Legends from Ireland for Saint Patrick’s Day

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The country of Ireland has many interesting legends and folklores, among which are the famous anecdotes of leprechauns and Saint Patrick Day facts.

The largest observance of all the nations for the green Saint Patrick’s Day is probably and obviously embodied in the beautiful country of Ireland. It is a country that prides itself with culture heritage of Irish and the festivities, from fetes and street carnivals to open-air concerts, parades and themed walks.

Notwithstanding, US is one of the leading countries which has Irish ancestry resulting in countrywide participation that brings forth thousands of people to watch the grand parade in New York alone. Barring the eateries such as restaurants and pubs, nearly all other shops and activities come to halt on the festive celebration of shamrocks and leprechauns.

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Saint Patrick Day Facts


On March seventeenth, the Irish whose present population is greater than 70 million world-wide ,who are descendants of Irish ancestors and Irish heritage, love lifting a pint of Guinness or something more powerful, to toast Saint Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. I am quite sure, corn beef and cabbage is one of the prominent recipes on the menu. On Saint Patrick’s Day, Americans in addition to Irish relish a potpourri of bacons and sausages with cabbage, of course. And lots of them enjoy wearing the green dress sporting the famous shamrocks.

Where is St. Patrick's Day celebrated?

Saint Patrick Day’s Celebrations

The schools and institutions are shut on 17th March in respect of Saint Patrick who was a grand ambassador of Christian missionary and instrumental in bringing Christianity to Ireland. Being an important religious vacation, many of Irish people go to Mass, because 17th March is an auspicious day according to the convention for providing prayers by missionaries on a global scale prior to the celebrations.

The Mystic Leprechauns and the Pot of Gold


The legend of Leprechauns has it that it is an Irish male fairy. He appears like a little, out dated guy about two feet tall, frequently dressed in a shoemaker outfit. He is an old man with old ways and a crooked hat dressed in a leather apron indifferently. In accordance to the legend, the cute and funny leprechauns are distant and detached, residing on their own, and pass their leisure making and repairing footwear.

But the legend of Leprechauns also states that they are helpful in spite of being shy. They have hidden treasures which they give to generous and benevolent people. They have a concealed pot of gold and try their best to hide them from harmful predators such as greedy people.

St. Patrick, the Patron Saint of Ireland


The popular patron saint of Ireland was born in England. Captivated in childhood and brought in the country of Ireland, he held his faith in Christianity and fled after six years. St. Patrick is one of Christianity’s most ubiquitously known figures who preached Christianity. But for all his religious work, his life remained gulfed in mystery.

He has to his credit banishing all the snakes from Ireland which are nothing but exaggerated stories far from reality. Saint Patrick never forgot about the mission and once he was a free man took upon himself to realize his vision. He gave it the form of the religion which we perceive across the country in many different facades.

St Patrick's Day Facts on YouTube

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Veronica on 03/11/2022

Writer Aratist
What a fun post , fun and factual.
Thank you so much for posting this; it has made me smile.

DerdriuMarriner on 03/10/2022

WriterArtist, Thank you for practical information, pretty pictures and product lines.
In particular, I appreciate the fun facts and products that you include. The decals and the posters with the four-leaf clovers in the big, oversized leprechaun hats are so charming. They give me great decorating ideas for March 17th.

Would you happen to know of an environmentally-friendly way of cleaning walls of the residue left from the adhesive side of wall decals and from the tape to attach posters?

WriterArtist on 03/12/2014

@VioletteRose - I have seen the videos, I am yet to see any of these parades. I would definitely love to see them in real.

Mira on 03/06/2014

Nice page. Loved the video with the St. Pat's Day facts, too! Thanks!:)

VioletteRose on 03/05/2014

Interesting information, I have never been to the parades but I have seen those. The posters are so cute.

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