League of Legends - My Favourite MOBA

by Seelyon

League of Legends is my favourite Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game currently available, I've got thousands of games under my belt on the game and I don't see myself stop

League of Legends is my favourite Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game currently available, I've got thousands of games under my belt on the game and I don't see myself stopping anytime soon!

League of Legends (LoL) is a popular Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) that has exploded on the online and E-Sports scene in the past few years. The game was released in 2009 by Riot Games with the help of Guinsoo (a developer of DOTA).

There are many other great games like League of Legends most of which were available before the League of Legends release date but none have shared the same success. The game is available worldwide with servers available in North America, EU Nordic & East and EU West.

This server placement has led to the North American and European LoL circuits being the largest and most competitive.

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Game Modes

League of Legends at its core offers a 5v5 map called Summoner’s Rift which is considered the standard MOBA map. League of Legends has attempted to expand the franchise further by including a smaller 3v3 map and even introducing a new game mode called Dominion.

In Dominion players battle for control of five different points and reduce the health of the enemy base the longer these points are hold. The game is intended to add more fast paced gameplay as opposed to the slow and farm style game that is Summoner’s Rift.

Influence Points

The currency in League of Legends is Influence Points which players are rewarded with for finishing League of Legends games. Winning rewards more points than losing and there are various other bonuses or limitations based on summoner level and the game type.

Influence Points (IP) are used to primarily unlock champions in the game (once unlocked they can be played forever, as opposed to only during their free week). IP can also be spent on various runes available in the League of Legends store which allow players to customise early game stats based on their preferred playstyle. Check out this Influence Point Guide for more information regarding the Influence Point system.

Riot Points

Riot Points is the second currency available in League of Legends which is purchased through PayPal, credit card and several other methods.

There are even some ways to get Free Riot Points for League of Legends through various sites and Riot giveaways. Riot Points allow players to purchase champions, champion skins, bundle packs (champion and skin) or various influence point or experience boosts.

Riot Points are however not available to purchase runes (to keep the game balanced at earlier summoner levels) but they can purchase extra rune pages.

Runes & Masteries

Runes provide customisation options to players (also known as summoners) by allowing them to customise bonus stats that they may take into a game. Players can give themselves extra mana regeneration, damage, health and many other combinations based on their preferred play style.

Runes are only available for purchase with Influence Points (IP) and must be placed in Rune Pages to be used in game. There are many different Rune Page options and combinations but there are considered to be several highly optimal rune page setups that are commonly used and available for a low amount of IP, they are available at this Rune Pages Guide.

Masteries are similar to runes in that they allow you to customise your champion. There are three different trees (Offense, Defense and Utility), each of these trees offers many different benefits, some of which are unique to the mastery tree and cannot be found elsewhere. To learn more about about masteries and building an efficient page, drop by the Mastery Page Guide.


League of Legends is constantly adding new champions regularly (roughly one every week or two) into their rotation. There are currently over 90 different champions available which players must purchase with Influence Points (IP) or Riot Points (RP) before they become available to use.

Alternatively players can play champions from the ‘free champions’ section with rotates a dozen or so champions every week to let players experience different champions before making a purchase. Champions in League of Legends fall under various categories including Attack Damage, Ability Power (Mage), Support and Tank.

Each champion has a passive ability, an ultimate and three standard abilities which will vary based on the champion type listed above. Attack Damage champions often have attack speed or damage steroids to boost their damage, Ability Power champions usually have high burst damage and a crowd control spell, Supports have healing or defensive based abilities while Tanks often pack crowd control to control the battlefield. There are many League of Legends Champion Guides available if you are looking to learn and master a particular champion.

Ranked Matches

League of Legends offers two game types (Normal and Ranked). Normal games are available to all summoners but ranked games are restricted to level 30 accounts.

These ranked games provide a means of ranking players based on their skill level. Ranked games uses the ELO ranking system (also used in chess), players start at 1200ELO. If you wish to learn more about the League of Legends ranking system then see this League of Legends ELO Guide.


As League of Legends has grown in popularity so has the number of forums and fan sites dedicated to this great MOBA game. These forums are great places to hold discussion about the latest patch, your favourite champion or just stay up to date with the E-Sports scene.

The fan sites available for League of Legends also offer many tools, calculators and guides to help you with your League of Legends journey, see a full list of League of Legends Forums and Fan sites. Also stop by the League of Legends Facebook Page.

Updated: 08/30/2019, Seelyon
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