Lego 9488 - Elite Clone Troopers and Commando Droids

by nickupton

Commando Droid LEGO and Elite Clone Trooper LEGO minifigures are both contained in the Star Wars LEGO 9488 battle pack along with a cool artillery cannon.

The Star Wars LEGO 9488 Elite Clone Troopers and Commando Droid battle pack was released in early 2012 and was one of the first battle packs to contain mini figures from two factions, enabling them to fight each other.

This pack contain four mini figures and a LEGO republic artillery cannon. From these four mini figures there are two which are brand new to the world of LEGO Star Wars; the ARC Trooper and the Commando droids.

On this page I will introduce Star Wars LEGO fans to the Lego 9488 set and highlight its main features.

New For 2012: LEGO Star Wars Elite Clone Trooper and Commando Droid 9488

LEGO 9488 Elite Clone Troopers & Commando Droids
LEGO 9488 Elite Clone Troopers & Commando Droids

This set is a nice way to increase the size of your Clone army with two really cool Clone minifigures, one new Clone and the other has different printing than in previous packs. The great thing here is that your Elite Clone Troopers have something more interesting than battle droids to fight - the Commando Droids!

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The firepower of your Clone army can be increased too with this LEGO 9488 battle pack as it includes a Republic artillery cannon which has a main cannon and flick-firing missile to bombard the enemy with; it can seat one Clone Trooper.

Star Wars LEGO 9488 Details

  • Pieces: 98
  • Age: 6-12
  • Lego No: 9488
  • Minifigs: ARC Trooper, ARF Trooper, 2 Commando Droids
  • Year: 2012
  • Theme: The Clone Wars

The LEGO Minifigures

Lego Commando Droids

What's Cool

  • You get two Commando Droids in the LEGO 9488 battle pack.
  • The Commando Droids have brand new head molds with nice face printing on them, making them look really mean.
  • The LEGO Commando Droids are brand new minifigures to the world of Star wars LEGO with the release of this set.
  • The deep brown color scheme makes these Commando Droids look like the ones in the Clone Wars TV series.
  • A nice blaster for each of the two droids.

What's Not Cool

  • More Commando Droids would be better. This is a battle pack, what sort of battle involves only two Commando Droids?
  • The body and legs are old molds coming from regular battle droids and super battle droids.
Lego ARF Trooper

What's Cool

  • The maroon and white color scheme makes this ARF Trooper different to previous ARF Trooper minifigures.
  • The helmet has some of the most detailed printing of any LEGO minifigure with cool insignia.
  • The shape of the helmet is very smart with dark eyes and grey breathing apparatus.
  • Comes with a nice blaster.
  • Printing on the chest and back add great detail to this minifigure.

What's Not Cool

  • Same face as all the other clones. Well, I guess he is a clone after all!
Lego ARC Trooper

What's Cool

  • LEGO ARC Trooper is a brand new minifigure introduced in this set.
  • An awesome helmet with a cool shape and detailed face printing. This guy has the coolest helmet of any soldier in the whole Clone army.
  • The red range finder is new to this set.
  • This minifigure comes with a nice backpack.
  • Detailed body printing on the torso and legs enhance the color scheme.
  • The red pauldron makes this Clone Trooper look like he belongs in the special forces.
  • He comes with two small blasters.

What's Not Cool

  • A cloth skirt!

A review of the LEGO Star Wars Elite Clone Trooper & Commando Droids Battle Pack 9488 can be seen in this video clip below.

Here is a great way to obtain some really cool mini figures to continue to build your Clone army and give them a new adversary to battle with. The two super cool Clones can lead your army or go on special missions against the elite Commando Droids.

An artillery cannon adds firepower and together with the mini figures makes this a good value-for-money set.

Lego Republic Artillery Cannon

This Republic artillery cannon is a scaled down version of the weapon seen in the Clone Wars TV series. It is a useful piece of equipment for those LEGO fans wanting to create a large and diverse army with a large barrel accompanied by a neat flick-firing missile device.

A seat allows a Clone Trooper to operate the weapon.

Unfortunately, the color scheme and design of the cannon are not really very attractive; it is a useful addition to any Star Wars LEGO battlefield but it is really the minifigures which make this set desirable to collectors and kids who like to play with their sets.

Lego 9488 - Elite Clone Troopers and Commando Droids Poll

Star Wars LEGO
Star Wars LEGO
Is the LEGO Clone Troopers & Commando Droids battle pack awesome?

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