Lego Bedding and Bedroom Decor

by SusanVillasLewis

Everything you need to create a bedroom with Lego style

Lego is all about building and creativity, so the idea of designing a Lego bedroom seems a natural if you have a Lego fan in your house.

So get ready to start planning the best Lego bedroom ever! We'll look at options working with Lego bedding sets, but also options that work around the colors of Legos and bring in the theme using decor.

Planning a Lego bedroom theme

Legos are all about creativity, so that's definitely the overarching theme for any Lego bedroom. (Don't panic! You can be creative!) And given the limited options for Lego decor, creative is definitely the way to go here.

To that end, there are a lot of ways to get creative with Legos. Not only can you use actual bricks within the decor, but they're fairly simple to paint on surfaces where using bricks doesn't work as well. Basic rectangles and simple circles and you're good.

Color scheme options for a Lego bedroom definitely include blue, green, red and yellow - the primary choices for Lego bricks. You might want to pick one to be the dominant color, then work the others in as accents. That just helps keep everything from getting too crazy and gives you some boundaries as you make choices. In fact, keep an eye on the mix of colors in general to ensure you don't get it overwhelming.

Lego Bedding and Sheet Sets

Lego bedding sets in the US come in versions related to their special character licensing tie-ins - Star Wars, Batman, Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean. Occasionally you can find designs with mini-figs from the police and fireman lines, sometimes even with general Lego images, like the toddler set below.

In all cases, the images are are big and bold, large scenes using the mini-figs from the line. They draw a lot of attention for that reason, so consider carefully the choices you make for decor to go with them. You'll want the focus to stay on the great design of the bedding.

LEGO Ninjago "Ninja Masters" Bedding Comforter

$31.97-$39.88 at

LEGO Ninjago "Ninja Masters" Bedding Sheet Set

Free shipping at Amazon

LEGO Legends of Chima Polyester Bedding Sheet Set

$19.88 at

LEGO Legends of Chima Reversible Comforter

$69.99 at


LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean Bedding Comforter

LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean Bedding Sheet Set

Lego Make & Create Toddler Bedding Set

Lego Chima Mink Sheet Set - Twin

Lego Bedding Designs

Options available in Europe. Occasionally found on eBay.
Lego Racers Bedding
Lego Racers B...
Lego Toddler Bedding
Lego Toddler ...
Lego Bedding
Lego Bedding
Lego Bedding
Lego Bedding
Lego Bedding
Lego Bedding
Lego Bedding
Lego Bedding
Lego Fireman Duvet Set
Lego Fireman ...
Lego Hogwarts Bedding
Lego Hogwarts...
Lego Police Duvet Set
Lego Police D...
Let's see what we can find on eBay

Lego Blankets, Throws and Pillows

Other Bedding Options for a Lego Bedroom

The Lego character tie-ins are great if your child loves those specifically, but if that isn't the direction you want to take, there are other options you can go with.

Back to the basic colors of Lego bricks, consider options that bring in primary colors whether all of them or just one. This isn't as easy as it sounds, unfortunately. (I've never been able to understand why this is in kids bedding.) Anyway, I've tracked down a few choices that might work out for you and aren't boring solid.

Dotts Red Comforter Set
$158.95 at

Nautica Knots Bay Comforter Set

Free shipping at Amazon

Lego Bedroom Decor

As if you needed a few more Legos around, huh? But these are really cute Legos! You can get them as lights, frames, even clocks. And of course, make your own decor with some craft projects using your own Legos.

LEGO Brick Light (Colors May Vary)
LEGO Lantern

NEW for Holiday Season 2009! LEGO Portable Lantern Giant Lego Man Stands 8.8" Tall. LEGO lights combine the fun and nostalgia of LEGO toys with a handy source of illumination wh...

Only $19.99

View on Amazon

LEGO AM/FM Red (1X1)

Kids of all ages love their LEGO bricks.Now you can have great new electronics with cool LEGO styling that any fan will love.This AM/FM Radio is styled to look just like a LEGO ...

Only $79.99

View on Amazon

Ipod Building Block Portable Speaker Dock, White

Incredible! Now you can share your favorite music with your friends anywhere, anytime. No battery is required for power - just plug the super compact mini dock into your iPod an...

View on Amazon

LEGO Design Standard Metal Light switch Cover (Switch plate Switchplate)

This is a fantastic addition to any bedroom, recroom or office and is made from High Quality Steel with a gorgeous satin finish. This item is made from a dye sublimation process...

View on Amazon

Neat-Oh! LEGO 2 Sided Playmat

Your little LEGO?? fan will be able to try out those fantastic creations on this LEGO?? 2-Sided Playmat. It's ideal for use on almost any floor or table surface and features unf...

Only $19.99

View on Amazon

Do-It-Yourself DIY Building Block Picture Frame Mosaic in Yellow

Jekca Do-It-Yourself DIY Picture Frame MosaicEverybody loves building blocks! Now you can use them to build your own picture frame. Very cool and very different than your usual ...

Only $19.95

View on Amazon

Lego Wall Decor

Add a bit more Lego to the walls with some other decor options. I've seen cool pictures (I'm sure you have too!) where the room has an entire wall outfitted with green building plate pieces, giving your kids the options of building with their Legos on the wall.

