing range of the crossbow is around 20 feet! There are targets that come along with the pack so that your child can have fun playing the game

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lobobrandon on 10/23/2012

Glad you liked them Katie :)

katiem2 on 10/23/2012

Nice Kung Fu Panda action figures, toys and party ideas. Thanks for the great product review. :)K

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