Valentine’s Day Romantic Postcards and Vintage Posters for Avid Collectors

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Valentine’s Day lovely gifts of posters are just right for the enthusiasts and collectors. They are as romantic as chocolate gift and your sweet heart is going to love it.

Vintage posters and Victorian era post cards are a thing to behold; some of them make me bask in the beauty of the patterns, hues and the authentic styles of the golden era.

Romantic postcards and vintage posters for Valentine’s Day can easily win a heart or set the relationship in motion. The loveliness of vintage poster arises from the graceful use of canvas chosen from the panorama of the nature’s shades consisting of the variant colorful spectrum of light that shines brightly and brilliantly in its pristine beauty.

The settings can be the underline for the posters to become a piece of art, determining that it is priceless in the heart of the collector.

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Romantic Vintage Postcards for Gifts


Vintage postcards and collectibles can serve as a comprehensive hobby engaging the collector for decades in building a priceless possession. They are in fact a significant investment involving a collection from a passage of time conveniently forgotten but perhaps worth a fortune for some avid collectors in future.

There can be an interest for posters from any field, specifically from the golden era of Hollywood posters, a period that produced a massive quantity of posters from the 19th century or the Art Nouveau period that played boldly with the colours that dominated the canvas scenes. Whatever the focal point of collection, you can always find some romance in these vintage posters for Valentine’s date and present them to your sweet heart. I am quite sure it will make your day.

What is the Right Romantic Poster for Valentine’s Date?


For the novice vintage poster collector, it’s easy to make expensive mistakes. Fortunately, although there is no right or wrong way to build a collection, there are some basic guidelines that can help prevent poster buyer‘s remorse. What can be the best beautiful poster your fiancé might like? Based on what your girl friend or boy friend likes – anything that lifts the spirits is good. Vintage flower bouquets, roses and wine, they all look awesome.

Ask any expert how to select a poster, and they will tell you, “Buy what you like.” Poster collecting is based on personal taste. Loving the art you purchase is essential because you have to live with it. But with so many wonderful choices, how do you narrow the field to select the perfect vintage poster for you?

Does your sweet heart like posters for gifts?

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DerdriuMarriner on 01/24/2022

Yes, with proper care, they beautifully remind the receiver of the giver's love every time the poster comes into view!

Tolovaj on 01/17/2014

Why not?

Antique Collection for Valentine's Day on YouTube

Buying Vintage Posters and Postcards


In the world of artifacts, relics, valuables and prized heirloom collections preserved and handed over to generations in their original form can be considered extraordinary valued possessions. Hard core collectors will generally quietly collect the artifacts for a couple of decades and watch them kick-off after a while in popularity and demand. Of course, the hard part is how to know that a certain collectible is going to fetch lucre and where to start.

Guidelines for Avid Collectors

For an amateur vintage poster starter, it can be relatively easy to get confused and make costly mistakes that eat into your budget. However; without really demarcating the right or wrong method to build a collector’s masterpiece, there are some guidelines that can help any newcomer to begin with.


  1. Buy what your heart says- By all means follow your passion but built up a niche collection.
  2. Personal taste is supreme – That said don’t accumulate posters that catches your fancy every time. Debate about its price and value before buying.
  3. Narrow the field – It is difficult to find posters that your domain demands, however; with careful selection of your niche you can make wonderful choices that can be perfect artistic pieces.
  4. Learn to preserve and conserve your art posters in their original, true shape and form. This will go in a long way to keep your collection fit. It is important to prevent ageing and deforming of the posters.
  5. If possible, join group of collectors who share similar interest. Who knows you might get a real break.

Vintage Valentine Postcards on YouTube

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Do you think posters and postcards are still considered as romantic gifts?

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DerdriuMarriner on 01/24/2022

WriterArtist, Thank you for practical information, pretty pictures and product lines.
In particular, I appreciate the cards and the keychain. The former cluster together into nice shelf, table and wall art even as the latter is with one always, just like the beloved in one's heart.

Also, I like your listing how to build a lasting collection since it may be easier than one thinks to remember the last two points, about preserving original colors, forms and shapes and about networking with experienced and new collectors.

Would you tend toward the actual blue colors of forget-me not (Myosotis scorpioides) flowers or toward the bright, cheery, vivid red card at the top of your Forget Me Not Valentine's Day Cards & Gifts product line?

Tolovaj on 01/17/2014

I love vintage art!

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