You can also consider going with a Lego calendar (three options shown below) or a cool Lego fabric scroll like the Ninjango design shown to the left. And there are a ton of awesome Lego posters, some based on the video games, some on the toys and some just as pop art.



LEGO 2014 Wall Calendar
LEGO 2014 Wall Calendar

$14.99 at

Lego Cube Wall Decal Wall Decor 23" X 20"

Vibrant colors and large size make this wall decor a fantastic addition to any space. Infuse your room with personality! Just peel and stick to any smooth, non-textured surface....

View on Amazon

LEGO Street Sign ~ Personalized Family Lastname Sign ~ Gameroom, Basement, Garage Sign ** ALUMINUM

Sign is new, but it has some light scratches. Could be touched up with a Green Marker, such as a Sharpie and they would be difficult to see there was ever a problem.

View on Amazon

(13x19) Lego Minifigure Collection Photo Print Poster

(13x19) Lego Minifigure Collection Photo Print Poster

View on Amazon

Now This Is One Cool Lego Bed!

Lego Furniture Choices

 Lego furniture choices come in a couple of different choices. The first are tables meant for playing and storying your Legos, like the options just below here. These tables are great in a playroom, but also for creating a play zone in your child's bedroom.

The other option is furniture designed to look like Legos. Pretty easy to do yourself with some wood circles attached to flat surfaces. Sweet.

KYDZ Building Table - Lego Compatible 

$184.99 at Wayfair

Kid's RooMeez Lego Activity Table
$139.70 at Hayneedle
Lego Activity Table and 1 playmat

Lift out panel allows easy cleanup - just simply push bricks through hole into drawer belowFlat surface at kid-friendly height perfect for creative buildingIncludes felt Lego th...

View on Amazon

Blip Toys Lego Activity Table

Lift out panel allows easy cleanup - just simply push bricks through hole into mesh net belowFlat surface at kid-friendly height perfect for creative buildingDurable wooden cons...

View on Amazon


Built in mesh storage bag. Small Building Block Surface. Compatible with Legos & MegaBloks Micro. Four primary color surface - red, blue, green and yellow. Easy to assemble. Man...

View on Amazon


Lego table compatible with superior construction using finished and sealed solid maple legs and solid maple side frames which gives added protection to protect play surface. Bui...

Only $249.95

View on Amazon

LEGO Education Three Seat Playtable, Solid Hardwood 774509

The LEGO Education 774509 LEGO Education three-seat playtable is a solid hardwood table with three colorful building areas, each topped with a built-in plate to provide a founda...

View on Amazon

Lego-Themed Storage Choices for the Bedroom

Keep all those bricks and everything else in order

There are a lot more things you have to store in a bedroom than just your Lego toys. There's books, school supplies, other toys, socks, you name it. Some of these are smaller options meant for keeping up with Lego brick and projects, but many of them can work for storing just about anything.

One of the bigger and cooler options are the storage bricks shown here. You can pick them up over at Target; they come in four sizes and even have a mini-fig head storage container. Fun!


LEGO Large Minifigure Red Case
LEGO Large Minifigure Red Case

$29.99 at Ty's Toy Box
Three colors, two sizes
LEGO Storage Bricks
LEGO Storage Bricks

$45.99 at ThinkGeek
Three sizes, three colors

LEGO Small Storage Girl Head
$13.99 at
LEGO® Square Stacking Basket Set TSB-SQL (Red, Gree, Blue, Yellow)

This 21.5-quart wheeled stacking basket with lid is the perfect solution for storing your LEGO® bricks. Besides featuring in-molded graphics of LEGO® Minifigure heads, baskets h...

View on Amazon

Neat-Oh! LEGO ZipBin Head Toy Tote & Playmat

LEGO® Head ZipBin® Toy Tote & Playmat unzips from a tote into a playmat. The playmat zips back into the tote, capturing the LEGO® Blocks inside. Ideal for portable play. ZipBin(...

View on Amazon

The Original Lego Toy Storage and Sorter Box | Award Winning BOX4BLOX Lego Organizer Makes it Eas...

Introducing BOX4BLOX, the award winning toy storage solution for organizing and storing Lego. BOX4BLOX was voted "Best New Home Organizing Product of the Year" by National Assoc...

$39.99  $39.95

View on Amazon

Neat-Oh! LEGO CITY FIRE ZipBin Large Toy Box Playmat

Keep your childs room TOTALLY NEAT with the LEGO CITY FIRE ZipBin Large Toy Box Playmat. When unzipped, it becomes an activity center perfect for buildings and fire fighters wit...

Only $24.99

View on Amazon

IRIS LEGO 6-Case Workstation and Storage Unit with 2 Base Plates

Organize your Lego's by color, size, set. Build and display creations with base plate top. Keep your instruction manuals and building base plates in one place. Store bricks, min...

Only $69.0

View on Amazon

LEGO Sort and Store Orig Face

Sort and store your LEGO bricks Built in carry handle Can hold over a thousand LEGO pieces LEGO pieces sold separately Store your Legos in this fun Lego head.The perfect contain...

$39.99  $32.99

View on Amazon

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At what age does it become unacceptable to have this as your bedroom theme? 30? 35? :)

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